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charmer 01-08-2014 07:55 PM

New to Low Carb- And Struggling
I am currently on day 3 of induction, and i am struggling. (feeling light headed and hungry although i am eating more than usual) i have read on other sites that this can be normal due to the body getting used to the new diet.

Looking for any tips and tricks from people who have been there before, and experiences of others during this phase :) any suggestions would be appreciated

My daily food so far has been-
1 Boiled Egg
1 slice deli ham
Black Tea no sugar/sweetener

1 stalk Celery and Spinach dip (cream cheese, sour cream base)
black tea

canned Tuna and 1.5 cup salad (mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, capscicum)

Cheddar Cheese squares
1 boiled egg

Salmon fillet Grilled
Same salad as lunch plus low carb italian dressing

Shrinking 01-08-2014 10:24 PM

I'm not a pro but my non-pro advice would be to eat more if you are hungry or light-headed. If you are eating a little more of the right foods it will be more beneficial to you than eating wrong foods to cure the problem. I would suggest to up the fats. Keep eating fats until these feelings pass. When I first started low-carb I ate until satisfied. I figure eating things I'm supposed to is ok , even if it's a little too much for a short time then when I'm used to it I'll naturally cut back. It worked for me!!!

charmer 01-08-2014 10:47 PM

thanks for the advice! as i said im very new to this so i might give it a go, hopefully it works :)

alanP 01-08-2014 11:07 PM

Hi, I would advise to add some red meat to your diet. As shrinking said rather eat a bit more of the right stuff.
One thing I really found a deal-breaker was drinking lots of water, I cannot overemphasize how much this helps. It flushes the toxins which are making you feel crap, it stills hunger pangs and really helps with shedding the pounds.
All the best

bluex 01-09-2014 07:25 AM

I'm newer here myself, but at about close to 2 months i've definitely learned a few things about my body, and one is that at the beginning I really was getting over the whole "fat is bad, keep it low cal-low fat" and I really tried to keep my calories at under 1000 daily. On top of that my protein was way higher than my fat. And while I did lose weight, I would stall too.

I read the book, and many posts here and found that believe it or not, fat IS your friend. Since that time, i've found menus that work for me.......I began having 2 slices of bacon, cooking with butter and olive oil...putting oil/vinegar dressing on salads, watching my sodium, drinking water and NOT being afraid of meats, eggs and cheeses. And sure enough (along with exercise) the weight comes off. I was super skeptical at first but using the body as an experimental zone.....it's given me the answers to what is working for me.

For years i've always thought that if I felt like I was starving then i'd lose weight. Well guess what, the body doesn't work that way, lol.....i'd GAIN.

When you're hungry between meals, dont be afraid to have a cube of cheese or a little taste of chicken.

Good luck, stick to plan, read the book and DONT give up.

It's winter, cold and I never thought i'd lose the weight I have starting at the end of November. I cant wait till it gets warmer and I can begin cycling!

MtherGoos 01-09-2014 05:43 PM

If you're hungry, don't be afraid to eat, just be sure it's on plan.

You may want to try some broth to get more sodium in you if you're not feeling well. That can really help with the "induction flu".

Hang in there, it will pass and you will start feeling better!

cfine 01-09-2014 06:06 PM

My guess is that you are a little low on calories/protein. Your body loses lots of sodium/potassium on LC so don't be shy when you are salting your food.

hotchick818 01-09-2014 09:06 PM

I just re-started with Atkins last week, but I have successfully lost weight before on the plan. Tips that I would recommend are:

- keep tasty snacks handy - I enjoy deviled eggs and the low carb cheesecake muffins
- drink lots of water - I struggle with this sometimes, but it makes a huge difference
- don't overdo it with the cheese
- check out the induction food porn thread - trying new, tasty low carb meals helps me stay excited about the low carb WOE

Best of luck to you!

charmer 01-09-2014 11:36 PM

Thanks for all the help guys!!! Today I did try snacking on cheese and doubled my water, and I feel much much better. I love the idea of a low carb cheesecake muffin, that sound just like what my sweet tooth needs!
The term "induction flu" is wonderful, cos that's exactly how I was feeling!

MandyMarie 01-10-2014 09:31 AM

I say get rid of the snap peas as they have natural added sugar in them. I believe it is not on the phase 1 induction food list as well.

jnengland 01-10-2014 03:05 PM

Your meal plan looks healthy, but pretty low on fat. I was feeling starving and having really strong carb cravings for the first several days of induction. Adding fat helped me a lot.

CherylB 01-10-2014 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by jnengland (Post 16751472)
Your meal plan looks healthy, but pretty low on fat. I was feeling starving and having really strong carb cravings for the first several days of induction. Adding fat helped me a lot.

^^ Just what I was going to say. Atkins is not a low fat plan. It is high fat, moderate protein, low carb.

Sunny_1 01-10-2014 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by jnengland (Post 16751472)
Your meal plan looks healthy, but pretty low on fat. I was feeling starving and having really strong carb cravings for the first several days of induction. Adding fat helped me a lot.

It is so hard to wrap your mind around the "fat is your friend" mindset -- but it is TRUE.

Add some mayonnaise or blue cheese dressing to your boiled egg at breakfast.

Add an oily dressing to your lunch salad.

Melt a couple of pats of butter on your broiled salmon.

That's the magic way to reduce your appetite and get rid of cravings. You end up eating fewer calories over the long term because you want a lot less food.

Good luck. You seem to be off to a great start!

pulchritudinous_j 01-11-2014 07:56 PM

If you're hungry, EAT!
Many of us get the "bottomless pit" feeling the first few days into induction. Eat all you like, just stick with the plan.
After a bit, your appetite will be naturally suppressed.

Trismama 01-11-2014 09:10 PM

Yea I agree with everyone else. You have to eat a bit more of the right foods. That maybe contributing to your lightheaded feeling.

Summersquash 01-11-2014 10:47 PM

The first few days are hard but eventually you really do get past the cravings. I kept the weak shakey feeling for weeks though. After meeting my goal to loose 25 pounds i started adding a little sugar back into my diet,(Holiday food). I started having the same weak feelings after eating sugarey foods. Starting tomorow I am getting back on phase 1 for a week or two so that don't loose comtrol. Once you let yourseld start eating the same old food you start craving food all the time. Stick with it. You really will get past it and then it is the easiest way to lose weight I have found. I think the hardest part for me is planning and knowing I will need to cook for myself. There isn't much to eat without planning ahead. If you eat the right foods you will be satisfied and the weight will come off. Fast at first and then slowly, but you can eat till you are satisfied and you can eat often. Just be sure to have food on hand that you can eat so you wont be tempted to eat the bad suff. I lost 10 lbs the fiirst few weeks and then about 5 lbs a month after that, but you are never hungry. At first I was afraid to add foods back in, but once I did I really lost weight faster. Just don't get carried away. Slowly add foods back. A slice of whole wheat bread a day for a few days, then a piece of fruit in the afternoon. If you don't see the scale go down, dont get discouraged. I keep a chart and each time I get on the scale and see a lower weight I write it down, because you will go up and down at times, but you can look at the chart and see if you are losing over a few weeks. Ususally in my case it is 3 to 5 pounda a month, & that is with Holliday slips and all. Good luck and stick with it.

FoxyLocks311 01-12-2014 06:40 AM

I eat a bigger salad at lunch and none at dinner. I feel like I burn off those carbs as I go along with my day. After dinner of bacon and eggs, or chicken wings and pork rinds with dip, I take some fiber tablets. Good luck to you!

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