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Bobbedazzler 03-11-2010 01:50 AM

Please Help with Ratios

I wonder if someone could help me, I think I'm being a bit thick! I'm quite a visual person so when BG goes on about the ratios of fat/protein/carbs, I can't visualise what this looks like on a plate.

Please could some kind person give me an example of a day's menu that contains the correct ratios so I can finally get my head around what it 'looks' like.

Thanks in anticipation.

Jo x

CarolynF 03-12-2010 03:25 PM

The best thing to do is to figure up your protein amount and divide it by 3 meals..So, if you should eat 78 grams of protein that would be 26 grams or 3-4 ounces per meal.

Then watch your carbs..only eat LC veggies and don't worry about the fat, but don't overdose on it.

****** - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal is a great place that keeps track of things for ya..

Bobbedazzler 03-15-2010 07:57 AM

Thanks Carolyn.

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