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Punkin 01-23-2013 05:10 AM

How do you find your CLL?
I am reading the Atkins book but I am confused about how to find this. I understand what it is but I don't understand how you know what the number of grams is. Or is it just a range of carbohydrate grams that allows you to lose weight. I am a bit confused.

If someone could explain it that would be great, thanks.

DeborahL 01-24-2013 03:14 PM

My understanding is that you add 5 carbs per day per week. So, when I leave induction, I will up my carbs to 25 per day (adding items from the first rung of the ladder). If I still lose that week, I up it to 30 per day for a week. Keep increasing until you reach a level where you stop losing. Let's say that is 45 for me... my CLL would be 40 (the number of carbs I can eat and still lose).

emel 02-03-2013 08:45 AM

I agree with Deborah.

Also, it may be that a food you've added does not agree with you somehow. Some people stall with almonds. Some people stall when they add fruits other than berries.

So if you climb the ladder and stop losing at 35 carbs, try staying at 35 carbs with different 'new' foods. For example don't have the almonds or fruits you tried at first, but do try chickpeas or cottage cheese.

Here's how the Atkins folks word it, from the official website:

One at a time. Add only one new food within a rung each day or several days. That way, if a food reawakens cravings or uncontrollable hunger, causes gastric distress or stalls or reverses weight loss, you can easily identify it—and back off for the time being. So, for example, at rung 4 you might start with a small portion of blueberries. Assuming no problems, move on to strawberries a couple of days later. In OWL, most people can also consume additional low-carb specialty foods beyond those suitable for Induction. Again, try them one at a time to assess any reactions.

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