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Thistime 05-08-2013 11:12 PM

I have not cheated but am not losing weight why is this happening and what should I d

kitcub 05-09-2013 05:10 AM

Well, you might have to be a bit more specific with your question.

I looked back on other recent posts you've made. About a week ago you posted you were a week into the plan and had lost 11 pounds. 11 pounds in 2 weeks is still excellent progress. I believe a stall is defined as no loss in weight or inches for 6 weeks or more.

It is common to lose several pounds right at the start and then not lose for a week or 2 while your body gets used to the plan. Also, it looks like you are exercising pretty heavily - which is great. But keep in mind you may lose weight slower because of the exercise and muscle gain. Are you also taking measurements? I know I have weeks that I do not lose pounds but still lose inches.

If you are still concerned about your lack of loss, please post a couple days menu - everything you put in your mouth and let the wonderful people here on the board help you determine what may be causing the problems.

Good luck! :up:

Thistime 05-09-2013 02:05 PM

Alrighty I will do that where do I post my menus?

MtherGoos 05-09-2013 02:12 PM

You can post them right here if you want to. Also, maybe post how long you've been doing this, how long you've been stalled, and what your losses have been like. Like KitCub said, it's not unusual to stay the same weight for a week if you've had big losses the week before. I know it's frustrating, but you will start to lose again.

Thistime 05-09-2013 10:40 PM

Allrighty well before work I had a cup and a half of broccili with some chicken
And right now I had 2 beef patties with cheese and grilled asparagus
My drink oof choice is diet coke
I usually eat once or twice a day
I do have thyroids disease
I usally eat late I had a friend tell me I would lose weight faster if I didn't eat around 9 or 10 buut I usually get offf at that time

kitcub 05-10-2013 02:05 AM

I'm no expert when it comes to thyroid problems so not sure if I can be of help there.

Are you on induction? If so, it seems the menu you posted is a bit high on higher carb veggies. You may want to swap out a cup of those veggies for a cup or 2 of salad-type veggies.

I don't think eating only twice a day is a problem as long as you aren't going hungry in between meals. Also, eating late after you get off work should be ok as long as you aren't going right to bed after.

To the best of my knowledge, Diet Coke is made with aspartame and many find they stall with artificial sweeteners, especial that one. You may consider dropping it if you continue to have problems. Are you also drinking water? Your mileage may vary but I find I don't lose unless I get in a minimum of 64 oz. a day.

Have you read the book? I recommend the 2002 version Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. It is an easy read and lists all the rules for induction. I find this is much easier to do with the book.

kitcub 05-10-2013 02:06 AM

Also, are you tracking your carbs each day? I have always preferred the old pen and paper method but there are great online trackers out there too.

roxysmum 05-10-2013 08:02 AM

and don't forget...everyone stalls. I remember years ago reading Janet Jackson said she didn't lose weight for 2 months. I think about her, and all the private trainers, chefs, etc. she has, yet it didn't do any good because her body wasn't ready.

Thistime 05-10-2013 11:26 AM

Yes I have been tracking my carbs,and I was using the atkins meal bars so I stopped those I will stopdrinking so so much diet coke and introduce more water in my system.thanks. you guys just this never happened before the first time I did atkins I was losing a pound a day for almost 2 months I 245 and went down to 203 and I cheated on halloween

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