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Teresa123 07-02-2012 05:52 AM

New Beginnings---Finding a Balance in 2012 (2nd Half)
:welcome: This is a group for anyone who is working on losing or maintaining weight. We're striving to 'do it right' and learn how to find balance and sanity in what tends to be an obsessive 'all or nothing' process.

If you are seeking the same thing---please join us!

Teresa123 07-02-2012 05:57 AM

I was just reading the introduction to our thread and it kind of cracked me up....seeing as how I'm beginning an incredibly obsessive process right now. Oh well---my ultimate goal is still to seek the middle ground and find some peace in all of this. :)

Hoping some of our old friends join us for the 2nd half of the year. This is the hardest part of the year for maintaining sanity I think---the holidays are coming! :eek::laugh: Although I don't want to hurry the year along I am ready for this hot summer to be over. :annoyed:

vli1127 07-02-2012 08:32 AM

Teresa, I was thinking this thread was getting a bit long too and wondered if an administrator was going to step in. But, you took the bull by the horns and got us started WTG. I like the new Avi too. Holidays, what holidays LOL.

I think it was probably a head game I played when I was on HCG and the "diet" plan that went with it. Who knows, I am rarely physically hungry with any plan I am following.

DS#3 first All Star game was last night and they won !! However, the concession stand at this ball park was a bit to be desired. We expected to eat supper there since game started at 6 and we are a ways away. Popcorn and pizza, candy and ice cream. How is that for a menu. I guess we are spoiled with our concession stand; we can get grilled chicken or taco salads among many other things. So, Subway salad after 8 pm last night.

healthylowcarbin 07-02-2012 09:02 AM

Good morning!

I started off my day with a leptin reset breakfast. Lots of chicken breast. I'm definitely not hungry.
I need to get back into exercising. I'm SO out of shape/condition. I was on bed rest/limited activities for a couple of months and I can really see a difference in my muscle tone. I literally got short of breath going up 2 flights of stairs:o I might still be anemic but I plan to start with at least a mile on the treadmill

VICKI...I hope you have a great time with your family! CONGRATS to your DS and their team! WTG for holding out for a subway salad.

TERESA....are you starting the hcg load today? Details, please. Do you have anything in particular you plan to "load"???
Have you worked out menus for your 500 calorie days?
I'm sure you'll do great....you can do anything for 3 weeks. I hope it does as promises and resets you.

YAY for having the 4th off! Do you have any plans? DH is on call so it will be a regular day for me.

You mentioned surgery??? If you don't mind me asking...what surgery are you planning? And are you happy with the lipo you recently had done? I'd love to have that done eventually. Was it painful???

Teresa123 07-02-2012 05:27 PM

Vicki---yay for DS and his team! :jumpjoy: Bummer on the concession stand choices. Big plans for the 4th with family?

Liz---Yes, surgery is 8-14, neck lift. :) Lipo was horribly painful, even with pain pills so we didn't get very far. The little we accomplished resulted in more loose skin....so we are having to come up with another game plan. Hopefully we will do it this fall or if not then early spring, either time will be much better because in this 100 degree weather wearing a long sleeve compression garment under my clothes would be a death sentence! :eek:

No plans for the 4th, just a regular day for me too....except no work! :jumpjoy::laugh:

Loading is done...D.O.N.E. I actually started yesterday afternoon...basically as soon as I made the decision to do it my gluttonous little head :annoyed: was all about loading so I decided to dose up and make it a load day rather than pig out for nothing. :laugh: I have done nothing but eat since then and I'm ready to puke. :sick: I would suspect I've gained a good 10-15 lbs from this....no one will ever accuse me of not being able to load well. :p So many people say they can't load and they're too full, blah, blah, blah...not me. I loaded just fine. I will have to say that although I didn't get any fuller any quicker---it is a different kind of full. Kind of like I have a big ole brick on the top of my stomach. Since I have binged on far greater amounts then this before (think 10,000 cals in a sitting :sad:) I don't think it's necessarily about quantity....I'd like to think this feeling has something to do with the HCG....we'll see. :confused:

