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purple370 01-27-2014 07:19 AM

What's good type of fiber replacement for Atkins Induction?
I am on my second week of Atkins. I would like some advice on fiber supplements what would be good. Thanks

Nimuae 01-27-2014 02:09 PM

Honestly? I just took a page from Dr Dukan's book and have 2 tbl of oatbran every day. I am in induction, week 2 and I lost 5.5 lbs last week, so it does not appear to slow anything down.

Another thing is to have those veggies that are allowed during induction. I have salad every day, even when I don't want to ;)

GyspySixpence 01-27-2014 05:15 PM

Lots of people take psyllium husk (all fiber, no net carbs) usually in capsule form. Others use flaxmeal/flax seeds. I tend to use a combo of both. If I make meatballs, I replace the breadcrumbs with a combo of Parmesan cheese and flaxmeal.

And your foundation veggies as well! :)

bellalinda 01-27-2014 05:50 PM

i wish i posed this question last week! i ended up buying a jar of fiber smart clear(?), not really knowing what i was looking for. no idea what it is, but nutrition facts say zero net carbs. my biggest fear was that it would have a bad taste, and i'm not one to take pills. i also don't like drinking water, so a squirt of lemon juice and a spoonful of this stuff worked wonders for my week three on induction.

purple370 01-27-2014 07:02 PM

Thank you all I bought a fiber supplement today.

MtherGoos 01-28-2014 12:45 PM

I don't take any fiber, or eat any veggies, but making sure I get plenty of fat in, and taking some magnesium every day definitely keeps everything regular.

pickles1010 01-28-2014 01:31 PM

I don't take any supplements but use flaxseed meal to make muffins and Linda's wraps. Hubby takes sf fiber.

Mimosa23 01-29-2014 02:50 AM

Eat your allowed veggies, but most importantly: eat plenty of fat and drink enough.
Magnesium supplementation also helps. A good probiotic is also an idea.

Unless you have problems in that department, fiber supplementation is not necessary at all.

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