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moniruth 04-04-2013 05:43 PM

Cheat's page!
Hi all,

I want to start this thread to remind myself (and others) of what happens when we cheat and bump ourselves out of ketosis. :help:

My story: I restarted March 5th and was doing well until last weekend. It was Easter and I had 2 glasses of sparkling wine and half a chocolate egg. I will spare you my justifications for this...of course we can make up excuses for everything! But the fact is, I did have alcohol and sugar. Not much! But I ate it and I drank it. No-one forced me.

This is what happened: March 30th I was 196 lbs, just 1lb away from my March goal of 195. But that day I had some alcohol and the next day I was 197. Then I had some choc, and on April 1st, I was 198lbs and starting to get depressed.

LUCKILY I STOPPED THERE. Now, 5 days later, I am losing again and am almost at 195, and feeling happy and in control again.

Can we make a deal to post our cheats here? :shake:
This will also help me keep accountable incase I get tempted again.

Hope you all have a great day on plan!!!:heart::heart::heart:

Trillex 04-04-2013 07:35 PM

Hi! It's good to see you back. I wondered where you were and how your workouts are going.

moniruth 04-04-2013 07:44 PM

Hi Trillex! Well, I went to the gym but I didn't join as family life just can't permit that kind of commitment at the moment. I am getting walks and jogs in from home though, the gym is just being postponed until July when things get easier. (I am not making excuses! My hubby is finishing chemo and after that is done then we have agreed it is 'me' time!).

But happy to see the scale moving steadily down again. Your photo looks fab by the way!

Trillex 04-04-2013 08:09 PM

Oh! Okay, I thought you'd bought a membership so my *practical* brain was hoping you were getting your money's worth. HaHa!

You don't *have to* go to the gym. I think most people on the forum do really well without going to the gym!

Trillex 04-04-2013 08:13 PM

And I wish your husband great success with chemo! My aunt's breast cancer recently came back, after 15 years, and it's causing such a toll on the whole family. She beat it before, though, and I believe she will beat it again. She's really strong and stubborn! I'm pretty sure the cancer will regret picking on her.

ravenrose 04-04-2013 10:22 PM

tell you what, moniruth... you can purchase cheats for $10 per carb gram. that might make you pause! LOL

moniruth 04-05-2013 01:23 AM

haha raven! It is good to have a SOH about these things! :lol:

moniruth 04-05-2013 01:26 AM

So sorry to hear about your aunt, Trillex- it is a bummer majorly major downer on everyone, but the good news (for us) is that my hubby is in remission and doing well, just the chemo is tough as you can imagine. I had some great comfort eating months there and now I am shedding that crap- in the next 3 months I want to get ready for our C-free life, without my extra "baggage"!

It is hard- my prayers for your aunt and your family. xx

kiwistars 04-06-2013 03:03 AM

Total sympathy moniruth.My son had acute lymphoblastic leukemia at 21 mths and had 3 years chemo.He is 12 now and only just got told his cancer rate is now back to normal but it was hell.Hugs to you and your husband.

kiwistars 04-06-2013 03:05 AM

Hey ,I just realised!Hello to a fellow Australasian:)

moniruth 04-06-2013 10:50 PM

Hello kiwi!! Sorry for your son but thank goodness he is past that now...hubby has acute promyelocitic leukaemia so similarly long chemo and treatment. You must have had a rough time with such a young one being in treatment. Well, as I said he only has 3 months to go and we are counting the days! I am out with the kids this arvo so he can have his lie down...honestly, the hardest part is that I want to make time to do more exercise but there are almost no more hours in the day. It is slow going until he can start looking after the kids more. And I am lucky in that we know there will be a time for that, so I am not complaining but I am impatient!!!

How is NZ at the moment with the drought? Hope you're alright!

kiwistars 04-06-2013 11:55 PM

It has starting raining again for most of the country.We aren't as good at a really long drought like you guys:)Not as flammable either.
It was easier than I guess it is for you as a toddler doesn't ponder worst case scenarios or dread up coming treatment.No fun as parents or for his big sisters though...

Just remember no matter how stressful,time consuming and basically awful it is now ,a few years down the track you will need to request medical records to remember most of it .

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