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CortneySmith 02-28-2012 11:41 AM

After years of looking for answers
Well I know that a person should not self diagnose, But I am pretty sure I have Celiac. You would not think it from looking at me since I am overweight. That is also why I never thought to consider it. But I have come across many articles that say as many as 40% of people with the disorder are obese. I have been to the doctor and a 2 page list of symptoms and problems I have been having for years.They tested my blood sugar, heart, liver, hormones, you name it. It was all fine. other then I am anemic and I have reactive mono. She blamed it on the mono. It being, extreme crashing fatigue about 15-30 mins after a meal. I mean SO bad that I CAN NOT stay away no matter how hard I try. Bowl problems that get worse by the day. Gallstones and eventually my gallbladder removed. I gain weight no matter how hard I try and lose it. Headaches. Constant foggy feeling in my head. Kinds like my mind is sinking into itself and I am see the world through a old foggy telescope. Memory problems. Irritability. Constant tingling and pins in needles in my hands and feet. What I thought was psoriasis on my elbows. Heart palpitations. and the list goes on and on and on. So tell me? does this sound like MONO to you? I noticed that when I went on Low Carb, the first few weeks when I was eating mainly meat and eggs, I would start feeling better. I would be less tired. My blotchy skin would clear up. I could think more clearly. But as soon as I started adding new things to the diet. Like the atkins bars and shanks, low carb wraps and breads. I would go right back to feeling crappy. I started trying to figure it out myself and though it could be anything from cancer to narcolepsy. But my doctor did not believe me that anything was really wrong. Neither does my husband who just accuses me of being lazy and paranoid. He thinks since I look fine to him them I must be and all this is in my head. Well I decided to give the gluten free a try and hope that it helps with all of this. Today will be day 2 of no gluten. I have a lot to learn since I seem to be finding it in places I would never suspect, like meats and dairy. But I have to start somewhere. I hope to feel better AND lose weight in the process. I am going to try and keep it low carb as well. Continue with no sugar. And limit my starchy veggies to maybe just beans and rice from time to time. But I figured this would be a good place to ask... does this sound like anything that other celiac sufferers have experienced? I am hoping I finally found what is wrong... I am tired of feeling like crap and constantly searching the web for answers. :stars:

LowCarbRachel 02-28-2012 01:06 PM

Hi there!

I'm not celiac, but I am gluten intolerant. Nothing showed up on my official tests, however, I know from experience that I can't eat any wheat or gluten products or my stomach gets messed up. I'm talking about running to the bathroom a few minutes after eating something and experiencing painful bloating, swelling, headaches, brain fog, etc. If you haven't read Wheat Belly, I do suggest it.

After I figured out I should give up wheat, I started replacing it with rice, rice flours, potatoes, potato flours, and so on. Those foods caused me to gain weight because they still elevated my insulin. I always remind myself of this simple fact: carbs drive insulin and insulin drives fat. I now stay away from all the worst offenders like bread, potatoes, flours made from grains/rice/potatoes, and sugary drinks.

Now I eat a diet that is low in starch and gluten/wheat free. The good things is that this is a choice you can make for yourself, and you'll quickly know if you feel better or not. It doesn't matter what your husband says...do it for yourself.

Good luck!


P.S. I don't know if gallbladder disease is related or not, but I did have mine removed about fifteen years ago.

CortneySmith 02-28-2012 04:40 PM

Yeah according to most of the reading I have done it can effect your gallbladder. I have always loved eating low carb. It is pretty easy once I get going to stick to it :) And I always had great results with weight loss. My problem is will power to stick to it. But if once I cut out all that from my diet and I start feeling better, I will have more then just losing weight to help me stick to it. I will know that if I slip I will pay for it! In a few ways!! The first and worst being the urgent and constant trips to the bathroom that happens the next day. :annoyed: But now that I know WHY it is happening. I will do more to avoid it. I was thinking I had IBS, I thought it was from my gallbladder being taken out, or from drinking coffee. 2 days of low carb and no gluten and not one problem with it! :jumpjoy: It is amazing how fast my body can start to feel better just by cutting out gluten. :D I only wish I had figured this out 4 years ago! sheesh!

