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Teresa123 01-02-2012 04:08 PM

New Beginnings--Finding a Balance in 2012
:welcome: This is a group for anyone who is working on losing or maintaining weight. We're striving to 'do it right' and learn how to find balance and sanity in what tends to be an obsessive 'all or nothing' process.

If you are seeking the same thing---please join us!

Indomitable Amy 01-02-2012 06:04 PM

I'm defintely along for the ride!

DENMW 01-02-2012 06:33 PM

marking my spot. I had a really good day with my food and stuck to what I planned out. Right now I'm so aggrivated because I can't find an important paper and it's late and I don't feel like looking anymore. It can be replaced but just a hassel. So, what do I want to do right now.......EAT:doh::stars::mad: but I'm not going to do that because eating will not help me to find the paper. Amazing how I think food solves all problems:dunno::doh:

Thanks for starting this Theresa.


alabama sunshine 01-02-2012 08:06 PM

Can I join too,making no more excuses ,this is my year to a healthy me.My start day is 01/08/2012.We can do this because we are worthy to have the life we want.:hugs::hugs:

pescacat 01-02-2012 08:18 PM

I'm all for sanity, balance and weight loss-may I join?


Teresa123 01-03-2012 06:58 AM

Good morning everyone!!

Amy, Winifred and Laura---:welcome: We would love to have you along for the ride! :jumpjoy: Please tell us about yourselves and what kinds of plans you are following. I look forward to getting to know you all!! :hugs:

During this month I want to tackle various 'little things' that all have to do with mental stuff, like mind games, when it comes to weight and obsessive thinking. Here is a big one for me lately---THE SCALE!!! :mad: I feel like I need to weigh daily to stay on track yet there are still times when I allow it to ruin my day and/or 'dictate' my actions in regards to food/choices.

My question to all of you is---how do you deal with the scale? What do you say to yourself when you get a number that makes you unhappy...or how do you keep from being unhappy about the number? :confused:

There are times when I can take it all with a grain of salt---and other times when I majorly react...looking back over the last year I have reacted more often than I would like to and my last few lbs of weight gain have been a reaction to that stupid scale. :mad: So I'm looking for some ideas and help---and if this is an issue for any of you, maybe we can all work through it together!

Meeting time---I'll be back later. :)

Jaiyce 01-03-2012 07:27 AM

I would love to join as well please!

I am a working mom of 3 (14, 12 and 10), I have been with my hubby since I was 16 years old. I have quite a lot of weight to lose, about 90 more:down: (I have lost 28 so far:jumpjoy:, first 7 on ww and now 21 on Atkins..began Nov21)
I have been on "diets" since I was 14 years old (20 years now...arg)

In response to your scale question Teresa, I admit I am a terrible friend to myself when it comes to the scale. :cry:I tell myself all the time to wait a week and then...I don't...when the numbers creep up I tend to get very upset...I just want it to go down a bit every day...is that to much to ask:hyst: lol..I guess so
I would love the strength to ignore the scale!:annoyed:

Indomitable Amy 01-03-2012 10:23 AM

Thanks for the welcomes. :) I'm a mom of three girls (11,10 and 4). I was an athlete and a dancer in high school. I've always made poor food choices but when I was younger, I could get away with it because I was so active. Once I graduated, I was no longer active and the pounds have crept up. I now weigh 241 lbs.

I lost 20 lbs last year but I was put on a med that made me eat and I gained the 20 back. My appetite has evened out so I'm ready to get back on the weight loss horse again.

I chose Atkins because I've had success with it in the past. I know that I'm a carb addict and I a diabetic just waiting to happen. I don't want that for myself. I want to be healthy and fit.

That about sums it up for me. I'm glad to meet you all. It's nice to find people who get what I'm going through.

