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brooke&kaitlynsmom 09-24-2013 04:38 PM

I'm back but I'm sick of meat.
I'm back again. I lost 100 lbs and then I gained it all back. I'm right back where I started. Almost. Bright side is that I'm two pounds lighter than I was before. (Have to find a bright side, right?) Anyhow, without going into details of the crisis that happened, let's just say that I reacted in a very normal way to it and became depressed. I started feeling sorry for myself and felt like I deserved to eat because I had been through a horrible experience. I no longer feel sorry for myself; I have come to terms with what has happened and the weight gain that was the result of my own actions and reactions.

Nevertheless, I have started back on Atkins '72. I am really having a hard time with the idea of meat and eggs. Just the thought of each of my meals makes me sick to my stomach. It's like I have built up an adversion to low carb, even though I know it is the only way my body will lose weight. It almost feels like morning sickness when you smell food or hear someone talking about it. It makes me feel like I'm going to puke. (I'm not pregnant, though. Those days are behind me.) I'm not sure what to do and I was wondering if any of you have gone through this. If you have, what did you do to overcome it? I would LOVE to hear some suggestions. I'm willing to try almost anything besides continuing to eat carbs. Maybe I can find a hypnotist to hypnotize me into believing I LOVE meat again. :laugh:

Patience 09-24-2013 05:57 PM

It may be tough but you could probably manage with protein powder with supplements of fat in the form of CO or EVO or Butter. Tofu? TVP?

Guessing if you tried that for a few weeks, meat and eggs would appeal again.

ravenrose 09-24-2013 06:47 PM

well, this is not Atkins '72, but for me flax muffins are a life saver. they end up being about 1.5 grams of net carbs and satisfy my "I cannot eat just meat" thing.

but they are mostly fiber, and of course Atkins '72 was before Dr. Atkins realized there was no point in limiting fiber. I know it's controversial and some of you swear by counting total carbs, but I suggest you try the other since you are having so much trouble with this.

it allows a lot more vegetables and flax which make for a much more varied diet. avocados! stuff like that.

best of luck!

metqa 09-24-2013 07:16 PM

so does ALL meat and egg make you feel ill?

All fish? All Chicken? All Beef? All Seafood? All Turkey? All Pork? All Duck? All forms of egg?

If someone else cooked it would it make you feel nauseated the thought of eating it? What if it were restaurant style, like from Ruby Tuesday's or something?

I'm sure you can find something made of meat that won't make you barf. But I like the idea of protein powder shakes as well. They are simple and easy and usually taste like chocolate, vanilla or fruit, flavors people rarely "get sick of" :laugh:

I didn't feel like meat for dinner so I sliced up some yellowtail tuna and ate it raw with soy sauce. Mmm mmn yummy, feel like I'm back in Tokyo.

I'm sure you could get creative and come up with something you could stand to choke down...out of all the meats available to eat, surely you aren't sick of all of them in all their possible cooked and seasoned forms?

brooke&kaitlynsmom 09-25-2013 05:13 AM

Ok. I guess I'm not sick of ALL meat, but pretty much anything I think of makes me feel pukey. Seafood is something that I can tolerate a little better, so I think that may be the way to go. I think I just "burned" myself out since I'm not a very good cook and have fell into a rut as far as the way I cook the meat. Most of it has to be very tender so that I can eat it since I have no dentures right now and am gumming everything. Waiting on my new pair to be made and I have the second molding early Oct. Can't wait! Hopefully this will open me up to more variety once I've learned to eat with them.

I tried the newer Atkins and it just doesn't work for me. It seems my body tends to like the lower carb version better. I just have to do what works best for my body.

Maybe I just need to experiment and try new recipes. I also need to get better at cooking. Guess practice will make perfect, but I'm afraid of wasting food if it turns out inedible. Thank goodness hubby will eat anything! LOL

metqa 09-25-2013 06:22 AM

Yeah, burnout can really burn you when you have to limit your food choices. I'd go with seafood if that's what's tolerable and supplement with the protein shakes whenever you can.

Seriously though, a change in spices can really change your appetite about some things. For example that raw tuna I ate, I found that I don't like cooked tuna steaks. I've tried with lemon, I've tried baked with herb, and I've tried fried, boiled, etc. I just don't care for the texture of cooked fresh tuna. (canned is another creature to me) but as sashimi, I love it, but I had stopped eating tuna till I discovered that. I haven't eaten home cooked ground beef in over 6 months, don't know why just got sick of it, but I eat more chicken wings which I know I always like. I found I like milk kefir, so I use that to make shakes for meals sometimes.

Check out some cookbooks from the library to tempt you while you wait for your new fitting. Or watch some cooking shows , they make everything look good, and looks are one of the first steps to appetite.

Good Luck, and let Us know what you decide to eat and try to eat.

You are allowed to get creative if it keeps you on plan.

Patience 09-25-2013 07:31 AM

the crock pot is an easy, fast way to cook and can make meat very tender.
Or the pressure cooker. When short of time but needing to stay on plan, I toss chicken thighs into a crockpot full of chicken stock and let it cook over night. You can add seasonings. I typically add garlic, pepper and salt (I am always low on sodium). Toss in some veggies . . . I will put in what's in the frig needing to be used up. Really good to add some coconut milk the next morning. Well you can do this any way but the result is tender, tasty (to me),gives you fluids (and salt if you need more), and good ratio of fat, protein and low carb.

LowCarbHater 10-03-2013 12:55 PM


Maybe I just need to experiment and try new recipes. I also need to get better at cooking. Guess practice will make perfect, but I'm afraid of wasting food if it turns out inedible. Thank goodness hubby will eat anything! LOL[/QUOTE]

When I get sick of meat and eggs ( we do not eat beef at all) I start picking on the seafood. Lobster works for me any time of day as does shrimp. I am fussy however, I will only eat it when it is from a country that I find to be somewhat safe so that can limit what we are able to get, but I dont think anyone can go wrong with some shrimp. Now I want some shrimp.

metqa 10-04-2013 09:40 AM

Have you tried different pate? I personally like brausnsweiger and my friend just made an awesome chicken liver pate that I forced her to make me a second batch!!! I saw where someone took chicken, ground it up with spices and such and baked it and basically made a gourmet meat loaf.

Croquettes made of salmon or chicken and pan fried are both soft and delicious! Tuna Muffins are basically a cheesy tuna salad baked in a muffin cup to make a single serving size Hot Tuna Casserole, great with tartar sauce

Of course Soups are a great way to cook meat differently and have them soft enough too.

nill4me 10-07-2013 06:55 PM

I made a beef brisket in the preassure cooker on Sunday that was so good and so tender!

cfine 10-07-2013 07:28 PM

While you're waiting on your choppers, how about a nice, creamy egg cream shake? There are so many tasty variations on this site.

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