What did I load on---anything and everything (except white sugar and white flour)! Actually, all stuff I normally eat just tons more. I went through a stick of butter and almost a full lb of pb in the last 2 days---that was not counting butter that I used to cook with. Organic milk chocolate, lots of Greek yogurt, coconut milk ice cream, homemade trail mix, lots of sprouted grain stuff (thus the stick of butter), and regular meals on top of it all. Tonight I was too full to eat anything---but if you give me the challenge and the permission to load, I'm gonna do it by golly :eek::laugh: so I just ate a big bowl of granola which I added a bunch of raisins and cranberries to along with almond milk and then a few big spoonfuls of chocolate almond butter to wash it all down..... And I'm DONE! :sick::o:jumpjoy: The good Dr said you would lose most of the gorging weight in the first 48 hours....pretty sure that won't be true for me but if it could be gone before the weekend is over and I can transition into this without much hunger then I will be a happy camper! :)

I'm just making my protocol lunches for the rest of the week---gonna be chili and apples. Never thought I would be eating chili in 100 degree weather but it looked like the simplest thing for a grab and go lunch---and luckily the building is usually freezing so should work out OK. Food wise everything looks easy enough---just going to be the dinner veggie I'll struggle with as I don't really like many of them. I like lettuce and spinach---but I don't know how I'd do with lemon juice or vinegar for dressing. Lots of peeps use all kinds of crappy walden farms stuff, etc. but I really would like this to be about detoxing and getting rid of all the chemicals, etc. so not sure exactly what I'll do about that. I like tomato based things (not whole tomatoes though :laugh:) but I'm using that in the chili so I figure I should try to get a little variety. My only other option is celery...so I'll be eating that with dinner for the next couple of days until I figure something else out. I think for 21 days I can just eat boring...or at least I hope so.

So---I'm going to need you guys cheering me on and kicking my butt through the next 21 days! :help::help: I really want to complete this and get some positive results....but mostly I just want to prove to myself right now that I can complete it! Although I will be estatic if I have great weight loss :up: I'm also really looking forward to some of the other positive results---and if I could get rid of these last 2 patches of psoriasis I would be in heaven!! :jumpjoy: I'm kind of worried about the 3 weeks of no sugar/no starch after this....as we know me and really low carb (i.e. ketogenic levels) are not a good pair but I keep telling myself I will cross that bridge when I get there. :) That was another big reason for the timing on this---the 3 weeks of no sugar/no starch will be right before surgery and I'm usually on my best behavior right at that time so if there is a way to make it work for me---that would be the time when I would have to best chance at success. :)

Teresa123 07-02-2012 05:34 PM

Liz--so how did the rest of your day go after your big chicken breakfast?? We'll have to compare notes throughout the next few weeks since it looks like we are both doing a leptin reset of sorts right now. :)

healthylowcarbin 07-02-2012 09:05 PM

TERESA......awesome load! My tongue is hanging out....yum

Have you checked out the threads with hcg recipes? Some of those are pretty creative.
How long do you plan to eat chill? I would probably get bored after a few meals.
I'm excited for you to get started! I'm looking forward to your great results!

So sorry about the lipo! YAY for the neck lift! I bet that will make a big difference in appearance. How long is the recovery for that?

The chicken breast for breakfast worked out really well. I'm usually hungry about 3 hours after breakfast (same number of calories consumed). Today I wasn't even hungry 6 hours afterwards! The rest of the day also went very well. Way less hunger than usual. I stuck with lowish carb stuff. I had no urge to graze

I'll check in tomorrow

alabama sunshine 07-03-2012 12:09 AM

Hi Teresa,Liz,Vicki.Its nice having a part two thread.Its 185 days gone in this year.Thats a good idea chicken for breakfast and it keeps you full longer.Are you all grilling for the 4th,its so hot here I doubt if we will,maybe the weekend after the 4th.They have alot of grilling meats on sale split fryers 1.19 lb.,spareribs 1.55 lb,pork boston butts 1.49lb,oscar mayer weiners .99 a pkg,ground chuck 2.39lb.Hopefully one of these men will grill me some meat for the week.And I love the taste of charcoal meat.3 of my grands have been here since Sunday and will go home tomorrow.I love them but need some peace and quiet for a few days.

Teresa123 07-03-2012 06:12 AM

Good morning!

Winifred---looks like you have a lot of good grilling food deals going on. I need to check the ads for around here and see what we have. Make one of those guys grill you up something good tomorrow!! :) I plan to grill steak and chicken tomorrow so I have stuff made for the next several days. I would like to wait until the heat breaks but it doesn't look like we are going to have any relief until Monday when it's supposed to be 88...however it's also supposed to storm that day. :annoyed:

Liz---yay on the chicken breakfast working out! :jumpjoy: So did you eat it plain or did you do anything special with it?