OK. That's enough about me. lol

soon-2-b-slim 01-03-2012 10:31 AM

hi can I join in too? I've been on diets since I was about 14 (39 years now!!!!) and to be fair I must have lost thousands of lbs! All of them more than once! At my heaviest I was about 250lbs and at my lowest adult weight about 182lbs. I have been happiest with low carb but did lose a lot of weight recently with WW, about 60 lbs, but soon found myself slipping from the ww plan and sliding towards low carb because thats how I'm happiest eating. I know it works, I know it is good for me, just have to get on with it now!!

I understant what you mean about the scales, I think its all about attitude. If I'm feeling fairly upbeat and generally positive then even if I have a gain it doesn't seem to matter in the scheme of things. However if I'm a bit down then even a gain of a few ounces is devastating! I'm learning not to weigh if I'm feeling down!!!

pescacat 01-03-2012 10:45 AM


I've been low carbing for a long time. Lost about 80 pounds 3 years ago due to mourning when my husband decided he didn't want to be married anymore and had found someone new. Sometime over the last 3 years I stopped mourning and started eating badly/high carb or just whatever again and gained 65 pounds back. The legal separation that Italy requires to get a divorce since I got married over there is now done and I hope to finalize my divorce this spring. This past Oct I had surgery and when I followed the nutritionist's advice to eat 130 grams of carbs a day (yes, 1-3-0) I started gaining weight!! So, I threw that advice out the door and went back to low carb and have been losing pretty well since then.

I have 3 cats, help out with soldiers who are having psychiatric issues and have decied to make 2012 my healthiest and best year yet!

As for the scale, for a long time I let the number on it determine what kind of day I had and how I treated myself or thought of myself. I'm still working on not giving that kind of power to an inanimate object. I keep telling myself as long as I do the best I can, I have to accept that I don't have control over the speed or amount that my body lets go of the weight I have. I also try to look at the trend rather than an individual day and as long as the trend is in the right direction, then I try to stay positive. It can be difficult not to panic though. Having a graph on someplace like ****** or whatever tracking system you are using helps for me, though.

vli1127 01-03-2012 01:15 PM

:welcome: to winifred, Laura, Amy, Jaiyce and Soon-2

Linda, glad you marked your spot! Keep coming back too.

Winifed, that was my granmothers name and she went by Winnie.

Laura, Thank you for working with the soldiers. I have two sons who served. I see you have 3 cats. Since my fiance' moved in we now have 4. It has been a little over 2 weeks now and they aren't doing too bad. Occasional spats.

Amy and Jaiyce I have 3 kids too. But, mine are a bit older. I have a son 27 and 25 and another son who is 12.

Soon-2, You are a little younger than me by about a year or two. I too have had lifelong dieting experience.

Let me see, this year I would like to continue with clean and wholesome eating. However, I may be cutting back on animal protein and increasing plant based foods. I checked the term flexitarian and that seems to fit the bill. I looked into veganism but am not quite ready for that. Besides, I have a quarter of a grass fed cow on order.

For those new here, I have been a member of this board for quite a while. I had lost down to 170 but have regained back up to 220 last I checked which was a couple of weeks ago. I had gastric bypass in 01 which was my second weight loss surgery. My heaviest was 365 in 97.

Teresa, I have a love hate relationship with the scale. As you know, I have shared my struggles with it. I haven't weighed for a couple of weeks now. I should have when I started this detox thing several days ago.

Today is the last day of the detox. I have successfully passed gross looking mucoid stools like you see in pictures when you research colon cleanses. I can start eating again tomorrow although pretty bland and low key. The "fasting" hasn't been too bad either.

healthylowcarbin 01-03-2012 03:01 PM

Hey everybody!

Marking my spot.

Sorry I've been MIA. I've had a bad migraine for the past couple of days. Thankfully it has subsided.

WELCOME to the new posters!:welcome::clap: I hope that you continue to post with us. :high5:

I've struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old. I lost 93lbs doing low carb a few years ago. I've regained 30lbs but I plan to lose those pounds again in a slow and healthy manner.
It scares me how quickly and easily I can regain weight. Especially when I stick my head in the sand and bring out the stretchy pants.:hyst:

VICKI....CONGRATS on finishing your detox! :clap:


I have 3 cats, help out with soldiers who are having psychiatric issues and have decied to make 2012 my healthiest and best year yet!
Most of the ladies here also have cats. I would love to get a cat but DH is not a pet person. Maybe one day I'll convince him.

