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sweetpoison 10-16-2012 07:37 PM

Tell me what giving up wheat/gluton has done for you...
I had not given it up on purpose.... I was just low carbing really strong and felt really great. Now I have been letting it slip back into my diet and my back is killing me. I have dropped 33 lb. and was sure that was the reason alot of the hurt had went away..... now.... I am not so sure... maybe it was eliminating the wheat/glutton.... or maybe both.

If you eliminated wheat and it helped... have you tried any of the glutton free products... do they bother you?
Are oats an issue for you?

KittyMcKnitty 10-16-2012 07:57 PM

I have had bad skin since I was a teenager. It was dry and flaky and broken out at the same time. I tried every skin cream and cleanser invented, but nothing helped. I gave up wheat, and it cleared up in a week and stayed clear. I actually get compliments on my skin now, and it is the weirdest experience. I think people are joking, and then I remember that I don't have that problem anymore. I can go without makeup for the first time in my life.

I haven't tried any gluten-free products or oats. I'm done with grains for good.

sweetpoison 10-16-2012 08:16 PM


Originally Posted by KittyMcKnitty (Post 16020522)
I have had bad skin since I was a teenager. It was dry and flaky and broken out at the same time. I tried every skin cream and cleanser invented, but nothing helped. I gave up wheat, and it cleared up in a week and stayed clear. I actually get compliments on my skin now, and it is the weirdest experience. I think people are joking, and then I remember that I don't have that problem anymore. I can go without makeup for the first time in my life.

I haven't tried any gluten-free products or oats. I'm done with grains for good.

Thanks for the feedback...... I see they moved this from the main board... I kinda was hoping they would not.... wanted views from those who are not neccessarily celiac also alot more people read that board...but..... all views are appreciated.

KittyMcKnitty 10-16-2012 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by sweetpoison (Post 16020565)
Thanks for the feedback...... I see they moved this from the main board... I kinda was hoping they would not.... wanted views from those who are not neccessarily celiac also alot more people read that board...but..... all views are appreciated.

That's a bummer, because a lot of people here avoid wheat.

I wanted to add that if you had asked me if I had a wheat sensitivity, I would have said no, because it didn't seem to bother me. When people think of wheat sensitivity, they think of digestion issues (at least I did), but it causes a lot of other symptoms.

Wheat Belly by William Davis is an excellent source of information about this. He has a good presentation on YouTube as well.

cfine 10-17-2012 05:18 PM

I had the same thing happen to me. When I started LCing, my joint pain mostly disappeared along with my IBS. I ate some nut crackers with gluten in them and my joint pain came back the next day.

I now avoid gluten for the most part. If I slip back into eating it my pain comes back. My chest pain has also went away with the elimination of gluten. I tested negative for celiac, but I really do believe that a lot of people have problems with it.

I would highly recommend you read the book "The Wheat Belly." It explains the whys of gluten intolerance. Very good book!

Suncharm 10-17-2012 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by sweetpoison (Post 16020565)
Thanks for the feedback...... I see they moved this from the main board... I kinda was hoping they would not.... wanted views from those who are not neccessarily celiac also alot more people read that board...but..... all views are appreciated.

I have gluten sensitivity/intolerance. Before I stopped gluten, I had body aches like the flu but they wouldn't go away. My joints ached and burned like they were on fire. I was tired, very tired. I slept for 10 to 12 hours a night and then slept another three during the day. I could barely walk from the car to the store. Keep in mind, this didn't happen over night but it seemed to get worse once I started on meds for hypothyroidism. I was assured by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and people on the thyroid forum that med at the dose I was taking wouldn't cause this terrible pain. Long story short, I didn't wait to get tested, I just stopped eating gluten as an experiment suggested to me by an endocrinologist nurse I was seeing for other issues. Within three days it was like I crossed the street from pain to no pain. The constant bloat was gone. The intestinal distress and pain after eating and subsequent intestinal distress was GONE. I went from barely being able to move to walking a mile around my neighborhood PLUS three days a week I workout at the gym for 40 minutes to an hour. All of this within three weeks of quitting gluten.

