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Jennifer Eloff 08-22-2010 06:06 PM

Gluten-Free Recipes

We loved this one! The recipe makes a thin, crispy crust - very tasty.

2 cups shredded Monterey (500 mL)
1/2 cup Gluten-free Bake Mix (recipe below) (125 mL)
1/3 cup butter, melted (75 mL)
1 egg white, fork beaten

In large bowl, combine Monterey cheese, Gluten-free Bake Mix, butter and egg white. Grease a smallish nonstick pizza pan (the kind you would use for a dessert fruit pizza). Cover dough with plastic wrap and using hands spread dough out evenly. Bake in 375°F (190°C) oven 10 minutes.

Cover with pizza sauce and toppings of choice such as cooked savory ground beef, green pepper and crispy bacon and an extra 1 cup (250 mL) shredded cheese. Bake 10 minutes at 375°F (190°C) or 400°F (200°C), depending on how hot your oven runs.

Nutritional Analysis of crust alone:
Yield: 12 servings (10 servings: 1.6 g carbs)
1 serving
137.2 calories
5.9 g protein
12.0 g fat
1.3 g carbs


1 1/2 cups oat flour (certified gluten-free oats available from Netrition)
1 cup almond flour, OR ground almonds
1/2 cup sifted coconut flour (available from Netrition)
1 tsp Xanthan gum (available from Netrition)

Yield: 3 cups, 12 servings of 1/4 cup each
100.7 calories; 4.2 g protein; 5.3 g fat; 7.0 g net carbs

Helpful Hints: Find Bob's Red Mill Gluten-free oats here: In powerful blender or food processor, process oats to make oat flour. In a blender, use a small amount of oats at a time.

Jennifer Eloff 08-22-2010 06:11 PM

Here is an easy Pizza Sauce recipe
This easy pizza sauce from Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Volume 2, gives your pizza an authentic taste.

2, 5.5 oz cans tomato paste (156 mL)
1 cup water (250 mL)
1 tbsp SPLENDAŽ Granular (15 mL)
1 tsp oregano (5 mL)
1/2 tsp basil (2 mL)
1/4 tsp onion salt (1 mL)
1/4 tsp black pepper (1 mL)
1/8 tsp garlic powder (0.5 mL)
1/8 tsp salt (0.5 mL)

In medium bowl, whisk together tomato paste, water, SPLENDAŽ Granular, oregano, basil, onion salt, black pepper, garlic powder and salt.

Use 1/2 cup (125 mL) per pizza crust.

Helpful Hints: Freeze leftover sauce or only make half this recipe for 2 pizza crusts. This Pizza Sauce will keep about 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Yield: 2 cups (500 mL)
1 tbsp (15 mL) per serving
8.6 calories
0.4 g protein
0.1 g fat
1.5 g carbs

Jennifer Eloff 08-25-2010 01:33 PM

Helpful Hints for Gluten-free pizza crust
Today I made 2 of the gluten-free pizza crusts. One I put on greased tin foil as my pan has holes. The tin foil was not a great idea. The crust sticks to the foil. The second one I placed on a greased nonstick pizza/dessert pizza pan (smaller than a normal, huge pizza pan - you could always use the inside of a large pan). This time once the toppings were on I had to bake the pizza for 15 minutes at 400 deg. F. I think it depends on how much pizza sauce one uses. The last time my pizza only needed the 10 minutes for pizza crust alone and another 10 minutes with toppings. Take your pizza out after baking and using a pair of kitchen scissors, cut a piece and see if it is crispy to your liking. :)

Jennifer Eloff 09-13-2010 02:14 PM

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are low-carb and gluten-free. In fact, they are equal in carbs to my favorite low-carb chocolate chip cookies which do contain gluten.

1 cup SPLENDAŽ Granular (250 mL)
1/2 cup erythritol (125 mL)
1 cup butter, softened (250 mL)
2 eggs
1 tsp molasses (5 mL)
1 cup Gluten-free Bake Mix (below) (250 mL)
1 1/2 cups almond flour* (375 mL)
1 tsp baking soda (5 mL)
1/4 tsp salt or less (1 mL)
2 cups sugarless chocolate chips (500 mL)
1 cup chopped walnuts, OR pecans(250 mL)

In food processor or in bowl with electric mixer, combine SPLENDAŽ Granular, erythritol, butter, eggs and molasses; process. In medium bowl, combine Gluten-free Bake Mix, almond flour, baking soda and salt. Stir into wet ingredients. Stir in chocolate chips and nuts.

Drop by 2 rounded teaspoonfuls (20 mL) onto ungreased cookie sheets.