Thank you for helping out soldiers with psych. issues. :noteworthy: Is that your job? My DH worked with a lot of veterans in healthcare (he worked in a VA hospital for several years)

Excellent goal to make 2012 the healthiest and best year!:jump joy:

SOON2B-SLIM.... I'm considering trying weight watchers. I've never been to a meeting. I plan to stay more low carb but would like to attend the meetings for accountability.
Did you attend meetings or do it online?

AMY... I've never been much of an athlete or a dancer but I can definitely relate to making poor food choices when I was younger.
Have you ever tried Zumba (dance exercise class that looks like fun)


am a working mom of 3 (14, 12 and 10), I have been with my hubby since I was 16 years old.
:noteworthy: that is awesome that you've been with your DH since you were 16! I met my DH later in life (in my 30's)
congrats on 28lbs lost! That is fantastic especially during the holidays:jump joy:]

alabama sunshine...

We can do this because we are worthy to have the life we want.
you've got a great attitude! :high5:
I just moved from Birmingham, AL. Do you live in Alabama?


My question to all of you is---how do you deal with the scale? What do you say to yourself when you get a number that makes you unhappy...or how do you keep from being unhappy about the number?
That is a good question....I wish I knew the answer:confused:
I'm considering going to WW meetings for the weekly weigh ins. I will not weigh during the week.
THANK YOU for changing the thread title! What a nice change AND it is wonderful that some new people are finding us!

LINDA...I'm so glad you had a good day with your eating! I hope you found the paper you were looking for.

Amazing how I think food solves all problems
I'm right there with you on that. I think food works if I'm stressed, tired, lonely, even thirsty :stars:
WTG on not reacting to that urge to eat!

DENMW 01-03-2012 05:55 PM

Hi everyone, just a quick check in for accountability. MIA = 2 things for me, either I'm not doing well or really busy. Being that I've only worked a few hours today guess which one it is?:sad: I did so well yesterday, pretty much a perfect day with my food then I got up in the middle of the night and found remembered a box of cookies that Roger's niece gave him for Christmas. Hope he doesn't go looking for it:o Then today because I had not planned well I started grazing and then just threw in the towel and binged.:mad: I am going to recreate my good food day tomorrow (without the binge in the middle of the night:doh:) I know what I need to do. Plan, pray and stay connected.

For the new people I, too, lost over loo lb. but regained 35 lb. I am semi-retired and did echocardiograms for over 30 years. My fun job now is a group fitness instructor teaching several programs including spinning. I had open heart surgery this year too and am doing well. Enough about me. Hope everyone had a good day.

Teresa123 01-03-2012 06:47 PM

Evening ladies!

Jaiyce--:welcome: Cool name---is it pronounced Jaycee or Jayce or totally different? Congrats on the 28 lbs down, that is fantastic!! Your statements about being on diets since a young age made me think....I think my first diet was around 6 or 7 and by Jr High I was fasting, taking diet pills and doing all kinds of crazy things. :stars: I was never 'disiplined' enough to be anorexic and I hated throwing up so bulemia was out of the question---but everything else I tried. :sad: On the scale---good to know I am not alone in my love/hate relationship with that stupid thing! :annoyed::laugh:

Amy--so are you still into exercise/athletics? How about your girls? I too am a major carb addict--specifically sugar. :mad: What is your weakness? I like the goal of healthy and fit---let's do it!

Soon---yes, please join us! :welcome: Good point on the scales, I think my mood plays into it a lot. Most of the time it just rolls right off my back, but other days I become fixated and pissed off about it and then I react. :o:annoyed: I somehow have to convince myself that it's OK to not weigh everyday....I just know that during all the years over 300 (virtually all of my adult life) I didn't weigh so I think I associate not weighing with not caring or denying reality or something...hmmm, something else with my screwy little head I need to work on. :laugh:

Laura---wow, so are you from Italy? Sorry about the divorce...and it sounds like their laws are really strict around divorce. :eek: Not that that is a bad thing necessarily---but I would think that in situations like yours it would be nice to have some closure and move on.

