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Bitter 10-27-2011 07:38 PM

Am I wrong? Need help..
I have some questions about my attempt to Ketosis. I suppose to be taken 1300-1500 cal daily. (not so overweight, but i want to lower my bodys fat).I composed a list by myself but not sure if its right..
I eat only:
cream cheese
butter with salt
tea or coke sugar free
black olive
and thats it. i eat these up to 1300cals maximum.
please your opinions? do this work? am i trying in vain or will i get weight instead of lose? i need your ideas..
your opinions? do this work? am i trying in vain or will i get weight instead of lose? i need your ideas..

CarolynF 10-27-2011 08:39 PM

Just a thought, but you are taking in alot of salt..and not alot of protein. Your protein grams should be at least 60-70 grams a day and I doubt if you are getting that in your sausage/salam and one egg.

Use ****** to figure out your percentages..Your fat should be around 65 percent of your
calories, protein 25 percent and 10 percent carbs.

Bitter 10-28-2011 04:53 AM

Thank you so much CarolynF. So you mean "first percentages, then calories"? My thought was: -I eat carb. unwillingly with my other food stuff, so i neednt more- now, iam thinking about this again..
This is my two days
1- two boiled eggs, 4 little chicken sausage, 5 olives
fried salam with papper (in a huuuge plate)
scrambled eggs and light coke
2- 4 sausage and melted cheese top of it and tea (no sugar)
two fried chicken meatballs ( i dont like meat so much except sausage&salam :/ )
i will eat an boiled egg salad with white cheese and olives, and maybe coke

yes i eat the same things with different combinations, its hard but these are the foods i liked anyway. but am i on right way? and one more thing in my mind, if i eat little piece of sweet thing or any kind of simple carb. as long as my ketosis period, do all of my works go away? do my body stock all the fat i consume?
and iam going to ****** again..
"Eat fat" sounds easy, but when you begin, not that much..

reddarin 10-29-2011 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by Bitter (Post 15128751)
So you mean "first percentages, then calories"?

Yes but you need to do both. Otherwise you may consume way more calories than your body needs and you will not lose weight (or fat) like that.

One of the benefits of this type of living is that protein and fat do not convert to body fat easily so you tend to expel the excess rather than put on fat tissue.


Originally Posted by Bitter (Post 15128751)
4 little chicken sausage

Try to eat fattier meats. Regular sausage (check label for carbs or added sugar) instead of low fat chicken or turkey look-a-likes.


Originally Posted by Bitter (Post 15128751)
if i eat little piece of sweet thing or any kind of simple carb

It all depends on you - your mind and body. If you can eat things like that occasionally and it doesn't affect you then keep on trucking. You'll have to try it and see how it goes. Everyone has different tolerance levels.

Your body won't be in ketosis 100% of the time anyway.

The problem with regular sweets, and some 'sugar-free' sweets, is that they may spike your insulin levels. While insulin is high fat cannot be used from fat cells (all things considered) and your body cannot be in ketosis.


Originally Posted by Bitter (Post 15128751)
do my body stock all the fat i consume?

No, it doesn't work quite like that. Body fat is not the same thing as the fat you eat. It has to be converted by the body to body fat.

No one, as in zero, gets fat from eating fat. They get fat from eating too many calories. Fat is very calorie dense so it is very easy to overeat if you are eating a lot of fatty foods, especially if you are not low-carb. Not all fat is equal either. Coconut oil is, perhaps, the perfect fat. Crisco, on the other hand, is not.

Take some time to read through the posts here and elsewhere.
The time you spend reading up will greatly enhance your success.

reddarin 10-29-2011 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by reddarin (Post 15132823)
Try to eat fattier meats. Regular sausage (check label for carbs or added sugar) instead of low fat chicken or turkey look-a-likes.

Please let me amend what I said about fattier meats.

Your calorie requirement is very low. So, no worries about eating chicken or turkey to keep calories down but keep protein up.