If you don't have a gluten issue I'm not sure how a gluten free diet would benefit you but if you do, the difference it makes in your life is night and day.

Gretalyn 10-20-2012 06:03 PM

I don't seem to have the joint pain issues that a lot of people have with gluten. I have the digestive problems - bad ones. Plus, I sneeze, my sinuses clog up, and I end up covered in hives. An allergy AND an intolerance all at once, great fun.

I experimented some with GF products before I went strict low-carb again in early 2011. They don't give me the allergic response, and they don't cause the digestive problems to the same degree. But they do cause me both digestive problems and hypoglycemia. I now avoid all grains.

My husband went low-carb and wheat free for about six weeks, but then fell off the wagon. Once he started eating wheat and carbs again, he realized that his knee pain, which had subsided, returned. He plans to start LC again this week.

jennbeingme 10-21-2012 06:39 PM

My fingers are far more flexible than they had been. I have no heartburn, I don't want to take a nap in the middle of the day, and my brain fog has lifted...enough?

Gretchen Grainfree 10-31-2012 08:45 AM

I am another one of those people who has found massive relief from severe joint pain by avoiding wheat and grains (as well as chronic headaches, migraine, IBS, excess weight etc.) For me, it was mainly in my knees, hips and sometimes shoulders. I can say from personal experience that the joint pain I had developed in the past 10 years (I'm 43) had been getting progressively worse to the point that 5 years ago, I changed jobs from painting murals to going back to school to get a different degree because the constant pain was too much for such a physical job. Changing occupations did NOT lesson my pain on a day to day basis, and I often woke up in the morning, dreading my feet hitting the floor and each step down the stairs. Or the pain from arising from a seated position after being there for more than a few minutes. I took handfuls of ibuprofen to deal with the daily headaches and joint pain for many years.

This spring I decided to try going wheat-free (for digestive issues), and within a WEEK that pain was lessened by at least 80%. A week! It's been more than 6 months wheat free (and grain and sugar free) and the pain is now a very rare occurrence, and at a very low level when it does happen. I've lost 27 lbs as well. However the weight loss cannot explain the pain disappearing because the inflammation and pain was gone before I even dropped a pound. Changing activities didn't work either... the only thing that changed was my consumption of toxic and inflammatory grains. I know MANY other people *personally* who have experienced this same phenomenon! Also, I stopped eating wheat in an attempt to help my IBS, I had NO idea that I would experience the disappearance of joint pain, so it wasn't that I just summoned it up with my mind!

I don't believe that the arthritis is "healed" but what I do believe is that it is no longer being exacerbated by extreme inflammation due to toxic foods! My brother experienced something similar, where an old knee injury that has bothered him continually for about 10 years just stopped bothering him on the majority of days after quitting wheat (it actually took him awhile to notice, because the pain just quietly slipped away), unless he actually physically stressed it. The injury remains, but the pain is now just from the underlying cause, instead of being amped up and intensified by inflammation.

I do not eat gluten-free processed foods because they are just junk carbs that I no longer crave or want in my life. By eating real food and keeping it low-carb, higher fat, I feel like a new person!

sweetpoison 11-01-2012 06:30 PM

Good to hear all these...... not only for myself... but I am trying REALLY HARD to get a friend to at least attempt to change their way of life and maybe help their pain before they let some doctor do something stupid.

Mazella09 01-02-2013 02:18 PM

I believe I feel it in my joints, as well. Had terrible pains in knees/shoulders and back for YEARS. Now? Painfree - unless I kayaked the river and well, shoulders hurt after that ;).

I also am enjoying NO abdominal pain. Loving the change to my health.

honeyrose29 01-02-2013 02:53 PM

For me, it has greatly reduced if not eliminated all of my fibromyalgia pain. I no longer have to medicate. I no longer bloat, I haven't had a migraine in months after being a a sufferer who used to get a headache that would last a minimum of 3 days before going away for 2-5 days.. then hit by another. I no longer require medication for that either and I lived like that since I was 11 years old. I stopped the gluten and the headaches stopped.
I think more clearly, I no longer have heartburn, I've lost weight, and my moods and PMS are much more stable. My daughter also gave up gluten 4 years ago and she's now 17. She's also eliminated her migraines, no bloating anymore, and she's in better health than she was when she was younger.