I am so excited about the neck lift. It's actually the first procedure I wanted to have done but I was too scared...what if something goes wrong, can't really hide it. But I have worked with my ps long enough that I now have faith that he will do it right. :)

I did load very well--as my huge gain will attest to. :eek: I shudder to think what it would have been if I had eaten all the things I really wanted to eat---namely lots of sugar! :annoyed: But I knew if I did that I would have a horrible time stopping. I am going to look tomorrow at some of the p2 recipes but part of me wants to just keep this super simple and try to look at food as just fuel....wow, that would be a huge mental shift for me! :laugh: I definitely don't think I could do the same thing every day but I figure I will make a batch of whatever and eat it for several days then make a batch of something else. Honestly if I could get enough appetite suppression and/or lack of interest in food I would love to just eat a little chunk of protein wrapped in lettuce/spinach leaves and some fruit a couple times a day and call it quits. I love veggies, but without some fat I'm not a big fan. I also bought some melbas and some gluten free crackers yesterday and tried them...they are both gross in my opinion :sick: so not sure I will be eating them at all, we'll see how desperate I get. :laugh:

Starting weight 173.8. :eek::p Other than maybe for a brief moment after surgery I haven't been in this decade for years so it's very scary, but definitely motivation to get this thing done! Since my last surgery I have been stuck between 160-162. After my week long food fest a few weeks ago I got up to 169.6 but quickly lost most of it and was sitting between 163 and 164 last week...so I guess I'll consider this a 10 lb loading gain. Honestly I was afraid it might be more. :eek:

Another reason that I thought this would be perfect timing to do this is that we have casual week this week---so I can hide my tight jeans under baggie shirts! :eek::laugh: Seriously, if I had to dress up in my normal---already a bit snug---dress clothes I would be in big trouble right now. :eek::eek: Hopefully all this bloat will be gone before I have to go back to normal dress next week.

Well----here I go! :jumpjoy: I hope the next 3 weeks fly by! :laugh:

healthylowcarbin 07-03-2012 10:13 AM

Good morning!

I had such a good day yesterday starting with a chicken breast breakfast that I decided to do another similar day. I was so not hungry that I had to remind myself to eat. I think the protein helped but probably giving up fruit played a big part. I ate the chicken breast with a bit of sf bbq sauce. I get it from netrition. "smoking joes" brand. That stuff is amazing! Just as good as any regular bbq I've tried.

I ate 6oz of pulled pork with a tiny bit of sf bbq sauce for breakfast today. I feel so full! I'll probably do 4oz pork with a salad for lunch and a 2 egg spinach omelet for dinner.

WINIFRED...those are some good sales! I need to go do some stocking up. DH is working on July 4th but hopefully I can get him to grill next weekend.
I hope you have a good day with the "grands". :love:

I'm so glad for you about the neck lift. It makes ALL the difference in the world to feel confident in your doctor!:jump joy:

how is day 1 going?
You certainly did do a good job of loading! I wonder if 10lbs is an average gain. I bet you will lose that by 2 days.

I can totally understand the desire to keep it simple and viewing food as fuel.
Do you like cabbage? I think that is one of the veggies that is acceptable. I love napa cabbage. I like to steam/blanche the leaves and use them for wraps.

Do you plan to eat 2 meals or break them down to get 3 meals. I've read that some peeps will eat their fruit for breakfast. I think that would make me really HUNGRY. :up:

vli1127 07-03-2012 01:01 PM

I finished making the mock potato salad for tomorrow but plan to indulge in sweet corn and smores. Other stuff will be LC at least until we go to a ball game.

iminit4me 07-03-2012 01:48 PM

Hello Everyone - Did really well staying on plan during my weekend "camping" in the rustic cabin on Lake Huron. Actually went in the lake in a swimsuit. WooHoo! First time in I don't know how long. Hello, self-esteem, where have you been?

My SO and I have an annual July 4th party with hot dogs and sloppy joes. People bring a dish to pass and their own drinks. It's only 1-1/2 blocks to watch the parade and you can see the fireworks from our front yard, so that's why it's always at our place. It's a good reunion so that everyone sees each other at least once a year. You can't believe that a year has gone by sometimes! I got my long hair cut three months ago and one of my best friends hasn't even seen it yet - and we only live about 5 miles away from each other. How do our lives get THAT busy?

