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roro 03-21-2013 10:15 PM

Major health problems, too many to list and New Diet
I have a lot of chronic health issues I have had for years. Back surgery with rods and screws because of spondylolisthesis with caudal equina, DDD, hepC, Lyme disease, babesia, pelvic floor prolapse, the list goes on. Not looking for sympathy, I have come to a point where I can joke about it. I try to make light of it, it does help. The doctors love it, it makes their jobs easier.

I found a diet I can stick to. Its an elimination diet, but an easier one. Its based on the JJ Virgin diet, but I am not doing it exact, I refuse to drink her shakes as they have sugar in them that contradicts the "no sugar" rule. (some people will do anything for a buck!) Anyway, I always do better on diets where I have allowed foods and unallowed foods and can eat as much of the allowed foods as I want than diets where I have to weigh, count, measure.

Here it is:

Can't eat:
Sugar and artificial sweeteners
Shellfish (I have tested allergic so probably not a good idea)
Nightshades (if you have joint pain)

Can eat:
Meats, chicken, fish
Beans and legumes
Nuts and seeds except peanuts
Nut and seed butters
Coconut and almond milk
Fruits and vegetables
Healthy fats
Coffee tea and Cocoa
Natural low GI sugars (stevia, erythritol, xylitol, palm sugar, nectresse)

Its an elimination diet, and after 3 weeks, if I feel better and am still losing I can add back one food a week to see which foods I am sensitive to. I think its probably dairy and gluten. At first the thought of giving up dairy gave me cold feet but I figured it was only three weeks, and it would be the first thing I add back. I have been doing this 2 weeks, down 8 pounds, and have no desire to add anything back. Gluten, corn, peanuts were no problem because I always ate low carb anyway. I don't consider soy a food, so that was no problem. Splenda was hard to give up, but some of the natural sugars are pretty good.

The real test will be will it work long-term. Hoping for the best.

coffeelover 03-22-2013 03:50 AM

I wish you much success with it! :)

Jazlyn 03-22-2013 09:53 AM

Sounds like you are doing great.

Ntombi 03-22-2013 10:01 AM

Roro, I haven't seen you in a long time! Glad to see you back, and good luck with the diet!

Phranquie 03-22-2013 02:55 PM

Sorry you are having so many food issues, that can really be difficult. Luckily you are good with meats and veggies and fats, the staples of a good LC plan. Looks like your are doing fantastic with your loss and figuring out the things you need to eliminate or keep in your diet plan.

My personal observations here (please take as just my experience, not what you should necessarily do):

Rice- I can live without, just not worth it in my plan. Plus I can tend to overeat on this.

Quinoa- I would limit this as it is pretty high carb and does not have that much protein. I found this out the hard way! I though it was high protein and LC and ate a big ole salad with it. Yikes when I saw the numbers.

Beans and legumes, Nuts and seeds except peanuts, Nut and seed butters: These are all good in moderation. I personally have to watch nuts and seeds because they can stall me (and a lot of people) pretty quickly. But they are filling and have good fat that can be great in small amounts for a snack and they do keep the hunger at bay.

roro 03-22-2013 07:13 PM

This plan is not really a low carb plan per se. I did straight atkins induction for three months straight in summer 2011 and lost nothing. It just doesn't work for me anymore. It worked great for about five years, but then stopped working when I got sick. Maybe its all the medicines I am on. I tried every diet known to man. Did weight watchers for 8 months while doing zumba an hour a day. Lost 25 pounds the first 3 months and then nothing the last 5 months. And that was no cheating and faithfully exercising 7 days a week. I also tried counting calories walking 3 to 5 miles a day. Started at 1500/day and lost nothing. Dropped down slowly to 1000/calories a day and still nothing.

The premise of JJ Virgin's diet is that food intolerances can cause people to not be able to lose weight no matter what plan they are on. The first 7 foods are the most common allergens. You are supposed eliminate the 7 foods for 3 weeks, and then add back the foods one at a time to see which one stalls. Supposedly you will feel so great after the 3 weeks that you will not want to eat foods you are intolerant too, just not worth it.

I plan on not adding any of the foods back until I lose at least 50 pounds. I really do not miss any of the foods. I thought it would be impossible to eliminate dairy. I love cheese and cream in my coffee, and yogurt! I was making my own greek yogurt. And splenda! I really thought I would miss it, but the natural sweeteners are actually better. I find that I am not hungry, no cravings, no binge eating. I made a pan of brownies out of protein powder and they have lasted 2 weeks. A pan of brownies are usually gone in 2 days if I don't eat the whole pan in one night. If I don't lose weight on this I will not be surprised, its too good to be true.

Phranquie 03-26-2013 10:30 AM

You have been through so much. The elimination and then adding in new foods slowly sounds like a good plan. I do not lose well on Atkins myself but have found other LC plans that worked for me. I did a version of the Fat Flush years ago and lost quite welk on it as it limits calories as well as carbs.

The fact that you are not craving foods now and the pan of brownies has lasted more than two days is a great sign that what you are doing is working for you. Finding a plan that suits your body and your lifestyle is going to help you stay on plan through the rough times. If you like what you're eating and can lose weight, you'll stick with it when you hit the few plateaus that everyone has. Good luck with your journey, you can do it!

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