Gluten was killing me.

jennbeingme 01-20-2013 07:04 AM

I think it's a family thing in my case... Mr sister gave up wheat and she has reduced heartburn ( this is a 2X a day Pantaloc girl) Has dropped a size in Jeans, and has more energy, less brain fog. Almost everyone in my family has been diagnosed either ADD, Depression or some combo thereof... I wish we could get my Mom to do low-carb and wheat free- 78, diabetic, depression- convinced low-fat+ whole grains in the way to go even though she can't control her weight, her eating or her moods......

grok_dogs_mama 01-20-2013 07:31 AM

Both my husband and I :hugs: became totally gluten free (and sugar free) about a year ago. It was a natural progression to our healthy woe. At first when all of the gluten free stuff started surfacing I thought it was just another health kick trend....(we had already incorrectly bought into the low fat baloney and I didn't want to be taken in again) but the more we looked into it, the more it made sense. Then we read Wheat Belly and that added a whole other layer of comprehension....wow: gluten crossing the brain/blood barrier and acting as an excito-toxin!!!

We also took the route that alot of others took by substituting gluten free processed products:dunno: until we realized that they tend to be high glycemic and well, just not good for you. Now we do only whole, real foods and truly don't miss grains much at all.

Especially for my husband it has almost completely reduced his joint pains....he had suffered from 3 herniated discs in his neck and would get horrible headaches as well as stiff hands where he could hardly close them. We had always suspected that he had a wheat intolerance cuz he would get immediately stuffy and congested after ingesting any wheat. He would be snorting and clearing his throat constantly. Not a pretty sound!?!:down: We definitely won't go back........

JessieBear 01-27-2013 02:05 PM

Energy is up, cravings are gone. Some days I have to force myself to eat. Tomorrow will be a month, and I am down 14 pounds. GERD and heartburn disappeared.

I also started down the gluten-free path for about 10 days because I didn't know what to eat. Wheat was in everything I touched! Way to high in carbs - but at least I didn't get sick. One Mac-n-Cheese made from rice starch had over 96 carbs in it. Zounds!! The organic store is right by my work, so I ate it several days during that time while I worked out a new menu for myself.

Now, I am going with cooking up food for the week on the weekends and putting portions in the freezer to take to work with me.

motsy 08-28-2013 05:51 PM

I have lymphocytic colitis, an oddball autoimmune digestive disorder, on and off heartburn and arthritis that can be really bad at times. I have noticed that when I travel, eating refined carbs, including wheat that are in seemingly harmless foods, I feel like crap. I usually gain 3-5 lbs, as well, which I think aggravates my joints with fluid retention.
Anyway, when I eat my cooking, low carb, no sugar or grains, my symptoms miraculously disappear. This past weekend I was away from home and had bread, pasta, etc., because that was what was available. Monday my knees were so tender I had to lift my leg with my hands to get in the car. Today, after eating well since Monday, I am almost pain free. I am still not sure if the problem is wheat, but it sure looks like it. Low carbs works well for me, just have to be organized enough to keep at it...

raini 08-29-2013 07:56 PM

Just noticed this thread and thought I'd my two cents worth.

When my scalp began breaking out, a doctor suggested I change shampoos. I did, but it didn't help. Then she precribed a medicated shampoo which didn't help either. It was right around that time that I began Atkins for the first time, and my scalp cleared up entirely in less than a week. At first I thought it was just a coincidence- that whatever had been causing the problem must have passed, like a phase or something. But the very fist time I "cheated" (a long time later when we were on a cruise) my scalp broke out right away and I figured out the connection.

Over the years I have bounced on and off program, and every time I eat anything with wheat, not only does my scalp break out but I keep adding new problems. My knees began swelling and aching, and then my ankles did, as well. My gut eventually became sensitive, and I have problems with bloating. My latest symptom is that I get foggy and then very sleepy. I can barely keep my eyes open after eating anything with wheat.

