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razberry 04-04-2013 02:28 PM

My BS numbers today are really odd, don't understand it...
I didn't eat any breakfast this morning. I usually eat a lowcarb yogurt with chia seeds.
At 12:36 pm right before I had lunch my BS was 112. That was high for not eating since last night and I don't feel I had an issue with delayed gastric emptying yesterday. I ate lowcarb last night.
At 2:13, an hour and a half later, it was still 112. Odd. I'd had a pretty carby lunch, about 12 grilled shrimp, veggies and clearish tomato sauce, about 2 cups of salsa eaten with a spoon, limes, and diet soda. I took it again and it was the same.
At 2:53 2 hours after eating, it was 113.
At 3:14 2 1/2 hours after eating it's 105.
I just can't make sense of these numbers. I know I ate probably 15-20 carbs or more with the salsa. You'd think that would have made a rise. Do you think that possibly my BS got low this morning and glycogen was released from my liver to bring it up to the 112 and it was already falling when I ate lunch and that's why it didn't rise from the meal? I'm so new to this stuff that it's hard to understand.

ravenrose 04-04-2013 03:29 PM

it can be very confusing. our natural insulin response is confusing, and then any meds we take on top of that make it worse. and the meters aren't all that accurate either.

since all those numbers are FINE, I would say not to think about it. good luck.

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