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sarahnya 07-11-2013 03:37 PM

Cholesterol Lowering?
How long does this diet take to lower cholesterol (NK, 20g). I have familial high cholesterol which at it's highest was 13. I had it too low on statins (3.3 at one point) and due to health concerns have dropped the medication and was wondering how long I should stay in NK before having my blood retested?

avid 07-12-2013 07:03 AM

I'm not familiar with those numbers you posted.
Cholesterol high at 13?
13 what?
In the US we measure cholesterol levels in the blood as milligrams per deciliter
So a typical total cholesterol reading might be 200 mg/dl
As to how long it takes with nk to lower cholesterol....well,
you are making an assumption that NK WILL lower your cholesterol.
It may, but then again it may not.
When I first went LC and entered ketosis my entire lipid profile improved in every category. Three months later I tested again and the numbers climbed through the roof.
I'm back on my statins and the levels are improving.
In August my doc has me getting a very detailed lipid profile...similar to the VAP test which people here talk about often. It's from a lab called HDL for Health Diagnostic Labs and will profile my total cholesterol, HDL, trigs and the quality of my LDL (big particles,little dense ones etc.) It will also test my inflammation markers.
I'll be commenting on the results when I get them.

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