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JudyMS 06-18-2013 10:54 PM

Getting burned out...
Hi all - I am sooooo getting burned out on meal planning, cooking, ideas, etc. I'm completely dedicated to this WOE but it's hot here now and I just do not feel like doing a darned thing. I have browsed through recipe after recipe, read all of the food porn threads, and still need some inspiration. I keep a list of LC meal ideas and have gone through them all so much that I just can't stand the idea of most of them anymore. Does anybody else get that way too? My whole family is doing this with me. I LC'd all through last year with no problem, lost 50 lbs., took a short break during the holidays (did pretty good, only gained back 3 lbs.) and have been back at it since January, cycling through phases 1 and 2 and repeating (with longer periods in induction - mostly because it forces me to be more mindful of what I'm eating and to keep it clean). I still have so much weight to lose so I don't want to start adding more carbs back into my diet just yet, but I am just so daggum boooooorrrrrrrred! If this happens to you from time to time, what do you do to get out of this kind of funk?

ravenrose 06-19-2013 07:38 AM


my first thought is why don't you REALLY bore yourself for two weeks? pick a standard menu and just eat it every day. they you will probably be enthusiastic about zucchini and scrambled eggs again! LOL

best of luck *hug*

Patience 06-19-2013 08:10 AM

I am really fortuante right now that I am not having to cook for a family. That must be very challenging.
What I like to do when it is hot is just simple salads, maybe spinach, sprouts, bacon, something along that order. Maybe salmon rather than bacon every other day, or subbing eggs.

Aleina 06-19-2013 09:04 AM

How aout short order things like chicken fajitas,some mouth entertainment to be had from the spices there. Other than that salads are a great option. You could also prepare a bunch of meatballs to be eaten cold, chicken fillets prepared in the oven or microwave if the oven heats up the house too much to be eaten cold with an lc condiment.

MtherGoos 06-19-2013 03:47 PM

I'm not sure where you live, but I know here in Arizona, we redefine the term "hot"! LOL. It's hitting 118-120 just about every day now. I'm not complaining, I enjoy the heat, but you're right, you don't always feel like cooking when it's that warm.

I keep it simple. Just about every night, I have some meat of some type ready to go on the grill and my DBF grills while I make up some veggies to go with it. That's it. Sometimes, if we need a change of pace, I'll brown up some ground beef and we'll make taco salads with it.

JHoberer 07-01-2013 07:53 PM

Start cooking triple portions and freezing 2 meals every night that you do cook. You may spend more time when you do cook but then you have 2 nights off whenever you want them and a ton fewer dishes!

Also, have a few backup plans... find a place that sells great grilled chicken, great take out salads, brisket, rotisserie chicken.

Buy things you can cook from frozen... for example, the Tyson Southwestern chicken breasts can be baked from frozen.

Try one of the bake mixes that you make a big batch of dry mix then simply add a scoop with a few spoonfuls of other things and stir in a bowl. Microwave and poof! A biscuit. Or a piece of cake.

Have a list of really simple recipes... like a carton of chicken broth, a jar of salsa + meat from a rotisserie chicken diced up. Put everything in a pot and heat. Top bowls with shredded cheese.

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