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118target 04-20-2013 06:43 PM

What do I put in the Husbands lunchbox?
I started Aktins about ten days ago; Now my husband wants to do the program, which is great, but what do you pack in your mans to-go lunches? What works?
I'm ready to go grocery shopping, cleaned out the kitchen and gave the neighbor all our carbs. So besides egg salad and roll-ups what are ya'll doing?

tinamanni 04-21-2013 05:21 AM

Does he have access to a microwave? If so, any leftovers are good

If not, I will do:

- chicken salad - chopped chicken or canned with mayo, I like celery chopped up too
- lettuce wraps - lettuce (romaine or iceburg works best), lunch meat, cheese, mayo
- egg salad - I know you already said this but it really can be great
- chunks of cheese, salami
- celery with cream cheese

I almost always get my veggies via sliced cucumbers, peppers or celery

DairyQueen 04-21-2013 09:20 AM

haha -- the question should be -- what does my husband put in MY lunchbox?

GME 04-21-2013 10:29 AM

I can tell you what my husband puts in his own lunch box. :)

Usually a salad with some kind of meat on it. He doesn't care for lettuce much, so his "greens" are usually broccoli. For awhile it was with grilled tri tip and ranch dressing. Lately he has been making kind of an antipasto with salami, cubes of cheese and olives.

He takes nuts to snack on and an apple and some kind of low sugar bar. Sometimes a cup of sf jello.

118target 04-21-2013 02:32 PM

Good ideas
You all made me laugh, with 'who puts lunch in whose lunch box...'
I think those ideas will work well, the tri tips with ranch sound yummy too.
I also told him if he goes to Qtrip he can always just toss the bun
and eat the brat or eggsausage or whatever, He seemed relieved.
We went to Golden Corral for lunch yesterday, it was his first Atkins day.
I said it would be a good way to teach him what to eat. Lol... (he's not interested in reading the book) anyways, he ate too much hehehehhe.
Like we all do the first day .. I realize now if you go to those places enough times you dont get overwhelmed with all the choices, and if you think outside the box, you can really make a gourmet meal.. I was ecstactic to find blue cheese crumbles and cold sliced steak in their salad section !!! Made a nice treat. and I got the sugar free jello, then the sour cream & a packet of no carb sugar and made mock whip cream for it, a bit tangy, but I didnt feel deprived thats for sure...:up:

Rebecca1979 04-21-2013 04:03 PM

Left overs! I always make enough for the next day. What I prefer eating for lunch is more snack-y.

pepperoni, cheese cubes, pickle speakrs

chicken, steak, hamburger patty, hot dogs, kielbasa, on salad or broccoli!

You could make him oopsie rolls and send him sandwiches. I choose to send my fella left overs. You should make the bacon wrapped meatloaf on LindaSue's website. It's ridiculously easy and you can make sandwiches. It's a wonderful protein source.

118target 04-22-2013 09:47 AM

Oh yes, we found a huge jar of dill pickles for under three bucks; he seemed like a happy camper. I sent him today with pickle, jerky, atkins bar, and a bunch of roast beef & cheese rollups.
OH but I made sure I fed him a BIG breaksfast - did the flax pancakes with a couple fried eggs on top. He couldnt eat it all LOL....I'll try the meatloaf recipe. Also I got some coupons for bacon & atkins & almond milk coming my way, bought a load of each on ebay; with this eating plan I'm going have to learn how to stretch the dollars & how to cook again... heheheh.

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