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bhaiman 10-06-2013 03:53 PM

A couple queries from a newbie

I'm a newbie to this forum, so try to forgive a few dumb questions! I'd love some general advice.

About me/my weight: I'm 46 and 15-20 pounds over my ideal weight. All my adult life my weight has fluctuated about 10 pounds, which wasn't a big deal.

At 45 I gained 25 pounds, lost it, and started to gain it back, at which point I realized that, as I'm now in perimenopause, I need to start taking dieting more seriously. I started Atkin's induction with little more research than their website. Now low carb flu has struck and I am doing my homework. (I also have caught a cold, which I suppose is unrelated, but it's an uncomfortable situation). I'm 3 days in.

First question: are there modified induction plans? I don't mind slower loss as long as I can keep it off.

Second: any advice from pros on long term maintenance? Left unchecked I now gain about 2 pounds a month, and I should note that I haven't eaten any refined sugar in a year, eat no fast food, drink fresh veggie juice daily (not on induction). So I wasn't eating wantonly. I have a desk job but walk my dog a half mile a day.


AnnetteW 10-07-2013 04:36 AM

Sorry you aren't feeling well, and with a cold to boot.

My suggestions would just be to suck it up and do the regular induction. What about it is causing you problems? Is it just not feeling well?

Induction is sometimes a little hard for people to wrap their head around, and the "eat less" idea is there. Don't let that happen...EAT! Eating is what will get you through, just eat the amount of veggies as describes, and eat lots of meat and fat and get through it. Avoid the extras, stay away from the so-called induction goodies.

Keep posting, people are here to help you through. Post what you are eating if you need some advice, or just want reassurance that you are doing things right.

princessmommy 10-07-2013 04:58 AM

You Can start at a higher carb limit if that would help you. Say 40-50 carbs a day instead of under 20 But that's not True induction. I've seen quite a few people "ease" into LC that way and then lower their carb limit from there. But I personally would start at True induction. It gets your body jump started so to speak and gets that water weight off first. For the Induction Flu feeling i'd make sure to drink Lots of beef or chicken broth. It helps to get that sodium etc back into your body that you're losing.
I'm Not in maintance yet, 7 more lbs to go! Grr lol! But i've been planning and studying a Lot on it so that when I Am at goal i'll be ready!

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