LowCarbRachel 02-28-2012 09:31 PM

You're definitely not alone! Took me years to figure it out! Now I'm so happy that I did. Like you, I have a very real consequence if I decide to eat wheat. Good thing I had a long history of on (and off) low carbing to fall back on when I realized I needed to make a permanent change.

alimar57 02-28-2012 09:52 PM

Hi Cortney,
I do have celiac, and some of what you decribe I have/had. brain fog, headaches,throwing up,bad, bad,stomach pain,joint pain, painful rash,fatigue,ect. and I had to have my gallblader out. I am no dr. but I would say you are on the right track... I felt better within day but a lot better in a few weeks...
Hang in there, and let us know how you are doing...

Also IBS can/is part of celiac....

CortneySmith 02-29-2012 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by alimar57 (Post 15453574)
Hi Cortney,
I do have celiac, and some of what you decribe I have/had. brain fog, headaches,throwing up,bad, bad,stomach pain,joint pain, painful rash,fatigue,ect. and I had to have my gallblader out. I am no dr. but I would say you are on the right track... I felt better within day but a lot better in a few weeks...
Hang in there, and let us know how you are doing...

Also IBS can/is part of celiac....

Thanks guys! Yeah after all the years of searching this seems to be the best answer I can come up with. I have also found that Candida can cause a lot of the same symptoms. So I am going to hit it from both ends. I ordered a probiodic with a lot of good reviews. I figure i will take those and cut out the gluten. The only bad part is I may not know for sure what one I really had but honestly as long as I feel better I don't care. And it seems even if I don't have celiac going gluten free is just good for me anyway! I hope to be able to cut out gluten at least somewhat from my kids diets as well. I will have to take a slower rout with them. They are mac'n'cheese, bread, and cereal addicts. But I will try and slowly get them to switch to healthier options. I am heading to the store in a little bit to see what types of food options I can find. Day three now of no gluten and not one single "bathroom" issue!!! I still have headaches and fatigue. But the horrible crashes I normally get after I eat are also pretty much gone. I still get yawning bouts right after a meal but I don't feel like I need to go to sleep! Thanks for the support though! I will defiantly keep you posted on how things are going! I am really looking forward to feeling like myself again. :D

MauraV 03-02-2012 05:42 PM

A lot of your symptoms sound awfully familiar (I have celiac as well). A week or two after eliminating all gluten and I was a whole new woman.

The only thing to beware of is that if you need a definitive diagnosis, biopsy cannot be done after a period of being gluten-free. It will no longer be accurate.

(I also had the bathroom issues, obesity, gallbladder removal, exhaustion, brain fog, etc)

CortneySmith 03-03-2012 05:52 PM

Eh I don't need a doctor to tell me what I can figure out on my own. It's been 5 days. I feel great. I did have an issue today though. It seems I can't have soy?!?! I took a "gluten free" multivitamin today. It made me sick as $#%!!! I was throwing up, running to the toilet every few minutes, I had a horrible migraine. I was so fuzzy headed and dizzy it felt like the room was wobbling every time I moved my head. It was like I had a full blown flu that came on about 15 mins after taking the pill. It was WAY worse then anything I have had happen yet. I mean it was the same symptoms, just like 20 times worse :( I hope I do not find any more surprises like that hidden in my food/products. It has been 7 hours and I am still feeling lousy.

alimar57 03-04-2012 08:22 PM

I know what you are going thru.. Gluten hides in a lot of places. I was told that the longer you are gf the more sensitive you become to gluten, which is true for me. If you go to celiac.com web site you will find a lot of good info. of hidden name of gluten.
Good luck,

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