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randm 06-01-2013 08:45 AM

help please, am i doing this right?
I have been low carbing for 50 days, I do not need to lose weight but i have a lot of fat around my middle, when i sat down i was looking as if i was pregnant, my husband said do sit ups but that only tones the muscles under the fat layer so when reading that by low carbing i can get that fat burned off i was pleased. I am vegetarian and ate a lot of carbs say - 200g a day before low carbing, and the nutritionist on the uk atkins board advised me to start at 40g carbs.
I have worked out my stats over a period of 30 days - my average carb intake was 34.6gm , my protein 82.6gm and my fat 82.36gm, averageing around 1300 calories per day.
I am eating around 3-400 calories less per day on this diet.
so far, no weight loss(i thought that as fat went off it would perhaps show on the scales) but i have lost 2cms of each thigh, and 1cm off my hips. I did lose 3cm off my waist but, 2cm of that has gone back on.
I have not done any more exercise than before.
Am i perhaps eating too much or too little protein/fats.
Someone suggested trying to omit soya for a few weeks as soya mimics eostrogen and makes tummies, but the tummy was already there.
Before i came on this diet i was already eating healthy carbs, and using sweetener, had a low saturated fat diet.
It doesn't help to read that too much protein can turn to sugars, and that you still have to watch your calories because if you take in more than you need they will still be stored as fat. (this is from the nutritionist on the atkins board).

i am sorry this is a bit long, but no one replied to me on the atkins board other than to suggest cutting my calories to 600 twice a week, but as i only weigh 8 stone i really don't want to be doing that.

SweetMe678 06-01-2013 03:24 PM

Could you post an example menu of what you eat with amounts?

I don't think you are eating too much protein, btw.

randm 06-02-2013 11:51 AM

i have 2 slices low carb toast a day with reduced fat butter and reduced sugar jam 1tsp on each for breakfast.
generally, each day i will have between3-5 lemon biscs (made with soya flour/almond flour and gluten powder, sweetener, lemon rind, egg, reduced fat spread), and 1 muffin, (walnut(not mini) made with same flours as above and soya milk and egg and oil, and walnuts.
or coconut(muffin) made with dessicated coconut/soya flour and maybe some raspberries),and 2-3 squares of l.c chocolate.
for lunch it is either 2 boiled eggs with tsp - tbsp mayo, or 2 egg omelette with 50g mushrooms and 20gm cheese(reduced fat), or 2 slices bread and low fat spread with cheese and salad sandwich, or 40g r.f.cheese and loads of cucumber.
dinner is
perhaps 100gm quorn chicken pieces with 100g mushrooms, 50g green beans and 50g mixed peppers, tbsp yogurt, half tsp tom puree and curry spices, or omit the yog and puree and have chinese spices, stir fried in 1 tbs oil and water.
or, 2 vegetarian sausages(or 2 vegetarian b.burgers) with 150g broccoli, 200g cauliflower mashed with 10g cheese, 1 tbsp l.c ketchup,
or, chilli made with 375gm quorn mince, 1 onion, 100g soya beans, 1 tin tomatoes, 100gm mixed peppers, 2 tbs tom puree. - makes enough for 4 meals.or broccoli and cheese flan using a 9" almond and soya pastry crust and 3 eggs, 100g broccoli and 100g r.f.cheese, i eat 1 quarter of it in a dinner, generally with a third of a can of baked beans as a treat.
hth! I am eating a lot of soya, almonds and quorn.

SweetMe678 06-02-2013 12:25 PM

First, take my advice with a grain of salt. . . I eat meat. Hopefully someone who eats vegetarian will respond also.

I would eat more eggs, less of the soya and beans. The quorn has some carbs, But it looks like it is mostly protein and some fibers to give it meat-like texture.

Can I ask why you are using reduced fat butter? Is it to keep your calories low?

You are definitely eating a lot of soy products, in my opinion.

What kind of low carb bread? I'm always suspicious of those. You might want to look up Revolution Rolls and try using those for your bread. They are made with egg, so they will help you get protein and less carbs. If you can't find a recipe, I can look it up and post it for you.

You are also eating a lot of nut products, some people have really slow weight loss or can't lose weight eating nuts. (the almonds and almond flours).