Bake 10 to 15 minutes in 375°F (190°C) oven or until light brown. Cool 5 minutes on cookie sheet. Using a firm, thin spatula, remove cookies and place on wire rack to cool completely. Refrigerate.

*I used sliced almonds, ground as finely as possible first in food processor with sharp blade and then in blender. Blend small quantities in blender for best results. If you have access to almond flour then use that rather.

Nutritional Analysis: 52 cookies, 1 cookie:
104.1 calories; 2.0 g protein; 8.5 g fat; 1.9 g carbs


1 1/2 cups oat flour (certified gluten-free), OR soy flour (slightly lower carb)
1 cup ground almonds, OR almond flour
1/2 cup sifted coconut flour (available from Netrition)
1 tsp Xanthan gum (available from Netrition)

Yield: 3 cups, 12 servings of 1/4 cup each
100.7 calories; 4.2 g protein; 5.3 g fat; 7.0 g net carbs

kittycitygirl 09-15-2010 07:43 PM

Thanks Jennifer. Always looking for gf recipes for husband.

Jennifer Eloff 09-25-2010 07:35 AM

You're welcome, Kittycitygirl. :)

Here is a video link (I have permission from Admin to post this) of how to make the gluten-free low-carb pizza by none other than a member of Low Carb Friends, Kent Altena, and a long time internet friend of mine. He is an amazing inspiration to thousands of people as he lost a tremendous amount of weight doing Atkins and has kept it off for many years. He is very gifted in the kitchen and is amazingly comfortable in front of the camera. Enjoy! :)

Jennifer Eloff 09-25-2010 10:37 AM


An easy, beautiful and delicious cheesecake - gluten-free as well.

1/2 cup ground almonds (125 mL)
2 tbsp SPLENDAŽ Granular (25 mL)
1 tbsp oat flour (15 mL)
2 tbsp butter, melted (25 mL)
1 egg yolk
16 oz light cream cheese, softened (500 g)
8 oz regular cream cheese, softened (250 g)
3/4 cup SPLENDAŽ Granular (175 mL)
1/2 cup powdered erythritol (125 mL)
1/3 cup unsalted butter, melted (75 mL)
3 eggs
2 tbsp vanilla extract (25 mL)
1 cup (6 oz) sugarless chocolate chips or 70% Lindt chocolate (250 mL)
1 can Thick Cream, Carnation (25% M.F.) (170 mL)

Crust: In medium bowl, combine ground almonds, SPLENDAŽ Granular and oat flour. Stir in butter and egg yolk. Sprinkle in 9-inch (23 cm) glass pie dish or springform pan. Cover with plastic wrap and press crust out evenly; remove plastic wrap. Bake in 350°F (180°C) oven 10 minutes or until turning brown at edges.

Filling: In food processor with sharp blade, blender or in bowl with electric mixer, process cream cheeses until smooth. Add SPLENDAŽ Granular, erythritol, butter, eggs and vanilla extract; process until smooth. Pour over crust. Bake in 350°F (180°C) oven 35 to 40 minutes. Cool to room temperature. Spread with Ganache. Refrigerate.

Ganache: In cereal bowl, pour boiling water over chocolate chips. When they test soft and molten to the tip of a pointy knife, pour the water off. (Believe me, the chocolate will not seize doing it this way. Normally when a tiny bit of water touches chocolate while it is melting, it seizes. This super-easy no fail method of melting chocolate never ceases to amaze me - 'scuse the pun! ) Stir in the cream.

Yield: 12/16 servings
1 serving
378.0/283.5 calories
8.5/6.4 g protein
32.4/24.3 g fat
5.9/4.5 g carbs

oceandiva 09-25-2010 08:47 PM

Jennifer, thanks for the recipes! I can't eat oat flour-do you think soy or nut flour would also work?

Jennifer Eloff 10-01-2010 12:36 PM

I think so, Oceandiva, but no guarantees as I have not tested your substitutions.

Jennifer Eloff 10-01-2010 12:38 PM

Helpful Hints Re Gluten-Free Pizza Crust
Don't be tempted to make this on an ordinary pizza pan - if it is not nonstick - it will indeed stick! Use the nonstick small pizza or fruit pizza pan. If you want to make 2 pizzas at a time and you only have one nonstick pan, then make the crust (i.e. bake 10 min at 375 deg. F.) for the first one. Carefully loosen it and transfer to another well-greased pizza pan. Now you can reuse the nonstick pan for the next crust. Follow the directions for the recipe.

