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Keepingawake 10-19-2013 05:54 PM

Induction 4 Life!

Hello all,

I'm starting a new thread for those of us who are committing to stay on induction for the long term, including those still trying to lose weight and those maintaing their loss. Let's share tips, ideas, and of course, motivation as we move through this WOE day by day.

How are people sticking to plan? Any tips to break the monotony that can come with long-term induction?

NurseChef 10-20-2013 05:06 PM

I have to stick with Induction the whole way. I have over 100 lbs to lose and I'm sticking to 20 net carbs or as high as 25 as my Atkins counselor suggests.
I am not using my bathroom scale so I only know of a 6 lb loss week 1 on Atkins and before I had lost 14 lbs in 14 weeks on Weight Watchers.
Atkins is easier for me. I never feel hungry and I can eat 2 snacks a day in addition to 3 meals, very satisfied and I vary my meals a lot.
I work 12 hr night shifts so I ate just under 3 net carbs for breakfast, had worked last night and on my way to work and bringing an Atkins meal for dinner at 3 am and a 1 net carb Atkins shake.
When I get to work I will buy a salad at work and have an Atkins frozen meal and buy a salad. I have a 2 net carb bar for dessert
I just know whatever I do, I'm not obsessed with the scale. I will be home in FL on Dec. 27th very late at night. In the morning on the 28th of Dec. I'll hopefully have a scale number lower than when I left.
I'm doing the best I can. I keep myself motivated and stay away from the before eating behavior which was pretty lousy. I know I have adopted good habits and look at good and labels way differently,

micheleredit 10-20-2013 08:08 PM

I'm here and need to stick with Atkins Induction in order to lose this pesky weight, feel great about myself and get healthy.

How do you all get through the holidays though?????

Rebecca1979 10-20-2013 09:34 PM

I am on the Induction Forever(or until I can lose at least 70-100 lbs) train, also! I enjoy it and (for me) it simplifies a lot. I feel less stressed on it.

Vinny 10-21-2013 04:53 AM

Im also doing it long term. Today is day 15 - I started at 240, and now for the last 3 days have been hovering up and down between 224-227
(Was at 227 about 4 hours ago, but ate a cheat meal and now, am down to 224...go figure)

Cheat meals dont work for everyone, but I did this diet twice before and if I dont have it, It gets really tough. What I do (and this is how I get through the holidays michael) is a combination of atkins induction and Jay Robs diet plan. His is mostly low carb, but once every 7-10 days you can have 1 bad meal that doesnt last more than 1 hour. Bad doesnt mean a whole pizza or the left side of the menu at mc donalds (Which i just did with some chicken nuggets and fries...shame shame) but it helps to psychologically keep carb cravings away. Its a treat for doing well, and some experts say it tricks the body's metabolism and can aid in preventing or ending plateaus.

Also, on Holidays, or if you do a cheat meal like me...try to do 30-60 mins of energy expending workout 3-5 hours after eating. Your body will want to use up those carbs for energy quick.

I just started this diet again, but last time I did it this way I lost close to 40lbs in 6 weeks with NO exercise at all...and for my cheat meal I WAS eating a whole pizza and 5000calorie meals at mc donalds.

Also going to say be careful with atkins shakes and bars...Ive turned to them multiple times and I think theyve ruined me by causing me to want more and more sweet tasting foods.

kempmuhlbauer 10-21-2013 03:51 PM

Hello all. I am a long time LC dieter. I am restarting AGAIN tomorrow morning. I am a perpetual yo-yo guy. I lose 70 pounds and then put it back on. I have done that at least 4 times in the last ten years. I only do induction when on plan and work out like crazy, but only when I am on plan. Plan meaning VLC dieting. Anyway I like the vibe of this thread and hope to get motivation to stay on this WOE for a long time. Hope to lose 40 pounds before Thanksgiving and another 35 before Christmas. I hate doing this during the Holidays up and coming but I cannot take another minute of feeling like crap. Look forward to everybody's success stories.

KathyAnn13 10-22-2013 03:36 PM

I have lost 16 pounds and have 70 more to go. I'm not sure if I am following induction - just trying to keep below 20 net carbs a day and at medium on the ketodiastix. Is there a sticky with the rules for induction? I am a newbie here. Thanks for any help.