So I'm making a broccoli-cauliflower salad with red pepper strips and Ken's Lite Northern Italian dressing with bacon bits added before serving. Hoping it's a nice change from the sweet version with the raisins and sugar. It got good reviews, but I'm always nervous about making a brand new dish for a group. There will be plenty of other stuff to eat, so if I have to eat the whole thing, oh well. I can eat the same thing for days at a time. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Have a super 4th, everyone, and keep up the good work.

healthylowcarbin 07-03-2012 04:56 PM

VICKI....mmmmm you've got me craving sweet corn.

IMINIT4ME....can you please share your name or nickname?
WTG for staying on plan and BRAVO for rocking that swimsuit!!!!
It sounds like a really fun camping trip.
Your 4th plans sound like a lot of fun! I've never tried Ken's lite northern ital drsg. but your recipe sounds tasty.

Teresa123 07-03-2012 05:24 PM

Evening Liz! :)

OK---my Magic Bullet broke tonight. :cry: This won't do because my plan for 'dessert' every night for the next 3 weeks is strawberry 'sorbet.' :yummy: So---I'm gonna have to buy a new one---like first thing tomorrow! :laugh: I've heard that there are other 'bullet like' blender things...I think one is called a Ninja. Anyone know anything about these contraptions and which is best? I've had my bullet for almost 6 years and have put it through a lot so I don't mind getting another one, but if there is something better this would be the time for an upgrade! :)


Teresa123 07-03-2012 05:52 PM

Iminit---how fun, an annual party where you can get together with everyone! Your veggie salad sounds great---I bet it will be a hit! Good for you for getting out there in your swimsuit and enjoying yourself!! :jumpjoy:

Vicki---sweet corn and smores, yum! :up: That just totally says summer to me. :)

Liz---wow, that is so great that the protein breakfast worked so well! :jumpjoy: You know, I made homemade bbq sauce last summer and it was sooo good. Took it from a foodnetwork recipe, think it was the Neeleys (sp?). Anyway, think I'll have to make some of it again....when I get to eat again that is! :annoyed::laugh:

Day 1 has gone OK. Not feeling any of the energy or great stuff that others talk about but maybe it's too soon. Not particularly hungry but again, probably too soon to know what that's about---could be the fact that there is still a ton of food sitting in my gut right now! :eek::laugh:

10 lbs is definitely on the high end for load gains, although not totally uncommon. Average seems to be around 5 lbs....although the average person doing it has never been substantially overweight so probably doesn't know how to eat like I do! :o:laugh: I would love to believe that the load will be gone in a couple of days but honestly I would expect 4-5 days minimum. I have read on 2 sites---one by a Dr and one from that Robin lady---that studies do show that those who load really well will have more fat loss during the protocol (not counting the load gain) so I'm gonna hope that is really true!! Most people seem to lose about 10-15 lbs plus load weight in a 21 day round so if I can lose the load plus 10 I will be happy. :up: If I can keep it off and get my body back to working more like it used to, then I'll be really happy. :)

I do like cabbage....with a lot of bacon fat! :hyst: I might pick up some of the angle hair kind and see if I can make it palatable with some chicken broth or something. :confused: I am going to pick up some romaine tomorrow to use to wrap burgers, etc. in. As far as eating fruit in the am, my thoughts initially was that it would spike hunger...but honestly, I have a feeling that everything I have thought and experienced before is going to be very different on protocol---all the 'rules' as far as how the body reacts appear to be different. Right now I'm playing it safe and just following what I know to be true for my body but I might play around with some of it later---probably depends on how bored I get! Me likes to experiment. :laugh:

I'm so bummed that my bullet broke, right while I was making my little strawberry dessert. :sad: I ended up with a few 'sorbet' like bites and then big frozen chunks of strawberry. :annoyed: Not a nice way to end the day. :annoyed::laugh:

Teresa123 07-04-2012 04:44 AM

Good morning and Happy 4th of July! :jumpjoy:

Doing research on the bullet vs the ninja this morning. Pretty much looks like the ninja wins hands down so I guess I'm going for an 'upgrade.' :)

Weight down 4.4....thank goodness cause I was going to be really scared if I only lost a lb or something! :eek: Kinda hungry this morning but I'll have some tea in a bit and hopefully that will help. I've decided I better stay away from food porn for at least the first few days. Last night I was looking for recipes for 'better than sex' brownies to take to a pot luck later this month and almost instantly I wanted chocolate :eek::annoyed:....so yeah, no more of that for awhile! :laugh:

healthylowcarbin 07-04-2012 09:47 AM

Good morning and happy 4th to all!