I am a slow learner, and I enroll in the School of Hard Knocks over and over. Usually when I indulge in wheat products, it's for convenience sake because we are not at home. This summer I bought Udi's hamburger buns and hot dog buns and had them as an occasional treat when we had company. They don't cause any of the symptoms, but I know they still aren't all that healthy for me.

trolly111 08-30-2013 01:49 PM

Ditto the scalp issue. I'm on day 5 of induction and my scalp is already 100% better. If I eat wheat, within 24 hours it will become a problem again.

raini 08-31-2013 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by trolly111 (Post 16582005)
Ditto the scalp issue. I'm on day 5 of induction and my scalp is already 100% better. If I eat wheat, within 24 hours it will become a problem again.

You are the very first person that I've heard from that has had the scalp issue. People are always asking why I pass on bread or cake or whatever, and when I mention my scalp they look at me like I'm nuts.

Sorry this is also an issue for you, but I don't feel quite as alone right now.

Anonymousity 09-06-2013 02:28 PM

My acne is GONE!

I ate wheat last weekend and my son reaction was PAINFUL! Apparently the reaction gets worse after Detox?

Ylodazy 09-12-2013 03:03 PM

From the skin in
Skin and scalp problems that would not heal are gone; vertebra and joint aches close to completely disappeared; mental fog lifted; mood improved, feeling of well being compared with previous depression.

I have gone through odd passing symptoms in adjusting to LCHF, I suspect partly because I have been depriving my body of fat for a long time, and since I've started this woe I believe the added fat has allowed better absorption of vitamins that has led to some additional self healing. I hope that isn't too confusing or proselytizing, but I genuinely feel so much better after just one month I can hardly restrain myself from beaming!:jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

raini 09-13-2013 01:36 PM

The mental fog is one symptom that I either hadn't noticed or hadn't linked to wheat until recently. Now, however, it is very apparent; and I've noticed that I get so terribly sleepy after eating wheat that I just want to kick myself when I fall off the wagon where wheat is concerned.

In the past I kept slipping up on a regular basis, telling myself beforehand that "a little won't hurt" or "the symptoms will soon pass." Now there are enough reasons to stay away and I don't slip up very often.

trolly111 09-25-2013 05:43 AM

I was having such bad stomach issues that I was thinking about seeing a gastroenterologist. Gone now. I had a weird, red, scaly rash on my face. Not cute. Also gone. Anxiety and low mood also gone. Extreme fatigue gone. There's probably more I'm not thinking of...

MSN08 09-25-2013 06:54 AM

I went gluten free for a year and being off for three days I already am having a flood of symptoms I know it causes my left knee to hurt,phlegm in my throat so much it chokes me up. Large painful cysts behind my ear lobes. Total body acne including nether regions,heart pain in one pinpointed spot I get a stabbing pain,trouble speaking,bloating and for the first time in a very long time I feel hunger. I was never hungry and now I feel it's an emergency hunger all the time. Gums are inflamed,sinus trouble, ankles hurt,finger joints are swollen and hurt and even though I haven't gained weight or sizes cellulite is back. No bathroom troubles just other carp. Getting back on track today and skill looking forward to the relief of these symptoms again!

ifthespiritmovesme 01-03-2014 05:58 PM

I went GF in April 2013. Within 10 days I knew something was very different. I woke up the morning of the 10th day and immediately noticed that I felt like I had actually slept. My stiffness and pain were markedly improved. As the days went by, I noticed improvement in my energy levels, as well, and continued improvement in myofascial pain. I have not been diagnosed with celiac, and it doesn't matter to me - I know I cannot tolerate gluten. If I do consume something containing gluten, I can feel it within 3 hours, and it hurts me for a day or 2. I haven't had 100% success with all GF products that are available, so I have cut down on a lot of the "goodies" like cakes and cookies. I sometimes will have a sandwich with multi-grain GF bread, but usually just forgo most breads, etc. I have not noticed a problem eating oats, but to be safe, eat only GF oats. I eat meats that are locally organically grown and raised humanely, lots of fruit and veggies. I am satisfied without much grain-based foods. I do eat quinoa/rice hot cereal, oatmeal....
Also, quality of sleep is so improved...