NurseChef 10-22-2013 08:04 PM

Holidays will be easy. I love all the carb free meats and I can do green beans and salads. Any veggie will do. Progress is all I want. Skip the junk foods and let me have my old figure back already! I look young with a stupid body weight. Enough time has passed me by!
I can afford the food and clothes!

Fish_On 10-22-2013 08:46 PM

I am planning to stick with induction until my body demands more. I lost a quick 25lbs last year on induction with no excercise, I gained it back plus 10 more! So while excercise is not needed, and I believe many of us fall into this group, once the weight melts- what keeps it off! So this time I am doing excercise so that I not only loose the weight but I also start to practice "early" in my journey what it will take to maintain. Simple stuff, like jogging/walking and cardio dvds for now! Currently down 15lbs in 22 days. Yes, I had a eat off plan day this past weekend, double servings of cornbread. I dranked a gallon of water and and did strict fat and protein the next day. Was back in ketosis by today.

Ntombi 10-22-2013 08:51 PM

I'll be in Induction through my weight loss, and then I'll be switching to NK for maintenance, meaning only that I'll add more fat to increase my calories to maintenance levels, and I'll be giving myself slightly--very slightly--more leeway with the sources of my carbs.

I don't really find Induction to be monotonous most of the time. I tend to eat simply: meat, non-starchy veg, dairy, healthy fats. I love spices and different cooking methods, so I can cook the same base protein and veggies many different ways. My advice is always to invest in spices and condiments. Go to ethnic markets, try some new things. It may not always work, but it may become a new favorite. :)

ETA: Holidays and special occasions aren't a huge problem for me; I try to focus on enjoying the company rather than feeling deprived or focusing on the food I'm not eating. I've had it all before. Delicious, yes, but not worth it for me. I eat my same meat and veggies, maybe have a glass of wine or one serving of hard liquor, and that's enough deviation for me.

Jeffery 10-22-2013 10:51 PM

I've been on the induction phase for just over 10 months (started mid dec. 2012) and it has become my lifestyle. I knew that i'd be on induction for an extended period of time due to how much i need to lose (200+), but not thinking about when i can be done with induction and just accepting that this is my current station in life has been really helpful. I've lost 110 lbs. so far, with plans to lose another 100 more, and i'm convinced that staying steadfast with the induction is what i need to get me there. Slow and steady will win this race!

kempmuhlbauer 10-23-2013 05:36 AM

Jeffery: That is very motivating. Super kudos to your losses so far. That is an amazing feat. Wish you the best fro the next 100 pounds. KUTGW

pawleys14 10-23-2013 11:49 AM

wow - everyone sounds so positive.. I love it... induction is the way for me to go..... 20 carbs or less..... got a new scale and excited about this... at my health club that scale was 12 heavier :stars::eek:

am eating for the past few days about 17 carbs..... just have to be careful because I am a diabetic... but I do keep tabs on my blood sugar.... but feeling really good... and the best part is that I am NOT eating after 7pm... I have always be one of those people that eat un til bedtime..:sad: but not now... I am staying strong... I may have a cup of hot tea... or I drink more water.......

I know that this is NOT a diet, but a WOE that I will have to do the rest of my life.... I had dropped about 50 pounds a few years ago on Atkins, but then went back to eating everything :stars::sad: so I now know that I will eat this way for the rest of my life......

kempmuhlbauer 10-24-2013 05:51 AM

Pawley: glad to see you here. Long time it has been. I to have gained back over 50 pounds after losing it last time, and the time before that etc. LOL We can do this again for sure.

This is a great little thread that has lots of motivation. Hope everybody keeps coming back.

I am on day 3 and the flu is horrible this time. As if that was not enough I made sure to drink a ton of regular coke on this last relapse so I could fight the caffeine withdrawal just for fun also. LOL

I had lamb chops with broccolini for dinner last night. I love induction foods. For lunch will be grilled chicken with a extra piece of skin from my DW chicken breast. She hates the skin thank God. Anyway what did you guys have for dinner????

pawleys14 10-24-2013 07:53 AM

kemp - hey sweetie.... glad to be on this thread.... and I know that this time we both will make our goals.......

dropped another pound from yesterday... and I know it is because I am eating only about 16 or 17 carbs..... and I really am not hungry...plus my Water aerobics that I do every morning... I have to start doing my walking DVD... wish to tone up.....