DH is working today so we don't have any special plans. I might go to the mall to look for some shoes later. I'm not sure if stores close for the 4th.

3rd day of doing a leptin reset type plan. Fantastic results with starting the day off with a high protein breakfast (6-8oz). Absolutely no hunger or cravings. I eat 5-6 hours later something a bit smaller.

TERESA....sorry but I've never owned a bullet or a ninja. I am interested to learn your decision. Have you read the reviews on amazon? I find those to be helpful.
I actually need to research that and blenders. I killed my blender recently. The gasket thing at the bottom got unattached and allowed liquids to seep down into the motor which caused it to burn out:mad: It was a cuisinart. :down:

BRAVO on the 4.4lbs lost! :jumpjoy::jump joy: I don't think I've ever lost that much in one day. I hope your trend continues and you are on to "virgin" pounds by day 3. :clap:

I think avoiding food porn is a good idea. Do you have plans today to keep you busy? I know when I'm dieting/hungry it is hard to hang around the house.
I hope your hunger passes and you get a big surge of energy!:sing:

healthylowcarbin 07-04-2012 11:58 AM

TERESA..... I'm thinking about getting this..Ninja QB900B Master Prep Revolutionary Food and Drink Maker, Gray

Have you made a decision on what you will get?

I need to get on the treadmill! Are you planning to exercise while doing the hcg?

Teresa123 07-04-2012 01:25 PM

Well, I looked at the Ninja's today at WalMart and the basic set--I think it was the Master Prep deal but I'm not sure---was way bigger than I want. The bullet is nice and small---the cups are thinner, etc. so it doesn't take up much room---which I have very little of. Soooo, I'm going to keep looking. In the mean time I'm going to try to make the sorbet in the food processor tonight and if that works out fine I might not get anything, not sure. I've had the food processor for 1.5 years now and have only used it a couple of times...it kind of intimidates me I guess and the bullet is just so easy. But I'm thinking maybe now is the time to get used to the fp. If that doesn't work out I'll be back on my quest for something new!

No---no plans for exercise. On weekdays I get in tons of walking at work so that should suffice. If it ever cools down here I will probably do walks on the weekend or just doing the farmers market and errands will probably be enough. I love that exercise is not encouraged on this plan---right up my alley! :hyst: And I like that we are currently having a heat wave (well, truly I hate it :annoyed:) because I don't want to get out and walk in this heat anyway.

I'm so excited that the leptin reset concept is working for you!! :jumpjoy: So are you doing the whole no snacks, no eating after dinner, etc?

Oh--and I've never lost 4.4 lbs in a day before either--not even after a surgery when I've retained a ton of fluid--so I was quite shocked! :eek: If I lose half that amount tomorrow I will be pleased. :)

Today has been kind of a hungry day and I have a wee bit of a headache so I'm guessing it's just withdrawal from all the food/carbs/etc. a couple of days ago. So far it's manageable however it will definitely have to get better than this or I won't survive for 3 weeks. :eek: From all I've read the first week seems to be up and down with hunger so I'll hang in there and if I have to eat more than 500 cals on some days to make it work I'm not going to get too worked up about it. :)

Teresa123 07-04-2012 01:28 PM

Hey, I just looked up the Ninja system that you listed and that is the one that I looked at this morning. WM has it on sale right now for 39.00. I just wish the blender thingy was smaller and it would be perfect. You however have tons more room so it should work out great. All the reviews I read on it were very positive so I think you'll be happy with it. :)

healthylowcarbin 07-04-2012 03:49 PM

TERESA...thanks for the info on the ninja. That's a great price. I think I'll pick one up.

Yep, I'm doing no snacks and nothing after dinner.

Sorry you're having to deal with hunger/headache.:hugs: How many meals/snacks are you doing?

I can't blame ya on going up a bit on calories if the 500 makes you feel lousy. I'm sure even 1000 calories would result in some great losses.

