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mjgh06 10-04-2013 07:31 PM

? on 3meals a day
I am new to Atkins and this site. My goal is to lose at least 70lbs, more hopefully, and to make this a lifestyle change not just a weight loss program. My concern is even when I was at a good weight oh so many years ago, I have never had an appetite. I just don't and never have eaten much at all. So I think this 3 meals a day is going to be very difficult. I know eating too few calories can cause your metabolism to slow, but how do you force yourself to eat when you are not hungry?

Here is a normal daily diet for me and it has always been this way.

No breakfast foods
1-2 cups of coffee with creamer in the morning

1-2 glasses of water throughout day
4-6 cans of Pepsi throughout day

No lunch usually but if hungry (like once a week) I will have 1 cup of beef ramien soup.

Supper - a meat, 1/2 cup vegetable, 1 cup (potato, rice, or noodle).
example would be one chicken thigh, green beans, and mashed potatoes

Usually no snacks throughout day. However, on weekends when my family is around I copy their indulges and will occasionally have an afternoon snack at lunchtime of chips and dip or popcorn.

I know my current menu is a horrible diet and I am very serious about making the needed changes. I don't see any problem substituting my current diet items for the foods listed in induction. I can easily do 1 cup of the vegetables and no potato, rice, or noodles. And I can change out most of the Pepsi for more water. But do I have to eat more food than I eat currently? I just can't see eating food at breakfast, lunch, and supper. Won't that just make me gain more weight?

Tiggy 10-05-2013 02:00 AM

Welcome MJGH!

I think you need to focus on eating when hungry - things like Pepsi actually can switch off hunger for a while so you might find that when you ditch it, you have a natural hunger rhythm. Given that each can has more than 330cals, by removing these from your daily routine, you will probably not gain any weight from eating lc because you are removing almost 1800cals of carbs.

I don't eat three meals a day - I eat when I'm hungry and only then. By doing that, you will also stop when you're satisfied so you won't be eating more than you need. Removing carbs turns off the need to eat for storage and you will probably find everything evens out. I find twice a day is fine with me with a snack of butter, coconut bark or other fats - fat is essential to making Atkins work and should compose a significant part of your diet.

But you are right, eating too little will actually cause you to gain weight by making your body grab on to each and every calorie as it doesn't know when the next one is coming.

Atkins doesn't set a calorie limit - some days, some of us can eat 3,000cals and still lose weight! Work with what you feel at first and I'm sure you will probably find your set point with foodrather than be defeated by it! All the best!

mjgh06 10-05-2013 08:05 AM

Thanks Tiggy for responding. I started Induction today and it took me forever to eat my breakfast but I did it. I am going to start by just eating breakfast and supper, increase my water to the 8x8 and change my pepsi to diet and go down to 2 a day. I will probably stay in Induction for more than the two weeks until I get fully adjusted to it all. There's just so much food in Induction and Phase 2 that I don't ever see myself going to 3 or 4. I have never been a fruit, nut, or bean eater that much. Meat, Dairy and Veggies is what I prefer.

I have really been doing a lot of research on this diet, and I have started using a program that tracks my meals, fat %, protein % and carb%. From what I have planned out today, I will be at 13.5g carbs and 70/25/5 for my percentages which from what I read is good. We shall see how it goes. If I don't lose any weight this week, I will re-evaluate and either cut down t supper and snack or increase to add lunch. Don't know which I should do....lol But hopefully I'll lose weight and won't have to make that decision.

Anyways, Thanks Tiggy and I hope you have much success with your change in WOE.

MtherGoos 10-05-2013 11:53 AM

mjgh06, many of us stay at induction levels of carbs and find it works really well for us. I've been on induction since February, and I plan to stay on it until I'm much closer to goal.

Honestly, I think you're worrying too much and overthinking it. In the beginning, it's best to keep it simple. Eat your meat, eggs, cheese, and fats, and don't worry about your ratios or your calories. Worry about cutting out the pepsi and cutting out the carbs and keep it simple. Eat when you are hungry and eat until you're satisfied. Maybe, in the beginning, you'll find that you're not hungry very much, but as you clean the carbs out of your body and your diet, your body will let you know when you need fuel. Some days I eat 3 meals a day, some days just 2. It just depends on when I'm hungry. Some days I wake up with my stomach growling, and some days I may not eat my first meal until 1 or 2. Just listen to your body.

Later on in your weight loss journey, if you find you're not feeling right, or not losing well, then you'll will need to worry about your ratios and calories, but for now I wouldn't. Keep it simple and take it 1 day at a time.

mjgh06 10-05-2013 06:01 PM

Thanks MtherGoos that makes me feel better. I'll stop worrying about trying to eat so much. I definitely didn't make it today. I did good at breakfast, but was so stuffed I couldn't eat again until 6:30pm. And then I only ate 4oz of pulled pork. I think total calories was 700 for the day, carbs was only 8...lol

I did very well on the Pepsi today but I am suffering for it. I have had only about 8oz and it was diet pepsi = no sugar, no carbs. I now have a horrible headache. so I may end up drinking a full pepsi to get rid of it.

I think I am trying to stop too much at one time. In the past month now I have quit smoking, started buying all-natural foods including my meats - no chemicals or hormones or antibiotics etc., gone to low carbs, and now minimizing my soda. But I figure heck gotta do it, so do it. I still want to do a colon cleanse but don't know if that works with the diet.

Anyways, thanks again for everything.

evertd 10-07-2013 08:54 AM

The headache is probably caused by caffeine withdrawal, more than sugar or card withdrawal, going from 6 cans of Pepsi to just 8oz of diet Pepsi is a huge difference in the amount of caffeine you're consuming.

I know that the good Dr advised staying away from caffeine and aspartame, but I think it is something you should test for yourself. If you can get away with drinking as much diet Pepsi as you used to drink regular Pepsi and still lose weight, then I'd say go for it.

MtherGoos 10-07-2013 12:28 PM

I drink quite a bit of diet pepsi and find I lose just fine with it. Those caffeine withdrawal headaches are HORRIBLE. As evertd said, I would go ahead and drink the diet pepsi for now and see how you do.

cfine 10-07-2013 07:02 PM

Just drink more diet Pepsi! Don't drink te regular, please!

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