last evening just had two scrambled eggs with some sausage... sometimes I just like breakfast for dinner :D

I am feeling so much better..... and my blood sugar has been good.... so I am on a roll.... know that I have a long time in doing this.... but my mindset is there in the right place....

pawleys14 10-24-2013 07:55 AM

oh and Kemp.... I love your goals..............I should make those my goals....

kempmuhlbauer 10-24-2013 02:06 PM

Pawley: Glad to hear you are so focused, it takes that for success. Sound like you are eating great and staying well below 20 carbs a day. Being in day 3 today means I am white knuckling it to stay on plan. I had to hang at the house today for paperwork and the such and it has been a tough one. But so far so good.

I have only had a total of 5 carbs in the last three days so hoping to be in ketosis in the morning. I am very lethargic and and have a killer headache but will survive. Lets keep each other and everyone else motivated and focused.

Ntombi 10-24-2013 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by Ntombi (Post 16654741)
I'll be in Induction through my weight loss, and then I'll be switching to NK for maintenance, meaning only that I'll add more fat to increase my calories to maintenance levels, and I'll be giving myself slightly--very slightly--more leeway with the sources of my carbs.

I don't really find Induction to be monotonous most of the time. I tend to eat simply: meat, non-starchy veg, dairy, healthy fats. I love spices and different cooking methods, so I can cook the same base protein and veggies many different ways. My advice is always to invest in spices and condiments. Go to ethnic markets, try some new things. It may not always work, but it may become a new favorite. :)

ETA: Holidays and special occasions aren't a huge problem for me; I try to focus on enjoying the company rather than feeling deprived or focusing on the food I'm not eating. I've had it all before. Delicious, yes, but not worth it for me. I eat my same meat and veggies, maybe have a glass of wine or one serving of hard liquor, and that's enough deviation for me.

Quoting myself, because I thought of this thread when I opened these. They were a gift from a good friend. My love of various spices is well-known. :D


AsmallerME 10-25-2013 07:59 AM

Hey everyone. I see some very familiar faces here.

I too plan to be on induction for a very, very long time. My ultimate goal is to drop 100 pounds this year. But my first goal is 50. I may decide I'm happy somewhere around 70 pounds down, but we'll see...

Kemp - last night I had a salad with chicken salad on top. Just a few cut up veggies on it and an oil/vinegar dressing. I don't eat many veggies, but tend to have them once per day most days in the form of a salad. Your dinner sounded awesome.

Pawley - good to see you! ((hugs)) You are doing great - your stats are awesome!!

Ntombi - those spices look awesome. I love hot stuff and adding stuff like that to my cooking. It really changes things up!

Jeffrey - Amazing stats!!! You are doing great!

Michele - I plan to get through the holidays by making sure appropriate foods are there for me. Have you ever had the pumpkin bake? I'll probably make that to share for T-day. And I'll also eat lots of turkey and green beans (our's are cooked with bacon and perfectly on plan). We also tend to have deviled eggs and a few other legal induction foods. I've shared my plan guidelines with my family and offered to cook. So I'm not worried about it. I'm motivated enough and excited enough to see my family that I do not feel the urge to deviate from my plan. I want to be successful and maintain that success this time.

About me - I'm 32, a mom to a cutie almost-4 year old, and soon to be a single mom. I've done atkins three times before with lots of success. Once when I was in school (lost from like 210-170) and gained slowly over the years, once before I got pregnant (lost from the 280s - 240s), and once last year. I went from the 270s to 220s. Life threw a bunch of curve balls at me and I fell hard. But I've shaken that off and am back on course and working to get back to my low from last year. Getting closer daily with induction.

pawleys14 10-25-2013 09:59 AM

ntombi - wow your spices look great.... I adore spices... just ordered two bottles of Hell Flakes from Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes - one for me and one for my son..... he is really getting to be a good chef....

