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MarieJoe 07-29-2012 12:47 PM

howdy...and a question
I did Atkins in 2003 and lost almost 30 pounds before I stalled out. I was pretty happy and decided to quit for awhile :)

Well about 10 of those pounds crept back as did my carb cravings for chips, candy and ice cream :stars:

So I found this site :cool:

And went to Amazon to buy the book....but bought this one in error:
Eat Fat, Look Thin: A Safe and Natural Way to Lose Weight

Now I realized what I had done and ordered EFGT also, but does anyone have any experience with the first book I ordered????

Also, how healthy is this diet long term?
And how much attention must be paid to cutting back on fruits/sugars/refined carbs????

Many thanks.


CarolynF 07-29-2012 01:48 PM


I have this book, of course..LOL..It is about Coconut Oil and Dr. Fife is the author.
It is a fine book to have on your shelf as it is a LCarb book, too.

MJ: I have been LCing for 11 years..Went on the LC cruise and the experts there say this is a lifelong way of eating..Much healthier than a carb infested plan..

No sugar/berries for fruit/no refined carbs.

I think if you avoid evil carbs, you won't crave them...:) Welcome to our site.

MarieJoe 08-20-2012 06:33 PM

LOL....which one would you recommend

Fife's books

CarolynF 08-22-2012 01:37 PM

Hmm..It all depends if you want to cook or not. The basic Coconut Oil Miracle is good..

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