Did you have WLS? I know a few people who have and they were also recommended to eat higher carbs. 2 of them are doing really well with that, but 1 is only a year out so who knows what will happen in the long run. The other is about 5 years out and also doing great. A 3rd person I know really struggled with higher carbs and after lots of ups and downs found South Beach and last I knew she was doing great! She doesn't eat super low carb but much lower than what was recommended. Surgery or not I think our bodies are all unique and we have to find what works best for us....you would think those in the medical profession would understand that. :annoyed:

I agree with watching for the downward trend with the scale....that used to work for me very well. Now since the trend seems to be going up, up, up---the scale is really freaking me out at times! :eek: Actually I totally know why it's going up and can blame no one but myself, but I had a long stretch this fall where I was very deligent and lost nothing so my body is really confusing me and I find it easy to focus on being angry at the scale instead! :o

Vicki---I looked up flexitarian and that is exactly what I am striving for!! I had no idea that there are lots of peeps out there like that and that there is a term for it---cool. I'm still struggling a bit with figuring out how to balance things and get the right proteins in, but I am fairly convinced that this is the right path for me at this time.

Congrats on finishing your fast! And thanks for the info on what you are passing! :sick::laugh:

Liz---sorry about the migraine. :hugs: So you are going to start weekly weigh ins? :eek: I'm considering it....:eek: I'll have to think about it for awhile--- you know me, need to overanalyze everything! :o

Linda---you can totally do it! So what do you think is getting in your way? Any negative thinking/messages going on? What do you think about posting your menus here in the morning to make sure you're ready for the day? I think at one point you said that was helpful for you. Please let us know how we can help. :hugs:

A bit about me---well this will be short and boring. :laugh: I'm 44, single and no human kids....but 2 fuzzy feline children named Jaden and Chloe (aka Jader and Squeaker :love:). I started low carb (for the 100th time) when I was 39.5 years old....something about being almost 40, never really feeling like I had lived my life (I often think of my 30's as the time I was in a coma...I seriously was not a participant in life during much of that decade :sad:) and the fact that I felt like I was dying seemed to finally get me motivated to do something. It's been an interesting journey, and for me---in retrospect---losing was the easiest part of it. But I SUCK at maintaining! :eek::laugh: So as much as I want to get back down to goal, I know that I really need to focus on all the other things that kept me from staying there---as I suspect those are the same things that could lead me to gaining it all back again. My focus this year is going to be identifying and addressing those things that have become (and probably have always been) my obstacles along with working on finally finding some balance in my life...and peace in my mind and soul. :)

This week my goal is simply to drink more water---this used to be something that was no problem for me but lately I've noticed I'm not drinking nearly as much. Today I did great. :up: My other goal right now is to be really mindful of how I feel physically---energy, mood, etc. as well as sleeping habits. I suspect that some things I am eating, or some combinations or something are not agreeing with me as my energy has been down--and honestly my sleeping has never been great since starting low carb....I want to get these things figured out!

OK---I'm exhausted now after that long post so it's time for me to think about getting ready for bed. Night all!

pescacat 01-03-2012 07:40 PM

Hi Teresa-
No, I'm not Italian. I am originally from Georgia but I got married to an Italian over in Italy in 2004. Getting married outside of the US was not such a good idea. I didn't want the divorce, he (and his family and friends) did. He refused counseling and also refused trying to work things out, just said he didn't like the responsibility and a bunch of other issues too-oh well. His Loss. I like to look at it that I lost 200 pounds of weight that wasn't good for me with a couple of strokes of the pen in the lawyer's office/in front of the Judge. :p :hyst::up: Talk about a quick weight loss plan! * LOL* Took me awhile to get to that point and feel that way though. But, I deserve and want better and one day, maybe I'll find it. In the meantime, my kitties and I face life together and try to keep it simple, happy and healthy.
It helps to have good friends and loving family members (my parents) nearby too...