Jennifer Eloff 10-07-2010 06:45 PM

Beef Tacos


1 lb lean ground beef (0.454 kg)
1 cup water (250 mL)
10 Cheese Tacos (use 1.2 oz (34 g) grated
Cheddar cheese per taco) – see below
2/3 cup shredded lettuce (150 mL)
2 large tomatoes, finely chopped
2/3 cup sour cream (150 mL)
Taco Mix:
2 tbsp dehydrated onion flakes (25 mL)
2 tsp ground cumin (10 mL)
3/4 tsp hot chili powder (3 mL)
1/2 tsp salt (2 mL)
1/2 tsp garlic powder (2 mL)
1/8 tsp Thickening Agent or Xanthan gum (0.5 mL)

In large frying pan, brown ground beef. Pour off fat. Stir Taco Mix into cooked ground beef, along with water. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer until sauce thickens and onion is soft.

Taco Mix: In small bowl, combine onion flakes, cumin, chili powder, salt, garlic powder, and Thickening Agent, page 60.

Cheese Tacos: Spread grated Cheddar cheese to cover surface in nonstick 6-inch (15 cm) pan. Melt until turning brown and it begins to bubble up, or until it flips easily (takes a while); flip, cook very briefly and fold over. Allow to cool briefly and fill with ground beef, lettuce, chopped tomato and sour cream.

Serve immediately with a Garden salad or Caesar salad on the side, if desired.

Variation: Taco Omelet: Taco Meat is a great filling for omelets. Yield: 10 servings, or 50 g (1.8 oz) per serving. (0.8 g Carbs)

Helpful Hints: Unless you’re feeding a crowd, you will not require 10 cheese tacos. One cheese taco with 50 grams (1.8 oz) taco beef, 1 tbsp (15 mL) shredded lettuce, 2 tbsp (25 mL) chopped tomato and 1 tbsp (15 mL) sour cream will yield the nutritional analysis.

If tacos become too brittle to fill without breaking, warm in microwave oven 25 seconds and fill.

10 servings
1 serving
363.7 calories
21.7 g protein
18.1 g fat
2.8 g carbs

Jennifer Eloff 10-07-2010 06:49 PM

Chicken Tacos

These tacos are rich and filling.

8 oz regular cream cheese (250 g)
1/3 cup whipping cream (75 mL)
1 ˝ cups diced, cooked chicken (375 mL)
2 tbsp diced, canned jalapenos, OR (25 mL)
small can of green chilies, drained
1/2 tsp No Salt or salt (2 mL)
1/4 tsp chili powder (1 mL)
Mozzarella Cheese Tacos:
2 oz Mozzarella cheese per taco (60 g)

In nonstick pan, combine cream cheese and cream. Over low heat, keep stirring until smooth. Stir in chicken, jalapenos, No Salt or salt and chili powder. Fill Cheese Taco shells with this mixture.

Mozzarella Cheese Tacos: In nonstick pan, with inside circumference of about 7 inches (outside 9 inches), spread cheese evenly. Cook until edges begin to brown and it is easy to flip. Cook a little while longer after flipping. Place on plate and fold in half over something (to keep it open). When cooler, fill with chicken mixture, lettuce and chopped tomatoes, if desired.

Yield: 8 servings
1 serving
382.1 calories
33.7 g protein
25.6 g fat
2.9 g carbs

oceandiva 10-07-2010 10:09 PM

thanks for your posting jennifer--the tacos look great, can't wait to try the chicken one.

Jennifer Eloff 10-09-2010 10:21 AM

Oceandiva, that's my favorite - the chicken taco. I'm making it for lunch today - even for our gardener.

mac24312 10-09-2010 05:52 PM

Subbbing! Thanks JEN! ;]

Jennifer Eloff 10-09-2010 06:40 PM

Hey, Christina! :) :welcome:

toulula 10-10-2010 04:46 AM

where can i buy low gluton cake mix from ,i live in england and find it hard to get anything low carb.:sick::)

mac24312 10-10-2010 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by Jennifer Eloff (Post 13977735)
Hey, Christina! :) :welcome:

Hi Jennifer!
Hey..P.S. You can share your new Gluten Free Flour mix with me or us anytime.. ;)


Jennifer Eloff 10-12-2010 05:53 PM

Not quite yet, Christina. :)

mac24312 10-12-2010 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by Jennifer Eloff (Post 13988559)
Not quite yet, Christina. :)


Jennifer Eloff 11-17-2010 03:58 PM


Serve these super-tasty cream cheese filled crepes with some sausages or bacon on the side and you have a very different breakfast.

