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Karendfw 05-15-2012 11:17 AM

Need some support... is this the place?
What is this challenge all about? I need some daily motivation and inspiration from people that understand what this is all about... low carb/high fat and feeling down because things aren't happening like I wish they were...:cry:

CarolynF 05-15-2012 12:00 PM

Welcome, Karen....:) Come join our monthly challenge..A-Mayzing thread..

We are a nice bunch of ladies...Buffy, from Dallas, Cindy (nurse from KCity), Sandy (from KCity) and Mary Kay (from Illinois)....There are others who have joined us lately, too and we love to keep up with each other..

Most of us are LCers..some aren't, but we are all into weight loss..and accountability.
Monthly weigh-ins keep us on track, I think...

bellaire 05-17-2012 02:52 PM

starting AGAIN
The last time I visited was in late 2010 and I was having great success. I wanted to lose 15 lbs and I managed to lose 11 so I was ok with that.

However, all this time has gone by and now I need to lose at leat 20 and preferably 30 lbs. I am familiar with Atkins of course but I could really use support this time around.

So are there any new ideas for staying on this low low carb hi protein regimine???

CarolynF 05-17-2012 02:55 PM

Bellaire: Hi...Best ideas are using ****** or something that keeps us accountable. Figure out your protein grams..basically 70-90 grams a day for the most part, eat green LC veggies, and don't be scared of fats.

Avoid wheat..even in LC products.

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