Indomitable Amy 01-03-2012 08:26 PM

Healthylowcarbin I haven't tried zumbaa but I hear it's a lot of fun. I have a slim in 6 dvd I got last year that I'm going to give a try. I'll start slow and work my way up.

teresa I haven't been in a long time. My girls used to take dance but times are tough. We make sure they stay active, though. My weakness is ice cream. The decadent kind. We totally need to get fit and healthy!

Indomitable Amy 01-03-2012 08:27 PM

:hugs:Thanks to you all for the warm welcomes!

alabama sunshine 01-04-2012 12:14 AM

Hi thanks for the welcomes,I live in Valley,Alabama,have 6 children who are all grown and 11 grandkids who are my life.I have tryed low carb alot of times but never really stayed on plan long enough,but I did lose while on it.I have mobility problems ,I walk with a walker,have bad arthritis and at 59 I have to get this weight off.There is no doubt I know I can do this and will.I'm hoping to lose 150 pounds this year and go on to get to 200 pounds.I need all of your support and prayers.I really hope we can support each other and help each other through this journey.

WE CAN AND WILL DO THIS:hugs::hugs::hugs:

DENMW 01-04-2012 04:07 AM

Good morning everyone,:hiya:
I'm planning for a good day. :cool: I made an action plan for the day and already planned and logged my food into *********** and sent it to my OA (Overeaters Anonymous) food sponsor and am on an OA phone meeting right now. For me structure, support and planning ahead are 3 things that help me stay on track.

What is everyone else doing today to help you stay on track today? I'd love to hear your plans for the day.

Amy, let us know how Slim in 6 is. Does it have a food plan along with the exercise? I love the Beachbody workouts. I'm sure they are all good. I did P90X and it was quite the challenge.

Lifting up a prayer for everyone right now to have a great day!:aprayer:

vli1127 01-04-2012 04:10 AM

I weighed this morning and am 210.3. I will be back to post more later.

Teresa123 01-04-2012 06:17 AM

Good morning! So nice to see so much activity going on in here! :jumpjoy:

Laura---well good riddance to that 200 lbs of dead weight!! :hyst:

Amy and Winifred--I believe you ladies both said you are starting next week---so are you making plans and getting prepared?

Linda---good for you starting the day all prepared! As far as my plans today for staying on track---I'm just trying to focus on how I feel, and not my weight! :) I brought lots of yummy healthy foods with me to work and I'm going to stop at the store tonight and pick up a few things to make some great meals with this weekend. :up:

Vicki---woohoo on the weigh in! :clap: How did your first day of solid foods go? Are you back at work yet?

Right now i am drinking some echinacea tea to fight off the end of this cold/virus and I'll have to say---it's gross. :sick: Not too many teas that I really don't like but this is one of them. I've been told it's much better with a shot of whiskey, but unfortunately I don't happen to have any here! :laugh:

Looking for a great basic recipe for split pea soup---with no ham/meat involved. Anyone have one?

healthylowcarbin 01-04-2012 06:48 AM

Good morning

TERESA....I've had the following recipe bookmarked on my computer but haven't tried it yet. It is from a cooking blog
You can use chicken or veg broth for some or all of the water to bump up the flavor if desired.
I :heart: smoked paprika and think it would be a nice addition. The good thing is you can add it to a bowl and try it instead of adding it to the whole pot

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 large onions, chopped
1/2 teaspoon fine-grain sea salt
2 cups dried split green peas, picked over and rinsed
5 cups water
juice of 1/2 lemon (reserve the zest)

a few pinches of smoked paprika
more olive oil to drizzle

Add olive oil to a big pot over med-high heat. Stir in onions and salt and cook until the onions soften, just a minute or two. Add the split peas and water. Bring to a boil, dial down the heat, and simmer for 20 minutes, or until the peas are cooked through (but still a touch al dente). Using a large cup or mug ladle half of the soup into a bowl and set aside. Using a hand blender (or regular blender) puree the soup that is still remaining in the pot. Stir the reserved (still chunky) soup back into the puree - you should have a soup that is nicely textured. If you need to thin the soup out with more water (or stock) do so a bit at a time. Stir in the lemon juice and taste. If the soup needs more salt, add more a bit at a time until the flavor of the soup really pops.