- hey girl - I know how life can throw us a curve ball... but I know that you will be strong....

well I slipped up last evening - but I think I proved a point to myself..... for over 10 days have been eating under 20 carbs and not eating after 7pm....and dropping weight - but last evening I ate over 20 carbs and after 7pm it was not anything really high in carbs.... cauliflower, broccoli and some turkey..... - but I gained a pound today...

so back to under 20 carbs and NO eating after 7pm..... just do not know why I did that but I will be back on track again.....

as for the Holidays... Holloween does not bother me - not really a candy eater...and Thanksgiving I will make dinner for my sister and nephew - and I will not make a lot -so we should be ok... and for Christmas (the past 13 years) we have gone out for dinner... so no leftovers.... so I think I should be ok....... there will be a few Christmas partys out... but I will just order a steak - veggie and salad... will try to really keep on plan...

kempmuhlbauer 10-25-2013 12:42 PM

Amber: Glad you found us. Diner sounds good. You know me mister no carb, so salad and veggies are very few and far between. It has been rough so far but I have stayed focused. Glad we are back at it.

I have not really thought about the holidays. Halloween will be ok, although I am an candy hog!!!! I love sweets. But I will just be coming into week 2 so my focus should get me through. Thanksgiving is another story, will be traveling to Blacksburg VA, with the inlaws who have the best food ever. So am planning my first slip that week. I hope to have lost at least 30 pounds by then, so I am hoping that alone will keep me motivated.

Fish on: You are having great success. 15 in 22 days is awesome. Exercise in my opinion is key to quick and continued weight loss. Best of luck and I look forward to more post from you. Post a few meals so I can see what you are eating in case I want some!!! LOL

I am all stocked up now in the fridge, my DW is sick as a dog with the flu like stuff. so that is keeping me busy. I am eating same lunch and dinner which is left over grilled chicken. I know I need to keep variety but that is what is in the house today. May go to the seafood market and pick up some crabs if I get the hankering.

kempmuhlbauer 10-25-2013 05:50 PM

Well I splurged tonight. DW is sick with the flu so I went to the seafood market and picked up a half dozen blue crabs a 1/2 pound of jumbo shrimp and a link of garlic sausage, umm umm umm umm good. Boiled them up with some Louisianan seafood boil and enjoyed, even have a few left overs.

mjgh06 10-25-2013 06:59 PM

I am here permanently. It wasn't a very hard decision for me. I have a lot of major health issues and once my doctor and nutritionist recommended this, I got onboard and haven't looked back. It will hopefully not only make me healthier and lose the weight needed, but will eventually get me off so many meds that I am currently on.

I say it all the time, so why not again...there are so many recipes you can make just using induction list, that I see no way to ever get bored with choices. And I am not just talking main meals, there are options out there for everything. You just have to get yourself past the old cravings and learn new acceptable tastes.

I did make one change myself and that was to combine Atkins Induction with Juddd. I have never been a big eater and it has been very hard for me to eat so much. Allowing myself to have a DD with just the 500cals while only using Atkins Induction foods helps me with my eating issue. I get a break from food, and for me that is a much needed relief. It's working, I feel heathier, have more energy, and yes, I am losing weight very well.

KathyAnn13 - I didn't see where anyone answered your question. This thread here is very informative - 1972 Atkins Plan by the Book If you do not have one of the Atkins books, you can also go to their site and look up Phase 1 what you can eat. We can't post the link, but it easy - atkins.

pawleys14 10-26-2013 06:36 AM

kemp - I agree with you on exercise... that is key for me... my water aerobics I do every day... and I am going to start my walking DVD and do that every day.....wow - I adore seafood boil... and just love shrimp, lobster and crabs... love living down here right next to the ocean.... just great seafood... and I hope that your wife is feeling better... I have to remember and get my flu shot...

mjgh06 - wow your doctor and your nutritionist recommended this WOE.... my nutritionist... told me that I should eat 120 carbs a day :eek::eek: what a flake... if I did my blood sugar would be sky high and I would weigh 500 pounds.... so I just do what I have to do to lose this weight and get healthy...

mjgh06 10-26-2013 07:26 AM

diana, yes, I love my doctor more now...lol The nutritionist is one my doctor uses and referred me too. She is not what you would call today's standard nutritionist. She to me is more of a herbist (?). Her degrees are in homeopathic nutrition. I have since learned my DR. also uses this diet, but isn't open with his patients about to much unless he feels they really some help and guidance.

