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StacyW 01-31-2014 04:10 PM

I am wondering
On Monday or Tuesday (that will be determined tomorrow) I will be with some friends and will have a couple drinks. Would that be reason to go ahead and stay on induction 1? It would be time for me to go to induction 2 on Monday, but, thinking that it may be the thing to stay in 1. I am asking, because, I am not totally sure and want your thoughts and advice.

GyspySixpence 01-31-2014 05:13 PM

Hi Stacy, I am wondering what you mean by Induction 1 and Induction 2...do you mean that you were planning to move out of Induction and on to OWL?

I have always been on Induction. I do have an occasional alcoholic beverage. What I usually have (at home) is a shot of vodka and I measure out 8 ounces of Ocean Spray's Cran-Grape or Bluberry-Pomegranate. It has 5 calories for 8 ounces (it says 2 carbs for that size serving). Like I said, I have maybe one per month and I've never had a problem with it stalling me. I think if you stick to a low carb hard liquor (most vodkas and rums are fine and are 0 carbs) mixed with a diet anything, you should be fine. I know there are some low carb beers, but I am not a beer person. You could do an internet search for the lower carb liquors and beers.

StacyW 01-31-2014 06:47 PM

Sorry, I was thinking and meaning phase 2, just didn't say that. Yes, OWL. Thank you for telling me what you did.

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