Ladle into bowls or cups, and serve each drizzled with olive oil and topped with a good pinch of smoked paprika and a touch of lemon zest.

Serves 4 to 6.

vli1127 01-04-2012 07:00 AM

My first day of reintroducing foods back in after the 5 day "fast" called for one organic apple chewed well this morning. Lunch and supper are supposed to be pretty bland: small salad, brown rice, or potato etc. A light protein such as chicken or fish can be added too. I am making bean soup for supper though so I may have a small bowl of that. I need to go shopping since my refig. is pretty bare.

healthylowcarbin 01-04-2012 07:39 AM

hey everybody

I am considering going to a weight watchers meeting. I'm also looking at TOPS meetings.:dunno:
I know TOPS is less expensive but I'm not sure of the other differences.
I'm mostly interested in support and weekly weigh ins for accountability.
I'd also like to meet some local people (I'm new in town).

VICKI...WTG on a great start to your weight loss success!:jump joy:

I love apples but I have a bad habit of not chewing them well. :o

TERESA... I hope that ekky-nacia tea helps you beat that nasty cold.


This week my goal is simply to drink more water---this used to be something that was no problem for me but lately I've noticed I'm not drinking nearly as much. Today I did great
Excellent goal. I need to work on this also. I know that when I drink more water I feel less hungry. I think my thirst sensor is burned out ...my hunger sensor, unfortunately seems to work too well.:annoyed:
My goal will be to drink at least 8 glasses of water today.


For me structure, support and planning ahead are 3 things that help me stay on track.
:high5: ITA with you on that.
The other thing, for me, is to have a positive mental outlook. What I put in my mind directly influences what I put in my mouth.
It sounds like you're set to have a fabulous on plan day!

alabama sunshine... sending you many good thoughts and lifting a prayer for your healthy and successful journey to health.:hugs::sprayer:
You raised 6 children?? You can do ANYTHING! :sing:


My weakness is ice cream. The decadent kind.
I love ice cream also. I don't miss it anymore since I eat greek yogurt. I'm not sure if it would work in your woe/plan but have you ever tried full fat fage yogurt?

LAURA...:hugs: I'm sorry you had your heart broken.


I deserve and want better and one day, maybe I'll find it.
:jump joy: Yes, you DO deserve better! It took me many years and many LOSERS to find my DH.

I can tell you've got a great sense of humor and a good attitude! :cool:

pescacat 01-04-2012 08:35 AM

Hi everyone-

Thanks Teresa and Liz for the support.

Vicki-congrats on the loss-KUTGW!

Teresa-Carrots-shredded, sliced or diced usually add a nice bit of flavor to a no meat split pea soup.

I went to the gym for the first time this year today- O--M---G!! I just got back fom my first spinning class and my nether regions hurt so bad I can hardly walk. WHO designed a seat like that to give THAT kind of pain??!! The only saving grace is that apparently most people (skinny or fat-doesn't seem to make a difference) hurt like that-the instructor and others in the class told me that-they even make padded seat covers and padded crotch pants to try to help people with the pain-how whacked is THAT? I mean make something that you know will hurt people so they have to buy more stuff to try to not hurt when they use it??!!! ANYWAY...the good news is I stayed and finished the class...I didn't do all the stuff the instructor was calling out to do but I made it to the end and wobbled my way outta there...and I feel good for keeping my goal to go today even when the person who was supposed to meet me and do the class with me was a no-show.

