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NewYearNewMe 01-11-2014 10:34 AM

Feeling frustrated! Induction
Hello all,
Long time listener, first time caller!
Ha I've read these bulletins and they are what gave me the last bit of motivation I needed to get back into gear for the new year.
A little background info on me - I started Atkins at 173 lbs while I was living in my own apartment at college. I was shopping and cooking for myself, and working out several times a week. I lost inches and managed to get down to 155 on an extended induction (over about 2 months). However once I graduated and moved back home I found myself cheating- and along with my new desk job the weight slowly crept back and I found myself back at 173. I felt so low and decided I wanted to make a permanent change and was tired of my yo-yo weight.
I have been on induction for just under 2 weeks and got to 166. However I have been stuck here for a few days. I know daily weighing is not smart but it's discouraging to know I am hardly losing anymore- sometimes even gaining. In fact today I am at 166.8. It's discouraging to know I have given up my two killers pasta and bread and am gaining.
Thank you all and I feel motivated and happy to have this wonderful support system.

hotchick818 01-11-2014 12:47 PM

I can totally relate. It's definitely frustrating when you feel that you are on plan and you're not seeing the results that you would like.

A few things have stalled me in the past:

-eating the Atkins bars
-eating too much cheese
-not drinking a lot of water
-occasionally using sweet sauces ( BBQ sauce on chicken)

This time around I might allow one Atkins bar weekly. There was a time when I would have one daily, but I'm doing without this time around (for the most part).

I love cheese, but try not to eat it more than once a day. I love having 2 small low carb cheesecake muffins for my night time treat, so I try not to eat any other cheese besides this.

Although I typically would drink about 4-5 glasses of water daily, I have now made an effort to drink a minimum of 8 glasses daily. Really makes a difference!

What does your menu look like?

NewYearNewMe 01-11-2014 01:12 PM

Thanks for the response :)
Typical day might look like:
2 sausage patties, 2 fried eggs (with butter)
Lunch & dinner
Soup with just chicken broth and low carb veggies (no carrots or pasta). Usually a salad with ranch dressing and whatever meat has been cooked (beef, chicken, fish etc)
Snacks throughout the day are cheese sticks and a nightly sugar free jello with whipped cream.
The cheese may definitely be the problem. I just started the jello yesterday so I don't think it's the cause but it may.
I try to drink at least 1 L of water/ day and started the couch 2 k program for exercise but have not done it the past 3 days due to a cold.
Also as a side note- I was really tasting the metallic "ketosis" taste during the first few days but not anymore.

princessmommy 01-11-2014 01:22 PM

Having a cold can make your body hold on to fluids too. I'd cut down on the cheese and make sure and check your sausage patties. I made the mistake of thinking All patties were 0 carbs and they aren't.

MtherGoos 01-11-2014 02:14 PM

You've had really great losses! It's totally normal for your body to take some time to adjust before you lose some more. Weight loss is not a linear process, you will have ups and downs, but that's normal and doesn't mean you need to change anything or that you're doing anything wrong. Be patient and keep doing what you're doing. I wouldn't worry about changing anything, other than, as Shelly suggested, just be sure that your sausage doesn't have fillers.

NewYearNewMe 01-11-2014 02:28 PM

Thank you ladies!
Guess I just have to be a bit more patient. Just doubled checked the sausages - they are 0carbs for 2 patties which are each about the size of a half dollar.
Trying to keep my water intake up and increase the exercise a bit more. It's so hard to get/stay motivated sometimes but I'm determined to make a change!
Thank you again for your kind words and advice everyone

pulchritudinous_j 01-11-2014 07:52 PM

Don't get discouraged! You're doing GREAT so far.
I had to cut cheese completely for about a week as it's a binge trigger for me (I've now added in blue cheese, as 4oz of it is a LOT of taste)
The best advice I've received on LCF was NOT to tweak your menu for the first few weeks. Just track your carbs, stay on plan, and let it work its magic :)

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