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froggygirl 05-25-2012 07:08 PM

Was doing okay but then...
I made some stew with corn starch. Unfortunately for me that corn starch was processed on wheat equipment so within 3 bites I was feeling sick to my stomach (probably would have vomited but my stomach rarely lets me even when I'm sick - I just get super duper queasy and lots of pain), my head was cloudy - it was hard to think/blurred vision/loss of coordination, aching pain - arms and legs, numbness - hands and legs, post nasal drip, stuffy ears and dry eyes. :sick:

I stupidly thought that trace amounts would not bother me - was I ever wrong! I am now going to have to seriously get tested for allergies and celiac. I really don't think I am meerly gluten intolerant since I would be able to tolerate some gluten (trace) and not have allergy in addition to gastro symptoms, right?:confused:

I was also having issues with Tim Hortons Coffee and Coffee in general. I cannot even drink Tim Hortons without feeling sick. At first I thought it might be my lactose intolerance getting worse so I left the cream out. Even with just sugar I could not drink more than one or two sips. I made coffee at home but even that didn't agree with me. I didn't get sick but my body just told me not to drink it - just smelling coffee is unpleasant now. I drank a few sips with milk and stevia/sugar and I didn't get nausea like with Tim Hortons coffee but I just didn't want to drink anymore...It just didn't taste that good or something. Kind of like when I eat gluten food my stomach just loses appetite and I can't eat much. UGH.... :(

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

froggygirl 06-07-2012 03:17 PM

Update: Went to my doc with food diary in hand. He thinks I'm celiac and sent me to get tests done. I went today and they took 7-8 tubes of blood from me. Hopefully within a week I will see the results. Wish me luck. :)

Note: I would have gone earlier but I didn't have any severe allergy symptoms. I started to have days where my throat would almost close so I said "enough" and got the courage to talk to my doc. My advice to anyone who thinks they might be having a problem with wheat/gluten or any food - keep a daily food dairy (you can make one in microsoft excel or open office's free program which is just like it - date/food eaten & when/ symptoms) and take it to your doctor. It helps alot when he/she asks you a ton of stuff that you may not remember.

cfine 06-09-2012 05:55 AM

The celiac test is much more accurate if you have eaten quite a bit of gluten before testing. If it turns out negative, it could be inaccurate.

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