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mydiet 05-08-2013 08:55 PM

my results in one week!!
hi i want to share with you my results in my diet

i start in 1april 2013 and carb up tow times

first after 2 weeks

second after third week

after tow weeks i dropped about 13 lbs

but after tow times carbup i gained weight about 12lbs

but i restart diet in 2.5.2013 and i dropped from 271lbs to 262 lbs in one week

i eat now just egg,meat,canned tuna,spanich,heavy cream with stevia with my coffee,chilli ,salt

and drinking water at least 3 litres each day with multivitamins and cod oil supplement

and iam no feeling hungry anymore

and i follow these ratio in my meal fat more 85% protein 20-25% carbs less than 5%

and calories intake 1200-2000 aday

and i take everyday laxative tea to avoided constipation

from tow days ago i notice iam losing weight in same day, about 1-2lbs

so that i decide to not changing any thing from my ratio

to see if its work for all time

and i will updates my progress

thanks for reading ... see ya..

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