Jenuine 01-06-2014 04:46 PM

I am re-starting induction and have already noticed changes. I had the scalp issue as well, it is beginning to clear up, my facial blemishes are resolving, I am sleeping better, and most importantly, I am not so freaking irritable!

cheryllynn 01-28-2014 10:04 AM

I know I've always felt better when i would go low carb/ grain free. Less headaches, bloating. But I always go off plan :( . Well I lost 14 lbs over fall/winter 2012 and got off around christmas 2012 and just now getting back on. I've gained all of that back and then some and i've been having some extreme knee pain so much i take ibuprofen every day at 800 mg but i try to only take that once daily.
Well 8 days ago i started induction again and i've noticed that the last few days i've not been in agonizing pain when i wake up and i've not even been taking the pain pills. I put 2 and 2 together and now realize that i'm gluten intolerant and so thankful that I can now control that pain and keep it away by staying on the woe. :)

KateUK 05-08-2014 05:41 PM

For years i knew that the bloating, abdominal pain and constipation had something to do with bread, but eating bread was a big part of my diet and I really did not think that I could do without eating bread. Plus, the advice from doctors and nurses, was always increase your fibre intake, eat bran cereals.

So at long last I tried cutting out the bread. What a difference it made to my general well being. No more constipation or pain. So next I cut out wheat altogether, pasta, naan bread, muesli. Muesli caused the worst pain. Looking back, I am amazed that I was in denial that wheat products were the cause of my ill health.

I also realised only recently that my joint pain was caused by drinking milk. It was my sister who told me to try cutting out milk - she has arthritis and said that when she cut out milk her pain lessened. I have lactose free milk nowadays and it has definately helped.

I lost 14 pounds when I cut out bread and have kept it off.

Scrawler 06-11-2014 07:41 PM

It'd be nearly 20 years ago now that I thought I was Coeliac.
The above symptoms of bloating and abdominal pain were just part of my life till I noticed they increased/decreased with consumption of bread,,, even certain types of bread.
I went in and had the test and it turned out negative.
I went back to my old eating habits thinking it must be just me. I endured the above symptoms thinking it was just normal, for me.

I wasn't given any information about gluten intolerance till I discovered the net and read how just about all of us are gluten intolerant to a degree. Some, much more than others.

I cut out all processed grains.
All bloating, abdominal probs etc gone!
Also, something I had no idea was connected with gluten, was always being on the precipice of a sneezing, snotty allergy attack. Always having blocked sinuses.
This has gone too.

The initial thought of giving up gluten and sugars fills the average person with terror.
After 6 months or so you'll realise it's all in your head and you'll eat better and enjoy your food more than you've ever enjoyed it.
It's a lot more work though.
Fast Food ain't called Fast Food for nothing!

Louella 06-14-2014 06:39 PM

Love this thread! I'm not alone!!! I only found out that I'm gluten intolerant two years ago. I was going in for POP repair surgery so was looking into every symptom I was feeling when I wasn't feeling great. Between my nutritionist, doctor and surgeon, we discovered I had a gluten intolerance (and was drinking way too much caffeine). Thinking back on my life, it explained so much that I really wished I'd have known it much sooner! I actually think I may never have had to go in for surgery if I would have known... but I guess that's neither here nor there. I first went on Atkins in 2005. People told me I was going to start getting really tired but my energy skyrocketed! So when I found out about the gluten intolerance, it totally made sense! When I eat wheat/barley/rye, the same thing happens to me as it does many here... bloating, constipation (a rock in my stomach), severe pain in my intestines, joint pain, severe headaches, fatigue... It's crazy! What's even crazier is I've been purposely eating foods with gluten these past few months... It's kind of become a drug, I guess. It forces me to slow down and rest... but then I gain weight immediately. The nice thing is all I have to do is stop eating gluten and carbs and the weight comes right off! But it seems I'm somewhat addicted... If it's around me, even if I have proper foods, I'm prone to grab something with gluten/carbs when I'm bored/anxious/stressed. Then I fall asleep... I really need to break that cycle somehow. Anyone else have that problem?

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