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csrich 05-03-2013 09:29 AM

too little carbs?
I've been doing Atkins now for the past 2 months, and am down 27 lbs. :jumpjoy: but for a few days this week I have flet like a truck ran over me, backed up and ran over me again. I had some brown rice and a peice of rye toast today and feel much much better.
Could I be doing too little carbs? I keep them between 5-8 a day.


ravenrose 05-03-2013 10:57 AM

just change your woe from Atkins to something else, unless those were incredibly small bites of bread and rice!

I think 20 grams a day, net, is better. Vegetables are a GOOD thing, and normally after being as low carb as you have been you find they taste completely different than you remember from high carb days. Brussels sprouts or turnips or cauliflower are sinfully delicious!

there is a big difference between increasing your carbs judiciously and just throwing in the towel and going for bread and rice. maybe you can try moderation.

good luck!

Dottie 05-03-2013 10:59 AM

You could be getting sick, too. It may not be diet related at all.

csrich 05-03-2013 12:37 PM

I thought about the getting sick too, but after the little bit of rice and the peiece of toast today, I feel much better than the last few days. I eat so many veggies now, I'm going to turn in to a farmers market. LOL
i probably went over 20 carbs the last two days, but feel much better. Now back to our reguarly scheduled low carb diet, with a peice of toast sometimes. :}

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