1/2 cup Hood Carbdown milk, (125 mL)
OR Carolyn’s low-carb milk
3 large eggs
6 tbsp oat flour (90 mL)
3 tbsp vanilla whey protein (45 mL)
2 tbsp butter, melted (25 mL)
1 SPLENDAŽ packet
1/4 tsp Xanthan gum (1 mL)
1 tbsp olive oil (15 mL)
Cream Cheese Spread:
4 oz regular cream cheese (125 g)
3 tbsp sour cream (45 mL)
Any-flavor Da VinciŽ Sugar Free Syrup to taste
Strawberry Sauce:
1 1/2 cups frozen, unsweetened strawberries (375 mL)
Liquid sucralose to equal 1/4 cup (50 mL)

In blender, combine milk, eggs, oat flour, vanilla whey protein, butter, SPLENDAŽ and Xanthan gum. Blend well, stopping to scrape sides of blender a couple of times.

Pour olive oil into a cereal bowl. Using a pastry brush, brush a tiny amount of oil to cover a 6-inch (15 cm) nonstick pan. Pour 3 tbsp (45 mL) crepe batter in pan (tilt to cover) and cook over medium low heat until edges turn brown and bubbles form. Flip crepe and cook the other side briefly. Transfer to a dish with a lid to keep the crepes warm.

Cream Cheese Spread: In food processor or blender, combine cream cheese, sour cream and Da VinciŽ Sugar Free Syrup; process until smooth. Spread each crepe with some of this mixture and pour Strawberry Sauce over each serving.

Strawberry Sauce: In saucepan over medium heat combine strawberries and liquid sucralose. Bring to boiling. Using a potato masher, mash strawberries. Cook until sauce thickens.

Yield: 8 servings
1 crepe/crepe with sauce
98.8/164.1 calories
5.1/6.8 g protein
7.1/12.4 g fat
3.0/5.6 g carbs

kittycitygirl 12-13-2010 04:32 PM

Any gluten free cut out sugar cookie recipes out there?

Kath Urbahn 12-29-2010 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by Jennifer Eloff (Post 13929661)
You're welcome, Kittycitygirl. :)

Here is a video link (I have permission from Admin to post this) of how to make the gluten-free low-carb pizza by none other than a member of Low Carb Friends, Kent Altena, and a long time internet friend of mine. He is an amazing inspiration to thousands of people as he lost a tremendous amount of weight doing Atkins and has kept it off for many years. He is very gifted in the kitchen and is amazingly comfortable in front of the camera. Enjoy! :)

YouTube - Atkins Diet Recipes - Best Low Carb Pizza

I'm new here, and have celiac disease... I just wanted to mention that his crust wasn't low carb. I noticed it has vital wheat gluten in it... just thought I should mention it. However, I will be trying your recipe soon. He may have explained it in the vid, not sure; I have lousy sound quality on this computer and can't hear most vids at all. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your recipes!!!! xo:kicking: you rock!! :clap:

ladyboss7 12-30-2010 06:40 PM

Subbing! These recipes look AMAZING....Jennifer you are a true Godsend....PLEASE keep posting!!!! :hugs:

Jennifer Eloff 01-04-2011 03:39 PM

Thanks guys. I sometimes forget to check this thread or post here. I will if I think you appreciate it. Thanks for that feedback. :)

Kath, unfortunately that video was Kent using my gluten-free recipe using a different bake mix which is not gluten-free. However, it is also low-carb. Maybe you are thinking of gluten flour which is high carb? Vital wheat gluten, however, is about 24 grams of carbs per cup (going by memory here, so I could be wrong) because it is mostly protein - 75% protein. The gluten-free pizza recipe is for this room though.

Kittycitygirl, you may want to take a look at Maria's blog. You can find her from the blog roll links on my blog. She has several cookie cut out recipes that are gluten-free as well.

ladyboss7 01-04-2011 06:25 PM

Thank you Jennifer, I definitely apreciate it! :notwrthy:

kittycitygirl 01-07-2011 05:17 PM

Just saw this Jennifer. Thanks and appreciate it:)

Jennifer Eloff 01-17-2011 01:08 PM

Fruit Pizza

This is one of my favorite desserts. It can look like a work of art and at a get-together it is the first dessert to disappear! As you can see, it can be gluten-free as well.

