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Its me - WENDALINA 03-29-2013 06:29 AM

Eating out
I am trying my best to be gluten free because I feel so much better. I do lc because I need to get this weight off. I dont want to replace regular stuff with higher carb gf things. I am really liking this way of eating.... however, we are getting ready to go on a long road trip for Easter and we will not be able to pack meals. I was wondering if there were any especially friendly gf/lc places or things yall get at certain places.


p.s. we are traveling with 4 kids so if any such place exists in a fast food environment that would be a bonus... in and out or even drive thru:stars:

alimar57 03-29-2013 06:36 PM

No fast food place is Gluten Free.....In my experence.... If you asks for a gluten free menu most place will give you one, or go on line to find one....

SweetMe678 03-30-2013 08:36 AM

I'm guessing you have already left for your trip. Strict gluten free is probably impossible, since there is always cross-contamination. But I have successfully eaten out.

For fast food choose places that use 100%beef and ask for your burger on a tray. salad can be a good choice, although I have been known to ask to see the packets of dressing, so I can choose one that does not have gluten in it. With chicken I'm always a little wary of what they have injected into it.
Little roadside diners are great too, especially if you get a friendly waitress. I like subway ( a lot of truck stops have subway, it seems) because you can get a huge salad with lots of numnum veggies with just oil and vinegar. Or skip the lettuce and have them load it up with veggies for snacking (they do look at you a little funny, but i've done it :D
Taco/mexican might be another thought. Pho' is really popular where I live, and you can order it without the noodles, or they have a noodle salad thing, that I order without the noodles, so they just give me more of the shredded cabbage stuff.
Maybe you can share what you found while you were on your trip? I work way to much and often am left either frying up a burger at home cause i'm too tired to really cook, or finding something convenient and I"m always on the look out for convenient!

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