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amazingme 01-14-2011 11:35 AM

Houston area Buddies?

I am a fellow low carber in the Houston, Texas area. NE to be specific. I am committed to the Atkins weightloss approach and have been on this amazing journey for nearly 6 months! I feel strong, motivated, and certain of success:) I have no trouble keeping within the boundries of the diet, but would really LOVE to incoorperate some activity as well. I am looking for a buddy, or a few, in the NE area who would like to share stories, support and encouragment! I would love to get to know someone who understands the process we are all going through and who could share recipes, maybe even have dinner nights, and meet up for regular walks:)

I am a female, almost 30 (:cry: EEK!), and a married mother of one little boy, 3 years. I run an in-home daycare during the week, so I am mostly free evenings, and weekends. I love art, music, cooking, reading... but im basically up to try almost anything once:) Hoping there is a like-minded individual out there, friends can be so hard to make when youre out of college, and work at home!

If youve been thinking the same thing, dont hesitate to message me:) Im super friendly and cant wait to meet some supportive people who can be an amazing, positive force on this journey!!!

THANKS! :high5:

Statuequa 02-07-2011 09:04 AM

Hi Amazing Me,

I'm Tiki and I live in the Houston too. I used this website pretty often for tips, but I've just now joined over the weekend. One of the main reasons I joined is to meet a committed buddies along this journey. I see you are looking for the same and wanted to know if you wanted to join me in this quest. I travel quite a bit with my job, but I'm still available to chat when I'm not in town.

Let me know.

amazingme 02-08-2011 10:31 AM

YAY! i would LOVE to get to know you and have a local low carb buddy! all i can see from your stats is that you and i are the same age:) i would private message you but im not sure how to do that. tell me a little about yourself? what area of houston are you in? im going to try and find out how to private message you. Thanks for replying:)


amazingme 02-09-2011 10:07 AM

Well it turns out i dont have sufficiant account access to private message you... dont know why that would be. I also cant find a way to e-mail you, perhaps you have your email disabled? please feel free to email me at dreamkin19@yahoo.com. i hope to hear from you :)


Statuequa 02-11-2011 09:53 AM

Hey Tricia,

I will email you in a few. I guess I need to setup my email, but that's okay...I'm going to email you in a few. I'm feeling a little under the weather right now, but I'm still hanging in Phase 1 even after a big slip up last night and a few peppermints this morning. I'm holding on, but I do need some variety.

Let's try to chat soon so we can keep each other motivated and on track.

Tiki :high5:

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