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rexhartman83 03-29-2014 09:00 AM

After losing 10 lbs, I have not lost a single lb in TWO WEEKS
So I have no idea what could be wrong here but I started atkins exactly 4 weeks ago and have consistently tested between "small" and "medium" on the ketone strips when I test, yet after the first 2 weeks of losing 10 lbs, as soon as I added more carbs to my diet, I stopped losing weight. What? I have not exceeded 40 carbs and I eat plenty of fat and protein and make it a point to eat one or two vegetables a day, plus nuts. I do drink a can or two of zevia (which contains erythritol and stevia), but says between 4-7 carbs which I don't count as it supposedly doesn't have any effect on bloodsugar. I also use one packet of stevia in my coffee. Could that be the culprit? And if so, why? Do I need to join this with doing plenty of exercise too or should I lose weight just by sticking to it? I feel like my body is defying all laws of science and nature itself here. lol I also eat at least 2 eggs a day and cheese, and have a couple hamburgers and usually some bacon or pork sausage. Could red meat be bad for this diet as well? I know I gave a bunch of random stuff but help me out here, I should have lost at LEAST one more pound by now...

Jleighs 03-29-2014 09:59 AM

The simplest answer is to go back to the carb level you were at when you were losing. Nuts stall me. I can't eat them regularly and lose weight. Also, there are no carbs that I don't count. I count all carbs not net carbs because that is what I personally need to do to lose weight. Not everyone has to do that, though. Some people may be able to drink sodas and do fine, but there are others who can't.

I'm sure some more knowledgeable members will chime in here as well. :)

ravenrose 03-29-2014 10:44 AM

ok, partly you are probably being faked out by the water weight you lost (and people inevitably lose) when they FIRST start low carbing. I call it the Atkins Loan, to make it clear you only get to keep it as long as you keep your carbs low.

we don't know how much you weighed to start with, so can't guess what the water weight loss was, but let's assume you are losing 1.5 lb a week of real fat, which is a LOT and will not be true unless you are pretty obese or a young guy...

so in the first two weeks, you would have lost 3 lb of fat and 7 lb of water. when you upped your carbs to 40, it might have been enough to regain a little of that 7lb of water weight loss. in that case, if you had regained 3 lb of the Atkins Loan and lost another 3 lb of fat, it would look like a zero change...

or it could be that it's just taking awhile for your body to adjust to that big quick loss of 10 lb. In any case, I agree, it is too early for you to be increasing carbs. try induction level again and see what happens. I don't think your issue is the Zevia or Stevia, nor the exercise, for now. Just go back to rigorously counting carbs for awhile. good luck.

rexhartman83 03-29-2014 12:42 PM

Well I started at 274 and now I've been 264 for 2 weeks. I hope what you are saying is right though I'm not seeing my waist go down. I'll try to reduce my carbs again and see what happens.

ms sunshine 03-29-2014 01:27 PM

I was just going to post about this as well. I eat under 40 carbs drink mainly water with lemon, and no cheating in the last three weeks and lost a meezly 1lb which ironically I put on this morning. I don't understand what you mean about the loan, as I did drip 9lb in 2 weeks no problem, so why does it slow down? Will it pick up again? This is the first time I have had to diet ever as I have had a baby a year and a half ago, so its all new to me. Thought it was me that was just "broken" lol. Do we just carry on and it will begin again. Sorry to bombard on your thread x

Tril 03-29-2014 01:59 PM

FYI... it's VERY common when you start a low carb diet that you lose the first two weeks and then nothing or a small gain week 3 and/or week 4. Normal. Frustrating, but normal. I don't know why. We could make a thousand guesses and it wouldn't really matter. My best advice? Keep counting every carb. Don't fool yourself into thinking "one won't hurt". It will hurt. Stay the course and the weight loss WILL begin again. You'll never have the same wt loss as the first two weeks, though. Not even if you go back to Induction eating. Be happy with 1/2 to 2 pounds a week. 1/2# a week if you only have 10 or 14# to go... up to 2# if you have a lot left to lose. Remind yourself that you're doing this without being hungry all the time. You shouldn't feel deprived! Keep at it. Be patient. This is for life and it takes a while.