I still am not in the 280's but I'm closer... maybe this week it will happen

Hope everyone is doing well and making today a good day. I plan to have some chicken salad and drink LOTS of water, do some cleaning around the house, grab a shower, gas up the car and then head into that place that trades my time and skills for their money. :)


Indomitable Amy 01-04-2012 08:40 AM

DENMW I did Slim in 6 a few years ago and really liked it. I like the way it starts you out slow and works you up. There's a 24 min video, a 44 min video and a 64 min video. I won't be following the pace they set in moving up because I'm so out of shape. I'll start out doing it a couple of times a week. It's a start, right? :)

Teresa I'm definitely planning and researching. Especially recipes. The recipes on the Atkins website are too expensivefor me.

healthylowcarbin I LOVE yogurt. I believe the new atkins allows for it.

I've done all of this stuff before but I've lacked the consistency and follow through. My goal is to do it and stick to it.

healthylowcarbin 01-04-2012 03:09 PM


I'm definitely planning and researching. Especially recipes. The recipes on the Atkins website are too expensivefor me.
have you checked out Linda Sue's recipes? She has a wonderful website.Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes - Recipes
She even marks the recipes which are induction friendly.

I'm planning to make one of the recipes tomorrow for pumpkin sausage soup:Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes

I love this soup. It is very filling and decadent tasting. I add extra italian seasonings.

I also LOVE yogurt! I especially love greek yogurt with a bit of sweetener, cinnamon and chopped walnuts. It kills the ice cream cravings for me.

LAURA.... OMG...you cracked me up with your description of the spin & torture class! hahahaha! :hyst: I am the proud owner of padded shorts AND a padded seat cover. Now I just need to get my extra padded behind back to a gym:o
WTG on powering through the pain and the class! :jump joy:
Linda (DENMW) is a spin instructor! :sing: She is my exercise HERO!

healthylowcarbin 01-04-2012 03:35 PM

TERESA....I'm sorry I missed your question re. glucomannan. I used it last night to thicken a red wine mushroom gravy. I also use it in soups. I haven't baked anything sweet in a few months but I usually add a tsp -tbsp with good results. I find that it makes the baked goods more moist & improves the overall texture.
I've also used it in shakes/berry smoothies.
When I remember I will add it to stews/ baked casseroles for the satiety/health benefits.

I have found that too much can result in a gross texture. I usually start off with 1/4 - 1/2tsp and stir well before adding more if needed. It is best, in my experience, to add it to cool ingredients and then heat. The heat seems to activate the gel almost immediately.
I put it in a cheese shaker container so that I can just sprinkle it into something.

I did have good results with it increasing satiety. I need to start using it again.

Have you checked out this link:


I actually love ouizoid's chocolate OMM. It does have some franken-ingredients but it is VERY chocolately and very filling.http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...olate-omm.html

ETA.... these are one of my favorite recipes with the gluc:http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...ns-w-pics.html

vli1127 01-04-2012 04:26 PM

Laura WTG on getting started with the spinning class. Linda teaches spinning classes too.

Amy I have the SI6 DVDs also, that and along with about 50 others LOL. I exercise daily for about 45 minutes give or take. Well, that was before the torn cartilage in my knee. I had a knee scope 2.5 weeks ago and am getting back into exercising. I have done 4 days in a row but only about half an hour. Today I walked with a friend outside for about 25 minutes.

soon-2-b-slim 01-04-2012 04:30 PM

WW was great for me because my leader was so inspirational! Very funny, warm and human and made me actually look foreward to going to meetings. I actually sent her a bouquet of flowers when I reached my 50lb weight loss because I couldn't've done it without her meetings. Having said that, when I realised that actually I was ignoring the WW 'thing' and tailoring it mor to low carb I thought that I might be wasting money!

btw does anyone know of a good 'wrap' recipe? I have loads of meaty filling ideas but nothing to wrap them in apart from lettuce!! NOt reallhy a tortilla!! I did think about maybe an egg pancake? Has anyone tried this? Am I on on the right track do you think?

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