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Sue68k 10-27-2013 03:27 AM

Does caffeine effect your weight loss?
I'm curious if anyone has tried giving up caffeine with a positive effect on their weight loss? I have probably 4 strong coffees and 2/3 teas a day. I'm loathe to give it up so wonder if it's worked for anyone?

Tril 10-27-2013 02:17 PM

The current belief is that caffeine may actually help you lose weight. Of course, it doesn't matter what "they" say.... it matters how it effects YOUR body. But I'd be looking for a reason somewhere else. What are you putting IN your coffee and tea? Maybe that's the culprit.

rlc 10-27-2013 07:54 PM

I dont want to give up my coffee either :)

Sue68k 10-28-2013 12:48 AM

I have them both black, no sweeteners or anything.

mjgh06 10-28-2013 02:04 AM

I still have at least two cups coffee a day, caffeinated of course, and still lose weight. I don't know if I would lose more without caffeine, but the withdrawals are horrible so I'd rather have my caffeine. I did lower it from when I started and am losing less weight. I was drinking a lot of caffeinated soda like 8 a day, plus the coffee. Now just the coffee.

Tril 10-28-2013 03:53 AM


Originally Posted by Sue68k (Post 16660630)
I have them both black, no sweeteners or anything.

I highly doubt it's the coffee/tea.

What's your wt loss pattern/history? Have you completely stopped losing for weeks... or has it just slowed to a snail's pace? How much more do you want to lose?

Sue68k 10-28-2013 01:40 PM

I've lost bit in inches, in 5 weeks only lost 2 pounds. Very frustrating. Eating quite clean too

Tril 10-28-2013 02:42 PM

Post a day's intake... everything, including amounts, and I can take a look at it if you like. Sometimes the answer is right there, you just need someone else to see it.

Also... start wt, goal wt, height, age.

Sue68k 10-29-2013 12:58 AM

Yesterday was
B - 2 fried eggs in olive oil
L - 3 oz grilled chicken breast, 1.5 cups iceberg, 5 olives, 2 tsp olive oil
D - 6oz ribeye steak grilled, half onion, 1.5 cup cauliflower mashed with butter
I also had 5 coffees spread throughout the day and drank 2 litres water.

My days are the sane, salad for lunch, grilled meat and vegetables for dinner but sometimes add some cheese to my eggs or salad and also sometimes have 2oz of either macadamia nuts or pecans. Never have any diet drinks but occasionally have a soda water. I'm showing in ketosis according to the sticks.

I'm currently 169 I was 172, I'm 5'10 and 45 years old.

Thank you for any insights you might have!

Tril 10-29-2013 03:17 PM

Your menu looks fine. The only thing I can see is that you are currently not overweight. I don't know what your body composition is like, but at your height/weight you are considered to have a normal weight. It's at the high end of normal, but still normal. What this means is that your weight loss is going to be slower, MUCH slower, than someone who has a lot to lose. You didn't mention a goal weight. What size pants do you wear?

1/2 to 2# per week is about right for someone with around 10# left to lose.

Do you have any hormonal issues? Those can make it harder to lose, too. Things like thyroid, diabetes, pre-menopause/menopause, PCOS... 3 pounds in 5 weeks is painfully slow, but if you don't have much fat (if your lean tissue/bone to fat ratio is high) you're right on track. Are you an apple or a pear (shaped)?

How's your water intake? Exercise? Sleep? Stress?

low carb girl 11-01-2013 09:37 AM

It never affected me. I drink 2 large flavored k cups a day (not every flavored k cup is 0 carbs though). I even use sugar free syrups, sugar free creamers, and/or fake sugars. I've lost 70 in 6 months. (But, have been stalled recently due to steroid shots for my knee.)

However, like someone else said...everyone is different.

Aomiel 11-07-2013 03:37 PM

Just a guess, but you're pretty close to your ideal weight which means weight loss will be *slow*. Plus you are mid-40's...another slow down.

My carbs are about 10gm per day and my calories are *averaging* (over a month) at about 1300 calories per day and it appears I'm losing about a pound a month (am 57 yo).

I'd log everything you eat in an online food diary and monitor your carbs and calories closely because that's probably what it's going to take. That and patience.

Oh and I seriously doubt caffeine would cause any type of stall.

eaglesfangirl75 11-11-2013 05:24 PM

Any diet that would ever require me to give up caffeine wouldn't make it into my house!

kay9 11-22-2013 03:32 AM

def' not able to give up coffee and i don't feel it is impeding my weight loss journey so far.

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