BBare 03-29-2014 02:22 PM

Ms. Sunshine! 40 CARBS OF LEMON WATER? Have you read DANDR? Dr. A. says to not exceed anymore than 1 oz or less of lemon or limes. This will definately raise your blood surgar. Eat only the foods on the list of allowable Induction foods and you will jump right back into losing wt. that is if you do not have any further Metabolic issues. PLEASE, read the book as knowledge is power and if you are going to low carb, Dr. A really explains how this woe works.

Hope this helps.

Eat clean, eat only what's recommended and drink your water. MOVE YOUR BODY as well.


Dottie 03-29-2014 02:49 PM

She didn't say that :laugh:
She said she eats under 40g carbs and drinks mainly water with lemon.

sheened 04-01-2014 09:19 AM

I stalled out on keto for 6 weeks, 6 BLOODY WEEKS of jumping around on the scale!!! i decided to try intermittent fasting this week and everythings started to shift again, now it may be that it coincided with coming out of a stall, I dunno, however maybe a day or two of IF could help to jig everything aorund, I'm doing a loose 18:6 sort of thing but i do drink almond milk in tea or coffee during the day (yes yes I know it's not strict IF).

Theres loads of different methods out there to try, as I said you could try it for a week and see if it gives you a jumpstart, I tried cheat days, messing with my macros etc etc nothing really worked. Not saying you have to stick to it permanantly but it may just switch things up for you enough to get the weight moving again. Good luck, I feel your pain!!

Tril 04-01-2014 09:22 AM

My longest stall was 17 weeks. Stayed within 2# of one number... on plan.

sheened 04-01-2014 04:34 PM

Tril, wow, fantastic sticking power! the fact that you're in maintenance means you have stuck it out, it should be a good motivator to all of us who have experienced or are experiencing stalls to keep on with our plans. Seriously impressed, I think I would have totally lost my rag! Very inspirational, I shall keep you in mind next time I hit a stall.

Tril 04-01-2014 05:56 PM

After a while it got to be kinda funny. In a weird way. I stopped being mad about it and it became more of an experiment... how long CAN this go on? It was quite a while ago. I don't remember what, if anything, triggered the weight loss to start again. Could have been hormonal... seasonal.. I don't know! LOL

Reddress 04-02-2014 07:06 PM

Rex - you aren't alone. I lost 13 lbs in my first two weeks on Atkin's induction. Continued eating the exact same way and only lost 1lb in the 2 weeks after, and am currently holding at that 1lb loss.

It is discouraging for sure, honestly there are many times I think "why am I bothering, it isn't working anyway!" But then I think...what if I see a big loss next time I step on the scale? Wouldn't that be awful to throw away all this progress, and have to start again from the beginning because I just wasn't patient enough? Now, If my stall lasts 17 weeks, I'm sure I'd be done, LOL, but for right now I can hold out for a few more weeks and hope my body gets the hang of things and starts losing more consistently.

earthcrosser 04-29-2014 10:50 AM

Count me in on the frustration too. I've lost a total of 11 lbs in 8.5 weeks, with about 6 of that coming in the first two weeks, doing LC/HF. I've given up all gluten and grains, no pasta, no pizza, no rice, no bread of any kind, no artificial sweeteners, no packaged products, nothing. My carbs are well under 30 g most days, and I've gone to drinking alcohol only on weekends (but not to excess-I count the carbs!). I also keep my calorie count under 1300 most days. I track my macros and they seem right (for LC/HF). I don't drink too much caffeine -two cups of coffee a day. I don't eat any fruit. I drink plain water. I eat whole food as much as possible, and stick to what I know. I haven't been exercising regularly, as I have a bad back, but more importantly, from what I've read, too much exercise can stall weight loss.

I am losing inches SLOWLY but I'm back up two pounds today over my lowest weight two weeks ago. And I can honestly say that I don't cheat-I've probably had "bad carbs" fewer than 5 times in all these weeks...I know the scale isn't everything, but with all I've done, it's really disheartening to lose so little.

I'm looking at these threads because now I'm thinking I should give Atkins a try...increase my protein a little and drop the fat, drop the dairy ( the only thing I eat that's not Atkins is certain cheeses). I am going to increase my exercise as well, and go back to weight training as soon as my back feels better. And I am certainly not giving up, because losing even just 10 lbs is much better than where I was. It's just hard to stay encouraged. :sad:

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