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Old 05-15-2013, 11:46 PM   #1
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Boo and yay at the same time

my mom always told me she thought I had some sort of food allergy because I would be the sweetest little girl until I ate and then I would turn into hateful brat, I have always struggled with irratibity and anger surges aniexty depression, but anyways I googled anger after eating and gluten kept popping up, kinda just put it in the back of my mind...until recently, just started on diet plan last week (doing juddd) but I decided at the same time to go ahead and cut out gluten, my acid reflux is gone( it was getting bad, waking up in middle of night with a mouthful of acid literally thinking I was going to die) my irritability had calmed down, I even had a day where I didn't have to take a nap after eating, never seemed to matter what I ate healthy or crap, small or large I would always get so tired and would have to drag myself upstairs to bed for a few hours, well yesterday I ate some potato chips didn't think nothing of it, I woke up today with just a blah feeling and just irritated at everything and everyone, progressed throughout the day turned into extreme anger, I wanted to hurt somebody(for real) I just had so much pent up inside of me, and then it hit me, I bet those chips weren't gluten free. I wrote the company to find out for sure, I didn't have them at home and couldn't find ingredients online. Part of this makes me sad just because of the stuff I have to give up mainly Chinese Buffett which is silly I only go maybe twice a year but I do enjoy it immensely. But I am over joyed to know that I might have an answer to so much that is wrong with me, mom couldn't understand how I got so fat I was around 10 but I didn't eat more than other children at the time, I later did....I think an attempt at comfort for being made fun of etc.... Well I managed to comfort myself right into physical misery of being over 300 pounds and only being 5'4. So no I don't know 100 percent that I have a gluten intolerance, I will really be monitoring my feelings, anyway that's my little story. This might just be the little bit of hope I need to actually stick to a diet, I never had much hope before.
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Old 05-15-2013, 11:51 PM   #2
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Good for you ! Hope that you find out that's what it is - since you can fix it - and keeps you motivated to be as healthy and happy as possible !
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Old 05-23-2013, 03:57 PM   #3
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Start Date: Dec 5 2014
I am convinced and I would urge anyone that has random stuff wrong with them to just try gluten free for awhile. Here I am TOM, normally I bloat, I cramp..bad cramps, screaming pacing the floor, doubled over in pain cramps, I gain weight etc...the normal...or so I thought! I woke up this morning with a 1.4 pound weight loss...WHAT!!! Unheard of! No cramps!!! Little back ache that's it! I am in a good mood, usually I eat my way through the fridge about a week before, none of that nonsense either, because of not having symptoms I was caught a little off guard when I did start, I don't keep track, never had to I always knew due to hunger and mood. Besides the girly stuff my headaches are gone!!! I have suffered with them for years, about daily at least 5 a week for years! Acid reflux...gone!!! I have had heartburn once or twice but gone in no time and not too bad, only after I eat something a little spicy. My moods are stable, my anxiety has decreased.. It truly is incredible and about ready to get teary eyed out of pure joy. So if someone is reading this that has thought gluten might be a problem and kinda thought about trying eliminating gluten, do it!!! There is still so much stuff you can have, and that isn't buying into all the gluten free foods either. There is so much regular food you can still have!!!!!
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