Bonny-Jean 10-26-2013 08:17 AM

Hi Kemp,
Can I ask what a daily menu in your life might look like?? You are still in induction, right?? I hate cooking, probably why most of my daily intake was fast, easy to grab carbs. I know nothing of spices other than salt, pepper, garlic. Been at this 6 wks and only lost 15 lbs which in the initial stages of induction was looking forward to at least 20. Having a hell of a time getting motivated to exercise. So again, what are you eating??:)

kempmuhlbauer 10-26-2013 09:41 AM

Pawleys: I love the seafood in your area, I just wish steamed oysters from Nances was on the induction part of this diet!!! I love Nances. But it is a bit of a drive, like 17 hours or so!!! LOL

Bonney jean: I love to cook, but not all the time, I will usually prep a bunch on sunday and eat on it all week.

Breakfast: usually eggs, bacon, sausage, Canadian bacon, diced ham all the meats are super low carb. I will sometimes eat just one or the other but usually I eat eggs with bacon. I also prep enough bacon and breakfast sausage for the week. I cook up a pound of bacon a pound of sausage and just keep in fridge, it works as a quick no carb snack also during the day. I will cut up the sausage and bacon and scramble that in eggs with some cheese

Lunch: if out and about I will do a burger patty, or a steak, or chicken breast etc. I usually will fire up my grill like I said on sunday afternoon and cook up a bunch of dark meat chicken with the skin on for sure. also will do a couple of pork tenderloins, or beef riblets etc. all no carb items, bag them up and eat on them all week. Just pop in microwave and enjoy. I love jalapenos so i grill a few of those also and eat with lunch.

Dinner: Same as lunch. But will sometimes go get seafood and boil that up, or will deep fry some chicken wings with low carb or no carb hot sauce and blue cheese. Occasional I will saute up some spinach in a crap ton of butter or steam some broccoli and cover it in butter and cheese.

I only do 3-5 carbs a day and but that gets me awesome results. I like to average almost a pound a day in weight loss and I get it. I do exercise and never cheat a inch for long stretches at a time. If I eat on little snack that is high carb it can derail me for 3-5 days before I start losing again.

I look at it like this, once in ketosis your body is a fat burning machine, everything you do burns fat, that is the only fuel your body burns is its on fat when it gets no carbs at all. I use that thought to motivate me to go to the gym. If I pee on a ketostix in the morning and it is purple or even pink I am in the zone. When In the zone I am burning fat. This morning I got up and spent 2.5 hours in the yard, getting a chore done and the scale will be a pound down tomorrow morning. I have done this many times and I am awesome at losing the weight, just have not figured out how to keep it off with any success. I started on 10/21/13, I am dedicated to not cheating, no beers, no wine nothing until thanksgiving. I even have to go to the deer camp and not cheat. but by thanksgiving day which will be a total of 38(5.5 weeks) days from my start date I not only hope but I expect to be down close to 35 pounds. Right now I am losing a pound a day actually a little more but that is all water weight I know. But starting Monday I will be hitting the gym hard and training for a 1/2 marathon. When I did this before and trained for a marathon only eating 3-5 carbs a day I lost 72 pounds in 64 days!!!!! It is doable but you get out of it what you put into it.

Hope this helps. Please let me know of any questions you have I do not mind answering any of them in detail at any time. Good luck!!!

kempmuhlbauer 10-26-2013 09:46 AM

Bonny Jean: I do not count any thing but carbs for the first week. Starting this Tuesday I will start tracking all my stuff on a free site that does that. I cannot mention which one I use but PM and I will tell you that way. This site is like the gustapo when it comes to protecting there advertisers. Which they should be. Any of the major ones will work. Anyway I start tracking my calories and try to stay between 1500 and 1800 a day. I will have to up it a bit when I get into high mileage runs (7-12 miles a run) You will be surprised how much you eat or for that matter do not eat. We are all such dedicated dieters we think less is better, it is not I promise. I lose more weight eating 1800 calories a day than I do eating 1100 calories a day. Good luck!!!

mjgh06 10-26-2013 01:01 PM

kemp I understand the 2-5 carbs, but are you proportionate wise eating more fat or more protein. I try to keep my fat at 1.5x higher than my protein.

kempmuhlbauer 10-26-2013 01:37 PM

Mjgh06: I have not really paid attention to that. I went back to my tracking from march and April of this year and it looks like protein is a lot higher than fat. Why do you ask, please educate me to the reason. I always want to know if there is a better way please. In general looking at about 10 days worth of tracking my protein is 180-220 range on average and fat is 90-110 range. Please let me know what you think?

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