I do this myself depending on what my little goal is for the day.

I use ****** every day. The last week or so I've been mapping my day out by adding what I'd like to eat to see where it will put my overall calories and how my percentages will look.

For example, today I knew I was going to eat about 8oz of delicious pork chop so I added that this morning when I was drinking coffee so I could see where it would put me for the day. Knowing where I'd be after having that for lunch lets me plan what I can have for dinner and stay where I want with calories and percentages.


Bitter 11-01-2011 04:00 PM

reddarin, i appreciate your explains in detail thank you so much!
These all what i need. I got lots of point about body fat/fat, "cute" sugar-free things, tiny but highly important to me, iam getting it really more now. and Dr.Eades' blog has becoming indispensible just like ******. The more i learn the more i trust myself.
Again thank you so so much!

rotay60 04-06-2012 05:43 AM

So, when I went to a gram/ ounce conversion chart, it says that 60 - 75 grams only equals around 2 something ounces. Is that correct? Surely we can have more than 2 ounces of protein a day.

CarolynF 04-06-2012 04:09 PM

No..60 grams of protein is about 10 ounces of pure protein.

There are about 6-7 grams of protein in an ounce of protein.

metqa 04-20-2012 04:34 PM

Someone said it is hard to get in fats. May I offer some suggestions.

My BF calls me "The Fat Lady" and I smile and Hug him cause he means I know how to add fats to almost everything! :laugh:

I cook with butter as much as I can. I slow fry fish in it. I sautee veggies in it. I add it to savory soups for a extra dimension of flavor. I sautee onions for recipes in it.

I take a pound of butter and heat it on medium in a pot and skim off the solids and let the water evaporate, and I get a golden liquid butter fat. Then I can fry with it without it smoking. I don't mean deep fry but quick high temp stove top cooking.

This butterfat is delicious on veggies, and even on top of Low Carb Ice cream. I make cocoa bark with it, a blend of coconut oil, ghee(butterfat) and cocoa and sweetener.

Another way to increase fat easily is to buy leaner meat but NOT pour off the cooked fat. the 75% fat beef is processed with added fat and water. By the time I finish cooking it, it's a pool of fatty water. I found when I went leaner, it seemed to have less water and less fat,so it was proportional to the meat, and I didn't have two cups of liquid to pour off. I started buying 90% and higher meat and just leaving the fat in and I think I'm eating more of the fat than if I poured it off.

Cream cheese is a great fat food. I like to warm it up with buffalo sauce as a chicken dip for when I had dry breasts. I make clouds as a sweet treat and it's a combination of unsalted butter and cream cheese, a total fat bomb! :up: It's a good product to make creamy soups or casseroles. Try cooking some chicken breasts or thighs 4-6, shred them and mixing in a can of rotel and a block of cream cheese. A spicy chicken dip or stew. It also calls for a half can of corn and a can black beans but you choose depending on your carb levels. I like the little bit of starch for the variety and texture.

if you like instant pudding, instead of making it with low fat not milk, use cream and water. Increase the fat percentage.

Another REally FAtty recipe I use when I need a fatty full breakfast is to melt some hard cheese like colby or cheddar in a skillet and cook it till it solidifies. Then down the middle I'll add a strip of cream cheese, some cooked veggies like mushrooms or onions, some chopped bacon, etc. then I use a spatula to turn the edges of the fried cheese over the middle like a burrito. When I set it on the plate and it cools a bit the cheese has formed a crispy crunchy shell with all your toppings in the middle. If I need more protein, I'll crack an egg over the fried cheese and let it cook till the whites are solid before adding the veggies and meat.

Sorry to ramble. I'm excited to see someone in the EFGT thread. It's been so quiet lately. I need to get back into it myself. Life gets in the way, but EFGT is actually easy to do with regular people and food arouond cause I don't have to be so sticct about carbs and I can make up my fat % later.

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