Are you drinking lots of water? Maybe that will help

ETA....<---------------I'm liking the new avatar pix on this site.

Teresa123 07-05-2012 06:37 AM

Morning! It's so weird that today is Thursday :jumpjoy:....feels like a Monday after having yesterday off!

Liz---yep, drinking tons and tons of water---feel like I'm thirsty all the time now. Also drinking tons of tea. Headache seems to be gone now and I didn't wake up hungry---although I am hungry now. :annoyed: But at least I didn't wake up hungry so that's progress! :laugh: I did end up eating extra protein and extra fruit yesterday but I made it through the day so right now that's all I'm striving for. :up: There are 750, 800 and 1200 calorie hcg plans out there and I suspect I will take some of their ideas before it's over---especially for the veggie selection! I'm thinking a cup of steamed broccoli or green beans would definitely help fill me up but I'm going to give it a couple more days and see what happens. Hunger isn't unmanageable at this point, just annoying and not something I could deal with for 3 weeks.:eek::annoyed: And--if I'm understanding the whole leptin thing then hunger, with the exception of right before meals, isn't a good thing on this protocol because you are not getting the fix/reset that it's designed to do...which would then make stabilization pretty much impossible. From reading so many blogs and stories I would have to say that most people that have a 'hungry round' do not stabilize well. But again---the first week is often up and down so hopefully that's all that this is and I will get past this soon. If I'm not feeling less hunger by Sunday I will probably start tweaking. :)

If you get the Ninja I want to know how you like it. I did use the food processor last night for the sorbet and it worked great but it's just more of a hassle to use and clean up....so I'm still thinking about it.

I like your little moo sandwich avi too---did you mean you got it on this site? I haven't checked out any of the avi pics here in a long time.

Down 2.2 lbs this morning---exactly what I was hoping for! :jumpjoy: I have 19 days left and my hope is for 15 lbs more so I need a few more days of really good losses so that it might be possible. :)

Oh---I bought grissini yesterday...sooooo much better than melba or the gf crackers, and the ingredients are much better as well--I think it was just wheat, olive oil and salt so I feel much better eating those then the melbas that have enriched flours and a bunch of fillers. And they're much tastier. :up:

I was just looking at my calendar for today and I again realized that it's not Monday! :hyst: I'm so happy about that. :jumpjoy: That means it's almost the weekend! :jumpjoy: I took off the next 2 Mondays so I have 2 long weekends and shorter weeks coming up---yay!! :jumpjoy:

vli1127 07-05-2012 08:04 AM

Teresa, congrats on your loses.

Not weighing for a couple of days, yesterday wasn't good. Won't go into details. I know it wouldn't be anyways.

Ninja vs Bullet. I have the magic bullet and can't say that it is all that it is cracked up to be. I have to shake it to distribute whatever ingredient I have that I am chopping and it makes quite the racket too.

iminit4me 07-05-2012 09:04 AM

I have a signature now!
Good Morning All!

I finally went in and created a signature, so you guys will know what folks call me now. I was b-a-a-d-d-d last night for the first time and I feel like crap today. :p There was a bit of drinking going on at the party and we had a few uninvited guests that stayed right up until the last dog was hung. My SO was sound asleep as I was trying to get the last guests out the door. Thankfully, everyone had a sober driver and were gone by 1 a.m. I was pretty wound up and a little buzzed and fell off the wagon. :stars: So today I'm fasting to get myself back in shape. My stomach is already growling, but I'm telling myself that the gnawing feels good because I felt so sick when I woke up. Actually, when I went to bed too. Didn't sleep well at all and back to work today. YUK!

Anyway, I won't be doing that again. Funny that you guys would talk about the carb fog and here I am in it! I'm back on track and going to stick to my guns from now on! :shake:

Hope you all had an excellent 4th.

healthylowcarbin 07-05-2012 12:15 PM

Hey everybody!

I had another good on plan day yesterday. Today I started off with 8oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast for breakfast. It has 48g protein and under 300 calories. I am still full at 1pm. It amazes me how long I feel full and completely free of food obsessions for under 300 calories!

CYNDY..... Sorry you feel lousy today but it sounds like quite a fun party...except for the unvited guests who tried to hang your dog??? hahaha I've never heard the expression "until the last dog was hung" Too funny.
I hope you feel better and get a good start on plan

VICKI... I hope you had a good time with your family. Get back on the wagon...you can do it! Have you ever checked out a leptin type woe? I'm telling ya that 8oz of boneless skinless chicken breast will kill the appetite. :) I guess anything with 50g of protein for breakfast should work.

