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Query about diabetic food?

Hi everyone

So I guess my basic question is, does the SOURCE of the carbs actually matter? Or purely the amount? I ask because today I found these diabetic cookies.in Boots along side the atkins range. There were 9g of carbs per cookie and obviously sugar free, but only 0.4g fibre. Would it be ok to have one of these whilst on ketosis? As long as I keep within my 20-25g net carbs a day?
Does where the carbs come from matter or is it best only to get them from vegetables? for example could I actually eat a few fries if I wanted to..as long as I kept within my carb gram range? I also saw some diabetic choccies in Thorntons, again around 10g carbs per 3 chocolates and little fibre but no sugar.
Thanks for any info!
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Yes, it matters. A LOT. You can only eat what's on the Phase 1 food list.

From the Atkins website...

I know I'm allowed up to 20 grams of carbohydrates a day during the two weeks of Induction. But if I stay under 20 grams of carbs a day, why can't I have some in the form of a slice of whole grain bread or even a peanut butter cup, which has 20 grams of carbs?

There are two reasons this approach won't work. For one, all carbohydrates are not created equal. The Atkins Nutritional Approach is designed to prevent blood sugar levels from spiking and causing the overproduction of insulin--a hormone that helps convert carbohydrates to body fat. The first carbohydrates you need to add back to your eating plan are more vegetables, then seeds and nuts, then berries and then--if you are still losing--grains. Even bread made from 100 percent whole-wheat flour contains enough refined carbs to produce the insulin-raising, fat-storing effect in many people. Later, if your weight loss is progressing well and you have increased your daily carb intake, you may eat an occasional slice of whole grain bread. As for the 20-gram peanut butter cup, it contains a lot of sugar--not to mention artery-clogging hydrogenated fat -- and sugar is the worst kind of carbohydrate.

Second, the Atkins approach is not just about rapid weight loss--it's about learning to eat only nutrient-dense carbohydrates for the rest of your life. These are foods that are packed with the most antioxidant vitamins and healthful phytochemicals relative to the amount of carbohydrates--so you're getting the most bang for your carbohydrate buck. Once you've reached your goal weight and established your personal carbohydrate level for maintenance, you can enjoy whole-grain bread, fruit and even the occasional plate of french fries. Unfortunately, that peanut butter cup just doesn't make the grade!

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Originally Posted by Bryonykate View Post
does the SOURCE of the carbs actually matter? Or purely the amount? Would it be ok to have one of these whilst on ketosis? As long as I keep within my 20-25g net carbs a day?
From a diabetic standpoint, it *ABSOLUTELY* makes a difference where the carbs come from because not all carbs are created equal. You might want to get ahold of Dr. Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution". I think it's the best book out there for diabetics. I took my A1c from around 13 to 4.9 at my 6th month (after starting it) checkup and my BG's from over 300 to under 100 consistently by the end of 3-4 months (can't remember exactly now).

Your carbs should only be come from whatever is hidden in the foods themselves (eggs and cheese, for example, have carbs) or from non-starchy vegies. No more than 10gm of carbs at lunch and the same at dinner. 5gm at breakfast.
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