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spoiltmomof2 12-15-2012 10:57 AM

caprylic acid question
Can you use a caprylic acid softgel capsules as a vaginal suppository for yeast?

little buff 01-07-2013 08:13 PM


Thanks for this article.

I have oral thrush. Went to my naturapath for what I thought was a thyroid problem ,felt blah. Said I had oral thrush and yeast in my ears. She put me on Nystatin, diet change. I put myself on probiotics, oregano oil, milk thistle, garlic, various vitamins.
I am on bio identical hormone replacement.
Is that a problem?????
Question, I know alcohol suppresses the immune system, but my scientist hubby says there is no sugar in spirts and it does not turn into sugar in your body. So where does this doc get that info?
I have been into this diet etc.. a month, have cheated hardly at all but have had spirits with lime. I doo feel much better, tongue looks much better.
Oh I just started DE.

Mazella09 01-14-2013 08:13 AM

The brewer's yeast is CONTAMINATED. THE GRAINS THAT MUST BE USED-TURN INTO A SUGAR IN YOUR BODY. That is how this stuff ferments. And, its Full of MOLD. While your digestion is dealing with THAT, your bad bacteria takes over and then it's a big mess in there. Thrush is a HUGE FLAG!!!

Also, number in pancreatic cancers are on a HUGE swing UP in those people that just drink a little wine here and there!! Makes you wonder what they are doing to this, now.

I stopped the bio hormone replacement. (went off animal dairy, too since milk has hormones that the mother makes for the babies) It's not for me. Worked for just a little while, need to keep up on bloods to tell IF THEY WORK...I go for nutrition, supplements, etc.)

Here is something interesting: Menopause - Can Progesterone Cause Yeast Overgrowth?

"Heavy metals can be the root cause of your yeast as well.... Mercury, thiomersal (which is mercury as well) used in flu vaccinations, and trace amounts are still used in other vaccinations to preserve them..Thiomersal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
They say it's highly toxic here, but perfectly okay in vaccinations in small doses...NOT...
Amalgam fillings and Vaccinations cause an imbalance of good bacteria in our bodies

Colloidal Silver use to kill the candida

How Much Sugar Is In Alcohol? | LIVESTRONG.COM

Be sure to follow ONE protocol like oregano oil (I put some water in my mouth - lean back, drop three to four oil drops in, take another swig of water and swallow. I do this once before meals) at a time. Give each one a couple weeks then begin a new one. Pau D'arco as a tea is good, too! Coconut oil INSTEAD OF CANOLA (which is gm and really why?) and NO CORN products. imo.

Be sure to eliminate as much GRAIN *sugar is a grain - as possible in your diet. Possibly check out Doug Kaufmann's Phase I Diet Plan.

Good luck. *You MUST stick to it, tho for it to work. It didn't take two weeks for your system to become overloaded and get out of whack so don't expect BIG changes overnight. We have been on the diet for two years. It is amazing but we will NOT go back.

beka459 08-19-2013 08:40 AM

Rash from Caprylic Acid
Has anyone developed rash while take Caprylic Acid? I started taking CA two weeks ago and after a few days I developed two type of rashes on my arms, legs and back. I went to the doctor and they no idea what my rash was. Told me to put cortisone cream on the bumps. I'm waiting for an appointment with my Dermatologist to get a second opinion. I stopped taking the CA yesterday. I'm hoping this clears up once the CA is out of my system.

Dottie 08-20-2013 02:54 PM

Could it be causing a "detox" effect?
What is Caprylic-acid? Dosing, Side Effects & More

Are you allergic to coconut, palm or dairy?

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