TERESA.... I'm SO happy to see all of the happy dancing icons in your post! BRAVO and big CONGRATS on sticking to plan AND for your awesome losses! KUTGW!
Do you have any plans for your long weekends?

Teresa123 07-06-2012 06:47 AM

Good morning and Happy Friday!! :jumpjoy:

Vicki--I'm with Liz--hop back on the wagon and lets get this thing rolling! :shake: Hope you had a great time with family. You're right about the bullet, there are definitely some problems/limitations to it---but I loved the size/convienence of it and with a little patience I could accomplish just about anything with it, I bet I ground 50 lbs or more of nuts into flours in that thing over the years as well as made tons of whipped cream and other goodies.....but alas, no more since the stupid thing broke! :annoyed::laugh:

Cyndy---yay for the signature!! You weren't bad---you were just livin it up a bit which is OK to do sometimes. :) However, if you felt physically crappy afterwards then next time you might want to modify it a little! ;) Careful with the fasting....that always backfires on me---although if it works for you then work it!

Liz---wow, that is amazing that it keeps you so full. :eek::clap: I wish protein had that affect on me. I've never tried eating a big piece of meat for breakfast though so who knows, maybe it would? :confused: Many times I've had a lot of eggs and sausage or a big omelet and I'm hungry right after unless I add some starch. :annoyed:

No big plans for the weekend except some spring cleaning that I never had got a chance to get to this spring! :laugh: Also---going to try to force myself to go shoe shopping since I haven't gotten that accomplished yet. :annoyed:

Down 1.2 which is OK, but I was really hoping for a couple more days of higher losses to get the load weight off. My original prediction was 4-5 days but unless I can lose 2.2 lbs in the next day or two I'm not going to make it. :annoyed: Oh well, I guess if I can make it by the end of the first week I will still have a couple of weeks of 'new' losses. Still hungry. :annoyed: Not like I would be normally if trying to eat this ridiculously small amount of food, so I know it's working to some degree but definitely not optimal at this point. If it gets really bad while at work today I think I will use some coconut oil in my tea and see how that works. It seems like most hcg'ers use it regularly without a problem with losses or stabilization (those that actually follow the rest of the plan closely that is). C.o. has never helped me with weight loss before so I doubt it will now but if it gets me past the hungries without any damage I'm willing to give it a try...maybe. :confused: If I'm still this hungry come Sunday I will be looking at some of the higher cal plans out there. I may or may not bump up the cals but if needed I will definitely try out some other foods. I'm also going to play around with my dosage and see what that will do. Anyway--I'll hopefully get it figured out. One way or another I am determined to stay on this thing and see it through! :up: Now---remind me of that in a few days when I'm wanting to jump ship! :eek::p

iminit4me 07-06-2012 08:12 AM

Hi everybody - You don't have to worry about me fasting Teresa. I didn't make it past lunch, but I was very good and just had a dish of my leftover broccoli cauliflower salad. It turned out good, but not nearly as pretty once it sat overnight for the second day. Worked until 9:30 with driver's ed after reg. work and still found the energy to go get lettuce for my salad for lunch today. I'm back on track. One derailment isn't going to kill me or send me into days of binging. Thank heavens!! Monday will tell the tale on the scale (I'm a poet and don't know it!). I don't really know anything about HCG, but I wish you all the luck. I can't do the very low-cal thing, as you can see. Headaches and hunger are too hard for me, which is why I love the Atkins WOE.

Liz - One thing I love about this site is that people are from all over and have so many different catch phrases. I got a lot of mine from my Mom (Missouri) and my Dad (Detroit and Canada). And once in a blue moon, someone finds them funny and mentions that they never heard that before. Maybe you can teach me some more from the folks in Iowa. :-) And I think I'll try that chicken breast breakfast. I always have two eggs with spinach, cheese and meat and that does a good job of keeping me full until lunch, but by lunchtime, the stomach is growling loudly. Why can't someone invent a good and safe appetite suppressant? And trust me, I'm not just thirsty.