Jonathan, when he was younger, asked to have this on his birthday! Use your own fruit variations. To see a fabulous video demonstration of this recipe, visit Bowulf's Channel at

1 2/3 cups ground almonds (400 mL)
1/3 cup SPLENDAŽ Granular (75 mL)
2 tbsp oat flour, certified gluten-free (25 mL)
1 tbsp unsalted butter, melted (15 mL)
1 egg white
1/4 tsp almond extract (1 mL)
8 oz regular cream cheese, softened (250 g)
1/2 cup sour cream (125 mL)
1/4 cup SPLENDAŽ Granular (50 mL)
1 tsp vanilla extract (5 mL)
Topping: (or whatever you have on hand)
1 cup fresh strawberries (250 mL)
1/4 cup fresh raspberries (50 mL)
1/4 cup fresh blueberries (50 mL)
1 kiwi
Pineapple Glaze:
1/2 cup SPLENDAŽ Granular (125 mL)
1/2 tsp Thickening Agent (see next post), OR Xanthan gum(2 mL)
1/2 cup unsweetened pineapple juice (125 mL)
2 tbsp lemon juice (25 mL)

Crust: In medium bowl, combine almonds, SPLENDAŽ Granular and oat flour. Stir in butter. Beat egg white with fork until frothy; stir in almond extract. Stir egg white mixture into crust mixture. Place dough ball on 12-inch (30 cm) pizza pan. Use small rolling pin or small cylindrical object (such as baking powder container) to roll dough to fit inside edges of pan. Covering the dough with plastic wrap may make it easier to roll. Bake in 325°F (160°C) oven 20 to 25 minutes or until golden.

Filling: In food processor with sharp blade or in blender, process cream cheese until smooth. Add sour cream, SPLENDAŽ Granular and vanilla extract; process. Spread smoothly over crust.

Topping: Arrange strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and kiwi on cream cheese filling. Spread glaze over fruit, using pastry brush where necessary. Pineapple Glaze must cover entire fruit pizza.

Pineapple Glaze: In small saucepan, place SPLENDAŽ Granular and Thickening Agent. Gradually stir in pineapple juice and lemon juice. Bring to boil. Sieve. Thin glaze with some water, if too thick.

Helpful Hint: My Thickening Agent recipe may be replaced with ThickenThin/Not Starch by Expert Foods (this product may be discontinued) or Xanthan gum.

Yield: 16 slices
1 slice
156.4 calories
4.7 g protein
12.3 g fat
6.3 g carbs

Jennifer Eloff 01-17-2011 01:09 PM

This is useful to use instead of pure cornstarch or flour in thickening sauces. Things come out about the same as using ThickenThin/Not Starch, although this thickening agent possibly requires a little less to do the same job.

8 1/2 tsp xanthan gum (42 mL)
4 1/2 tsp guar gum (22 mL)
2 1/4 tsp Arrowroot starch*, OR (11 mL)
corn starch*

In small plastic container with lid, combine xanthan gum, guar gum and arrowroot starch or corn starch; seal. Store at room temperature.

Helpful Hints: Substitute Thickening Agent for cornstarch, using 1/4 as much and substitute Thickening Agent for flour, using 1/8 as much to achieve approximately the same results.

This Thickening Agent must be used in small quantities to avoid a “gummy” texture. For instance, do not use in quantities greater than 1/2 tsp (2 mL) for thickening sauces for stir-fried vegetables.

You may use only guar gum or only xanthan gum, if one or the other is not available. Xanthan gum is preferable to guar gum.

*Arrowroot starch and cornstarch each have about 7 grams of carbohydrate per tablespoon (15 mL). I’ve recently discovered arrowroot powder and it seems to work really well in my Thickening Agent. Used alone, it requires 1/3 the amount of flour required to thicken sauces, etc. Sprinkle 1 tsp (5 mL) Thickening Agent over 1 1/2 cups (375 mL) boiling or hot liquid and whisk vigorously with wire whisk until liquid thickens (this method is hit and miss - some lumps may form). The Thickening Agent seems to dissolve really well, when there is some fat in the liquid, such as butter or olive oil or the fat in a stew gravy, for instance. If Thickening Agent has not completely dissolved, it may be necessary (if possible) to pour the liquid through a sieve or blend in a blender.

Vegetable gums have the unfortunate characteristic of reducing sweetness in recipes somewhat, therefore, sometimes less Thickening Agent or more sweetener will be required.

NOTE: I have discovered in hindsight that if one blends a little of the soup or sauce with the thickening agent in a blender and then you add it back to the liquid, no lumps form. Sometimes, if I need just a titch of thickener, I simply use Xanthan gum (prefer it over guar gum, although it is quite a bit more expensive) in the blender with some liquid. Another method would be to put the Xanthan gum or thickening agent in a container with a lid that allows one to sprinkle a fine powder over the hot liquid. This method also reduces the likelihood of lumps forming. Other people mix it with a little oil and then add; this works very well and is easy with no blender clean-up needed.

You can double or triple this recipe and keep it in a sealed container at room temperature forever and a day practically.

graciejean 01-19-2011 03:27 PM

That cheese cake looks sooooooo good'I really think it could do serious damage,lol

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