It still does not look like you are overdoing the protein. I really think you are eating too many carbs and not enough fat. But besides the things I've mentioned I'm at a loss for suggestions how to change a vegetarian diet.

randm 06-03-2013 06:26 AM

thanks for your help! i realised i was eating a lot of saturated fat in the cheese and butter which is why i changed to the reduced fat in those.I am more happy to eat good fats in the oils and nuts.The bread is home made from a recipe from a rose elliot book, made of soya flour, vital wheat gluten flour, linseeds(flax) , bran, yeast and oil.It is high protein.
We don't have any of the flour alternatives that you have in the u.s. but i have found a flour mix that will cost the same as the almonds cost , which i could use to replace the almond flour, but it does have more carbs 19 per 100g. The first 2 weeks of l.c i did keep to under 25g carbs a day.
There was something in my copy of the atkins book that mentioned some not losing anything due to a general yeast problem, though i don't know how you test for this. But one of the things which were to be cut out were anything that could contain mould such as mushrooms and cheese and quorn, Yet again, i could cut those out to see if there is any change, but, once again, the carb content in vegetarian soya type mince has twice the carbs. I may just have to try different things and see.

Patience 06-03-2013 06:42 AM

If you are vegetarian and want to do Atkins, you might want to keep good quality cheese in small amounts and not worry about saturated fat. And keep full fat butter, CO, sour cream, etc. And eggs. Some soy ok, but not overdo with meat subs like quorn. Since you really don't have much weight to lose, you may need to cut carbs to less than 40 to move the scale. ALthough I recall that UK labels count carbs differently that US labels.

Tril 06-06-2013 05:46 AM

I'm wondering about a couple things...

Your age and your height, and have you had kids?

Is the fat your want gone at your waist... or below your belly button?

What do you do for exercise?

Remember, weight isn't the best gauge for fitness. A person can be over-fat and under-weight. It's about the ratio of fat to lean tissue.

randm 06-06-2013 06:48 AM

i am 5ft 5.5 inches high, no kids! and nearly 42. I am glad you mentioned that because someone worked out my bmi was slightly underweight on the uk atkins board, and my thread asking the above has mysteriously disappeared, and no reply to my email to them asking where it has gone. you are right, someone can be 8st of muscle or 8 st of fat, the bmi does not indicate that at all. As i said, no weight to lose, the fat is just below my waist past my belly button by about 3 ". I do hand weights, and walk briskly about 3 times a week for an hr each.plus digging etc in my vegetable patch!
funny thing is, since starting this post i did a bit more exercise in the form of mowing the garden and i think all that mower pushing may have kick started my body, the 2cm i gained on my waist have gone off again, and i finally bought some ketostiks and tried it and it went to the 2nd lightest colour so it may be working.should the colour test be at the higher end of the scale or is it normally at the bottom?

SweetMe678 06-06-2013 07:46 AM

As long as you test positive you are in ketosis. Darker can mean a lot of things, time of day, how much water you have been drinking, etc.

Glad that things are starting to work for you :D

Tril 06-06-2013 09:09 AM

First of all, the stix mean nothing. Zip, zero, nada. They aren't of any use to us... they are intended for diabetics to monitor for ketoacidosis. For low carbers... they can confirm ketosis but that's about it. Ketosis is also a lot like pregnancy... either you are burning ketones or you're not. There is no "deeper" ketosis. Your body can go back and forth quite easily if your glycogen level is kept down. So... the shading on the stix doesn't mean anything. A trace can mean that you're in ketosis and staying well hydrated and/or you're using all of the ketones you're producing (good). Only extra ketones spill over into your urine or are exhaled. If your stix are dark, you're dehydrated, eating too much fat/protein (producing more ketones than you can use) or a combination of the above.

Next... more than likely your post was deleted because you asked for help losing weight when it's obvious that you don't have extra weight to lose. At your height you're underweight. My suggestion... to "fix" both issues (underweight and reduce your belly fat) is this: reduce your cardio and increase your resistance workouts (a lot). Concentrate on the large muscles... thighs, glutes, core, back, shoulders. Work (hard) on building those larger muscles. Don't be wimpy with the weight. You should exhaust the muscles you're working... keeping GOOD FORM, lift until you can't do another rep. If you're using heavy enough weights you can do that in 2 or 3 sets of 12 reps. Don't sacrifice form for reps, though. Everything I've read about reducing belly fat is pointing in this direction... lift, reduce cardio. I'm doing this now... I switched my cardio time for lifting time. Instead of 45 min on the elliptical and 15 wts, I now spend 45 min in the wt room and 12 to 15 doing interval training. Look into kettlebell training, that will work, too!

As for diet... you need to concentrate on eating for muscle building. That means good quality protein! COMPLETE protein. Veg protein is lacking in the essential amino acids. If you're open to dairy products, find a 100% whey protein powder and use it post workouts. You need to give your body the building material if it's going to build muscle. You'll build more if you eat a complete protein within 30 min of working out. Eggs are an excellent source, too. You already eat enough (too much, IMHO) soy products. All of that phytoestrogen COULD be triggering the belly fat... estrogen is why women have soft curves. We want that... but too much is not good. If you have breast cancer in your family, you really should research soy, too.

Ok... hope this helps and gives you some things to try!

cfine 06-07-2013 09:31 AM


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