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TubbyGirl 12-01-2010 08:09 AM

hheeeelpp!!! not losing.
Ok. I'm feeling pretty desperate here. It's hard to stay away from the bread when I'm not losing anything. When I was in highschool (7 years ago) I used to do the carb diet induction and lose 1-2 pounds a day EASY. Then again, I was barely eating and working out an hour a day. 7 years later, I have gained all that weight back and I am trying sooo hard to lose some weight for my wedding next year. Today is Dec 1st and my goal was to lose 15 pounds before the end of the year. I started the diet a week ago, I lost 4 pounds the first night (due to water because of thanksgiving meal) and I have not lost anything since. Usually I would start losing on day two, but I have not lost a pound. I have only gained one. I am very strictly under 20 carbs. I eat an atkins shake for breakfast, salad and cheese for lunch and a bunless burger for dinner plus a bunch of cheese snacks in between and some bacon. I think I may be in Ketosis because I feel different. Heart feels like its pounding, easier to wake up, not craving carbs. Does anyone have any advice? Is this just me getting a little older and metabolism has changed? Is my body immune to this diet? Should I stick it out and see if anything changes or go back to calorie counting? Does it sometimes take a week to lose? (btw, I have only had one small number two. could that be the problem?) I had blood tested and nothing found with thyroid. please help!!

CarolynF 12-01-2010 03:18 PM

I saw this on the ML..Too much cheese, in my opinion..You can easily lose the weight for your wedding day next year..But you have to be vigilant..:)

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