I also think I'll have a look at the Ninja today. I would love to whip and blend and chop, etc., with easy cleanup. I don't even get my food processor out because it's such a pain to clean (it's older than the hills, but still brand new), and my blender doesn't do the trick. Thanks for the tips ladies!

healthylowcarbin 07-06-2012 10:35 AM

Hey everybody!

I'm still enjoying my chicken breast breakfast! And, amazingly I'm down 11 pounds since I got out of the hospital. I know a bit of that was IV fluid/bloating but I'm still incredibly happy with the loss.:jump joy:
It feels like a great start to keep going......

CYNDY... WTG on having a good day yesterday!

One derailment isn't going to kill me or send me into days of binging.
great attitude! For me that makes ALL the difference. It is not as much about what I eat or even how much. It is more about how I react. If I keep a positive mindset it is much easier to get back on track.

And I think I'll try that chicken breast breakfast. I always have two eggs with spinach, cheese and meat and that does a good job of keeping me full until lunch, but by lunchtime, the stomach is growling loudly. Why can't someone invent a good and safe appetite suppressant? And trust me, I'm not just thirsty.
I've eaten a similar breakfast many times (eggs, spinach, cheese, meat) and I also get VERY hungry by lunch time. I don't know why the chicken breast is working for me....but it is. I hope that it works as well for you also.

Yeah, I wish someone WOULD come up with a safe appetite suppressant!
They'd make a TON of money$$$

TERESA.... CONGRATS on another successful day! :jump joy:
I hope you have a better day today re. hunger. Interesting on the coconut oil!
Did you ever grill? I think we may grill this weekend. :yummy:

alabama sunshine 07-06-2012 02:36 PM

Hi,I hope you all are staying cool,its so hot here.Trying to decide what to eat for dinner.

Teresa123 07-07-2012 06:05 AM


Winifred--it's hot here too. :( I just went outside to see what it's like to determine if I want to go to the Farmers Market or for a walk or something and it's so humid I don't want to do anything. :annoyed: I don't know what your forecast is like but we are supposed to get some relief starting tomorrow I think---upper 80's for several days and then the 90's....but at least that's better than the 100's! :jumpjoy: Hope you are due for a cool off too!

Iminit---yay, I'm glad to hear you are back on track! :jumpjoy: That's really the worst thing about eating/drinking things you don't normally---it's getting back to healthy mode again.

Liz---I grill at least a couple of times a week. I like to do it more frequently but with the heat I've been grilling up a few days worth of stuff at once. I love the grill! :heart: I'm so glad that the protein breakfast is working so well for you!! :jumpjoy: And I'm jealous of your 11 lbs! :eek: But very happy for you!! :jumpjoy::clap::jumpjoy:

So I gained 1.4 lbs?! :eek::mad::confused: I didn't even do the coconut oil because I am really trying to give this plan a fair shot as written....at least for the first 5 days (I keep reading it gets easier after that) but now I wish I would have---at least I would have had a reason to point to for the gain! :annoyed::laugh: I know that I am retaining as my hands are tight/swollen this am but not sure why they would be?? The only thing I can think that might be going on is that I'm probably ovulating---which normally wouldn't cause that kind of gain but since this whole thing is hormone related and my hormones are out of whack...maybe...? I'm going to stay on track today and then start tweaking tomorrow if need be. I think all of this would be easier to deal with if I wasn't so h.u.n.g.r.y.!!! :sad: GRRRRRRRR! :mad: There's an 800 cal plan out there that looks so much more doable so I have a feeling I may be following that for the rest of the round. What I'm trying to figure out is why none of the plans allow fat?? I get that the calories add up much quicker but I would love to see some studies that show why fat shouldn't be used. People lose when eating it on plan, and at least with the coconut oil I've seen people stabilize just fine....so I don't get it.:confused: Even the 800 and 1200 cal plans avoid fat. :confused: I'm thinking with some decent veggies and a bit of olive oil or butter I could get rid of the hunger. I've read and re-read Simeons manuscript and he stresses no fat but not why--at least not the scientific reason why. There is one statement that he says that refined foods and oils are easily absorbed by the body---or something like that. I think that's my hint but I can't quite get it to fit in with the whole plan, hypothalamus reset, etc. So---today I will keep searching for answers! I feel so much better tweaking something if I know how/why it works. ;)

Alright, enough of my venting. Off to find something productive to do. I'm starting to get cabin fever from being inside all the time so I can't wait until tomorrow when we are supposedly going to get some relief! :aprayer:

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