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Old 08-11-2013, 03:25 PM   #1
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Just can't seem to kick candida

Hello all,

I have been dealing with a candida rash/itch for several months now and just can't seem to kick it.

My symptoms are off and on strong tingling in my lower scrotum and perineum area, as well as off and on strong itching around the base of the scrotum and penis (not on the penis itself) and in the crevasses between my genitals and thighs. There does not appear to be much in the way of a rash. I can see a light redness in some of those areas but nothing really frightening-looking.

The symptoms are worse in the morning, especially if I've had any night sweats. From time to time it also bothers me during the day, especially if I do anything active.

The first time I saw the doctor she ruled out jock itch and treated me with oral diflucan and a nystatin powder. This didn't really do much at all. The next time I got more antibiotics and a cream that was a mix of nystatin and "triamcinolone acetonide". The cream works wonders for temporary relief. When I use it at night I notice marked improvements in those areas the next day. But the improvements never seem to last.

I'm eating a very low carb diet (usually 10g carbs per day or less). In the past I've tried drinking raw organic apple cider vinegar in my water several times/day and taking an oregano oil capsule. I've removed most or all of the foods I commonly see listed on anti-yeast diets (mushrooms, soft cheeses, etc). From time to time I've tried removing dairy for a few days to a week but that doesn't seem to make much impact either.

Can anyone help me?!? This is driving me nuts!

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Hiya Victor:
Natural white vinegar is a mild anti fungal....you wouldn't want to use it straight as it could create a chemical burn....but certainly try perhaps a 1:4 ratio, I.e. vinegar to water. Use it as a soak with a rag in the perineal area.
I have used this with success and I also have to use talc after this to keep me dry....
My MD informed me to try it when the anti fungal creams and sprays didn't work.
Hope it works!
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