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Meziana 01-20-2013 07:59 AM

Hi everyone,

I really need some good advice because i dont think i can hold on much longer

So here is my story, i have been excercising and dieting since begin november now..i was not low carbing at all actually i just found out about the low carb diet a week and a half ago. i already lost 10kg (22pounds) by just eating more fruits,salads and 1 slice of whole wheat bread a day and cutting out all the candy and chips i used to eat at night.. i weigh 151 lbs now and im 5'5 but my problem is i have an apple shaped body(so the only place that is fat is my belly its really unattractive)

So now i started my induction phase last friday.. but the week before that i already started low carbing but since i started im TIRED, i dont have the energy do to anything! i really am soooo tired i just struggle to stay awake. i cant even do my cardio anymore so im not even excercising anymore

Im also just sick of salades and eggs and tuna .. last time i had a boiled egg and a salad for lunch i threw up 5mins later.. its really depressing and i dont think i can hold on much longer, i have never craved for sweets and chocolates and all that yummy stuff like this before im just one bite away from a chocolate cake. i just cant see my whole life without eating out once in a while..have my cheat days every now and then which i have not had! and when i go out i always drink alcohol .. now im glad i dont go clubbing every weekend.. more like once every 2 months i just cant go without my alcohol

I have always had a problem with being fatigue and this made it worse. i dont know what to do.. should i skip the induction phase.. should i not be this strict? i really want to lose weight and feel good at the same time.. this is making me sad i just feel like giving up

p.s I also have PCOS but im not taking any medicines or anything.. does that have to do with anything

ravenrose 01-20-2013 11:42 AM

well, you can expect to feel a bit off for a little while when you start seriously low carbing. most people then feel better than before, but it might take two weeks or so.

be sure you are getting enough water and salt. a lot of the problems are caused because your body is flushing out so much water as you lose weight fast and you get salt depleted.

there is no way you are going to stick with any way of eating you hate though, Meziana. you might continue the low carbing for a month to see if you adapt. it really is a good diet, but not for everyone. I find that vegetables I don't like much when I am eating carbs become WONDERFUL after a period of low carbing. brussels sprouts! turnips! who would have thought? LOL

if you decide to keep trying low carb, talk to people here about what they eat. read the induction recipes section. there are a lot of interesting things you can eat that aren't eggs, tuna, and salads.

good luck whatever you decide to do.

SpikersMom 01-20-2013 01:45 PM

The last time I did Atkins induction I was so drained. Just tired throughout the day. Everyone knows there is an adjustment period but this lasted several weeks. I finally started taking just a little dose of salt once a day on my tongue. I was feeling much better within a couple of days of starting this. I stopped taking the salt after I started feeling better. I think my body was out of balance and this seemed to work. You might try it.

Joedi 01-21-2013 03:56 PM

If you decide low carb isn't for you, check out the JUDDD thread! The successes there are inspiring, and there are no food restrictions what so ever! I have been maintaining there for over a year. Low carb didn't suit me, but JUDDD was a perfect fit!

PaleoRainy 01-22-2013 05:01 AM


Originally Posted by Meziana (Post 16207569)
i just cant go without my alcohol


Originally Posted by Meziana (Post 16207569)
i really want to lose weight

The two above tell me it's time to make a choice. Bite the bullet and reach for the weight loss you really want or eat/drink what you want and give up your body?

Not all diets are suitable for everybody so if you don't like Atkins throw a look around and see if something else is more suitable for you.

But first of all I think you will need to realize that how you have eaten until now has brought you the body you now want to change, hence changing that body will mean changing (and most importantly giving up) to some things you have done/eaten for a long time.

Sugarmama 01-22-2013 10:26 AM

My suggestion would be to read a book on low carb. Losing weight the low carb way, I believe works a lot better when you have the knowledge of why you r choosing this sort of lifestyle. Pick up the atkins book and read it cover to cover. That said when I am in ketosis, I look at what most people think are negative and turn them into positive. Ex, I know that nausea, headaches and fatigue are all part of my body switching over to fat burning mode. And that sounds awesome to me. So bring on the symptoms lol. The quicker the better so I can burn up fat baby!! Lol another thing I do is sleep when I am tired, take Tylenol if ts ad and drinks lots of water. For sugar cravings I find a hot cup of coffee with coconut oil and a bit of cream gets those cravings gone real quick! But like everyone said above it may not be the lifestyle for u. Read, eat and rest!

Punkin 01-23-2013 06:55 AM

I got off a bit easy when I went through the induction phase, I just had bad headaches and my muscles felt so tired. My sister on the other hand was bedridden. I think it just depends on how "carb dependent" you are/were. I eased into induction by reducing carbs slowly over time, where as my sister went from eating a ton of refined carbs/sugar straight into induction. I had cut sugar out of my diet years ago and processed foods a year ago. So I was only basically having starchy veggies and a few whole grains for carbs before induction. That could have been the difference.

Try to tough it out if you can, my sister feels fine now. And I feel great. However, Atkins isn't for everyone, keep that in mind too. There are other diets out there that work too.

Meziana 01-26-2013 11:00 AM

First off thank you all for your responses

I'm sorry im responding a week after i made this thread.. but i can tell you guys that i am not tired at all anymore.. im working out again since yesterday and i lost a 2pounds this is my first week of induction.

I guess i'm going to stick to this low carb diet,i am actually starting to like it im not feeling hungry all of the time and im not cranky anymore! thats good right.. but i will check out the JUDDD thread thank you @Joedi

Also just one more question.. i am taking these vitamin C tablets for the last few days the ones with a orange taste that you dissolve in water, so it gets all bubbly and all.. i just read the ingredients and one of the ingredients was natrium saccharine(in dutch) , thats a artificial sweetener right.. could that maybe be the reason why im not losing weight as fast? should i stop taking it or is it still okay?


cfine 01-27-2013 10:19 AM

I personally do better when I stay away from all artificial sweeteners. You might want to try cutting it out and see what happens.

Trigger828 01-28-2013 11:43 AM

it takes a bit for your body to change into ketosis full blown and start losing thru that.
you in changeover mode right now. stay the course!!!
a bit of sweetner is not bad. don't go overboard when using that stuff. keep taking your vitamin.

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