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Cablegriz 06-20-2013 06:53 AM

Meter broke think my sugars were higher than I thought
Hi all, my old accu-check compact broke. Just wouldn't come on anymore checked everything. Oh we'll. I got a new meter an accu-chek nano and now checking with that my morning BS and after breakfast have been higher than before. Ugh. I think my old meter may have been giving me lower readings. I think my strips were old'ish too from old meter.

I have dr appointment next week and am afraid of what my A1C is going to be. This morning Bs was 120. ( old meter usually showed around 100). After one cup of coffee with liquid coffee mate it went up to 155. So down to the treadmill I went for an easy 10 min walk and it came down to 130.

I feel like I'm starting all over again. With checking my sugars. Exercise is my key and I haven't been doing regular exercise. Just gardening and heavier than normal house stuff.

I feel,like I set my self back with carb creep and not really knowing where I'm at with sugar levels.

Also, my last blood work has me concerned about my kidneys. Dr said I shouldn't worry about it but I am concerned.

Thanks in advance for any insight!


ravenrose 06-20-2013 09:24 AM

eh, nevermind. I see you are taking metformin. I was just recommending that!

it is good if you can control it with diet, but keeping under 140 post prandial is important.

insulin is a GREAT drug, better than any other oral med. just a couple of units would probably get you in the normal range. not good if you use it as a crutch to let yourself eat carbs though.

the new insulin pens are easy and don't hurt nearly as much as finger sticks do.

NMSunshine 06-20-2013 09:32 AM

When you eat to your meter and it's lying to you it kinda feels like betrayal. It's good that you know now instead of using the same meter for multiple A1c's and getting wrong readings. Good that you appt is soon.
I know some that set a goal far less than normal so if the meter is wrong they still hit the normal range. I'm using a cheap Relion meter from Walmart. It has the reputation of being 5-10 points higher than if I had an accu-chek. I'm not on insulin so I'll use the cheaper strips for as long as I can. If I needed pin point numbers I certainly would change meters.
I've stopped drinking creamer in my coffee and went to straight heavy whipping cream or half and half. Creamer had too many carbs and when I checked myself one time coffee jumped me from 103 to 169. That day I had not eaten breakfast and had not taken my meds so that I could test what coffee REALLY did to my bs.
I switched to real cream that day.

Cablegriz 06-20-2013 04:00 PM

Thanks for input. I changed from Metformin 1000mg a day 2X to Metformin EX 500mg so I wonder if that could be it also, now that I'm thinking about it.....

I will eat to my meter for a while now......I will cut out the creamer! use heavy cream like I used to.

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