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Some questions for the Diabetes experts...

I'm a bit confused about my situation. I have been on Metformin for PCOS for about 20 years. My BS numbers have always been normal. I also have something called delayed gastric emptying, which can be from Diabetes, but I've had mine since childhood. At times I'll hold my food for a couple of days and not digest it, then digest it all at once, or throw up the undigested food plus bile. It comes and goes, and I've learned to deal with it by eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than larger ones. Problem came about when I visited my doctor for my yearly checkup and he did a fasting blood sugar. I knew that a few days before the visit that I hadn't digested my food, but early that morning before my appointment I felt some relief and started digesting. My fasting sugar was 127 but it wasn't really "fasting" because it was actually while I was digesting my food. I tried to tell my doctor but he wouldn't listen and was quick to say I was diabetic. I told him that because my husband and his twin are diabetic I test myself quite a bit, and that my sugars are typically 70-100, never more than say 140-150 even with the carbiest meal like pancakes and syrup or cereal and juice (before lowcarbing) and usually my morning numbers are low 80s low 90s unless I'm doing what I call "dumping", which means digested days worth of food, and then they might be 120 or so. He said my numbers were "masked" by the Metformin, and that I was diabetic. He wanted me to do an A1C, but I was so upset I just decided to change doctors and try and find someone who would listen to me. I went ahead and got an A1C test at the grocery store and took it, just for me to know what it was, and it was 5.2. I've lost a little weight since then and have been trying to do moderate lowcarb and took it again last week, and it was 5.1. I just don't know what to think. I've lowcarbed off and on for many years trying to avoid the dreaded diabetes, and I think I have been pretty successful. I just went to eat lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. I got a shrimp platter that had lots of shrimp, tomato, onion, bell pepper, in a red sauce, and also ate lots of salsa (no chips) and diet soda. I tested before lunch and my sugar was 96, which was a bit higher than normal but I think I was digesting some of the food from last night. 1 1/2 hours after eating my sugar was 98. I expected it to be higher after the salsa. Two hours after eating my sugar was 90. My question is. How can I convince the doctor that I'm not truly diabetic, and not have that misinformed "diagnosis" on my record. It will effect all kinds of things, I know, like health inusrance and life insurance. From my understanding, there needs to be 2 readings of 126 or higher for a formal diagnosis or a GTT. I haven't had that. Once a doctor puts down that "diagnosis", is it concrete from there? Anything I can do at this point about that? I know I should only be concerned with my health, but there isalot at stake. We are considering adopting at an older age, and our health needs to be good. I also don't want some of my other issues, like the delayed gastric emptying, symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome, etc. blamed on diabetes. I've had another family member who went through that, and from that point on, everthing was blamed on the diabetes, and she did not really get good care from that point on. Please advise me if you can.
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I would definitely find a doctor who will listen to you. It sounds like you know your body well and there are plenty of doctors that will listen. Every doctor SHOULD know that delayed gastric emptying causes weird blood sugar readings for the very reasons you listed. I would ask the next doctor you see to please advise you on what you need to do to make sure that the diagnosis of diabetes is not in your records. Your A1C was great, btw.
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Old 03-28-2013, 01:13 PM   #3
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You should check out drs with a bariatric background. They are usually more likely to be school in the low carb/ diabetes way, also find someone young?
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Old 03-30-2013, 08:59 AM   #4
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First a diagnosis like this is never concrete or set in stone. I was once diagnosed with asthma, now I am not. (quit smoking/gluten free = asthma goes away). although with type 2 diabetes, you can be in remission, once you have it, the damage is done (to your body) not necessarily your medical chart.

gastroparesis (delayed digestion) in diabetics is caused by damage to the vagus nerve and in dr. Bernsteins book, he talks about a test, to see how bad the damage is, AND that low carbing can help heal it. He also recommends avoiding certain foods and even eating blender meals to avoid severe delays. I'm thinking when it is getting close to time for tests like this maybe these things would help you. There are a couple good articles and a video on his website that have more information. Dh has gastroparesis and is type 1, so I know exactly how delayed digestion affects blood sugar! It makes it harder when he has a low to bring it up, especially if he oopsed and took too much insulin where we are the calculating how much carbs he needs to keep from crashing at what intervals based on how long the insulin will be acting, then because he has had to ingest so much, his stomach bloats up and he stops digesting.. we've found apple juice works really well when this happens btw.

I would also find a new Doc. I will only see a doc if I feel like they will listen to what I know about myself, so then I can respect what they have to say, if they ever say something that contradicts what I think. If your Doc isn't willing to talk things through with you, you need a new one. An a1c in combination with 2 fasting blood sugars was my impression of an "official" diagnoses of diabetes. Otherwise, one or the other can mean pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome, either of which you still have time to stop from developing type 2 and the accompanying damage to your pancreas.

Good luck
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I think finding a new doctor is the best decision. I have had luck in finding doctors I can tell things to and they listen and I end up being right. They might add in something else minor, just to feel like they are doing something. I feel like if I didn't change doctors in your situation, I would log my BS readings for as long as possible, along with a detailed food journal, weight log, and information about delayed gastric emptying, including research. Then I'd print it out and hand it to him with a bow on top, letting him know when he was done reading, we could discuss diabetes, but not pertaining to you.

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Stats: Currently 228, re-started 9/1 down 56 lbs!
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Thank you so much everyone. I so much appreciate all of your input. I will take your advice and start tracking my BS and and gastric emptying also start looking for another doctor. If you don't mind, I would love to post questions here occasionally. I have to watch both my husband and my sugar carefully, and have been quite surprised about things that make it rise and things that don't. This group is so informed, and despite any "diagnosis", my husband and I must eat by our sugars for the rest of our lives in order to be healthy and live long lives free of any complications. I've found that lowcarbing is much easier since I've been testing. There were things that I did not think that had many carbs that actually do cause rises in blood glucose, and that has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I will post on some of those separately, as it may be good information for others newbies in similar positions. Again, thanks so much and Easter blessings to everyone.

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