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sillykimmie 03-13-2013 03:37 PM

What induction food makes you feel full?
Hi all!
I am three weeks into induction and things seem to be going well, I have lost 10 pounds so far. (Yay!)
However, the last several days I have had a continual low grade headache and I am so hungry.
I am drinking tons of water, so it's not that, but I'm frustrated. Any suggestions?

Rebecca1979 03-13-2013 04:16 PM

Meat! Lots of meat! =D Hot dogs, Kielbasa, Steak, make lc induction friendly cheesecake muffins.

Hope it helps! Also if you are on induction.. Stay away from bars, shakes, and diet soda (only from my personal experience!)

Jaded62 03-13-2013 07:27 PM

Anything HIGH FAT !!! Mayo added to stuff or used as a dip. Butter on veggies and meats. HWC added to coffee or diet root beer. It sounds like you have the induction flu. Your body is adjusting to lower carbs. I drink Powerade Zero and sip on Chicken broth.It helps the flu and with making you feel full. HTH. Good Luck !!!!

Avy 03-13-2013 09:04 PM

Fat and protein, all of them! Avocado mixed into tuna and mayo, super high fat and protein, and very filling. Great eaten with cucumber chips like dip.

Drinking lots of water really helps too, with ACV in it. That's what got me through 23 days of hCG and 500 calories a day. Now I'm trying to maintain at 1900 calories a day, and I feel full ALL THE TIME lol. I also drank alot of tea with lemon.

sillykimmie 03-13-2013 10:18 PM

Thanks! I appreciate your suggestions, I'm going to up the fat and see how it goes.

Ntombi 03-14-2013 12:34 AM

Definitely fat and protein together. 70/30 ground beef, ribeye steaks (I like to add a pat of Boursin garlic and herb cheese on top), pork roasts, chuck roasts, tuna salad with mayo, egg salad with mayo, ham with a mustard/mayo dip, and on and on.

If you have a continuous headache, I would make sure that your electrolytes aren't depleted. Don't cut down on salt when you're cooking, and you might want to sip on some broth, vitamin water, or SF Gatorade or the like.

And I second Rebecca's advice: skip the bars and shakes and other processed stuff; stick to real food as much as possible.

abitobeef 03-14-2013 05:57 AM

Pepperoni sticks jerky tuna salad. LC diets played hell with my potassium levels and caused all sorts of.wierd symptoms like headaches muscle cramps shakes. A friend of mine was on a doctor supervises diet and they were sold little packets of electrolytes to combat those symptoms.

TishyLish68 03-21-2013 07:55 AM

I used to squirt mayo on top of beef, chicken and pork and it made me feel more satiated when I was at induction levels. I also used quite a lot of butter on my steamed veggies and I still do and I also still like cheese as a filling snack.

A&F 03-23-2013 08:29 AM

If you are hungry, eat! All the suggestions above are fantastic. Deviled eggs really worked for me when I was going through this. For a little variety you can mix in some crumbled sausage and a little sriracha (yum!).

Broth sometimes helps with the headaches, but not always. I felt like I was chewing advil during this time as nothing seemed to help. Rest assured, it will pass.


tinamanni 03-23-2013 09:04 PM

I agree - fat, meat and eggs. Combined is best (just kidding - kind of !) I think fat is really the key -it keeps me full. I notice on my tracker days when I am feeling extra hungry are days when my fat isn't as high as it should be.

peretroika 04-04-2013 06:39 PM

Fat! Fat! Fat!

Cream cheese scrambled eggs with butter are pretty good and keep you full all morning!

Congrats on the 10 lbs!

Beezer Louisiana 04-04-2013 06:59 PM

Deviled Eggs -- VERY filling!

Duke's Mayo doesn't have sugar.

hippygypsykaren 04-13-2013 01:23 AM

Sometimes I can feel physically full and still not be satisfied with what I've had to eat which took me years to figure out. This can lead to binging or grazing, neither of which is conducive to weight loss. I find that if the food I eat has lots of flavor I stay full and satisfied much longer. So, if I'm having a steak I'll get a sirloin (lots of beefy flavor) and add garlic, salt and pepper before I cook it. I'll add some sauteed mushrooms for the umame flavor and then maybe I'll sprinkle it with cajun seasoning or make a chimichurri for it. A few extra calories, and hours longer without more food.

I do the same with chicken. If I have a chicken breast, instead of just eating it, I'll add a tablespoon of pesto sauce or a teaspoon of sriracha. 100 extra calories at most (1 carb for the pesto) and hours more satisfaction.

LiterateGriffin 04-13-2013 08:20 PM

Fat triggers "satisfied" sensations from the brain.

If you are hungry, EAT FAT.

And I agree with Hippy Gypsy: bland food is not satisfying. Let me give you an example

I make Fat Bombs. I don't sweeten them very much, and use a really basic recipe: Coconut oil, butter, and some fresh-ground PB. (NOTE: PB isn't strictly an induction food.)

When I first made them, I would find myself eating 3 or 4, and still being vaguely unsatisfied. Then? I realized that the part I was trying to "get" when I ate them was the bottom... which was where the PB had settled. The SALTY PB. SO, I started adding SALT to my recipe, and suddenly I was "full" after one or two. (Depending. If I'm having them for breakfast -- as a full meal -- I'll eat 2, and that'll hold me till mid-afternoon. If I"m having a snack because I'm starving RIGHT NOW, I usually only need one.)

So... Eat fat, and flavor your food! :up:

Patience 04-14-2013 09:08 AM

Thanks for the tip on fat bombs. I tried my first a few days ago. They were pretty good, a lemon/cream cheese/CO recipe, with a little bit of sour cream and no sweeteners. Even though I hadn't figured out to melt the CO, duh, they were still good. I don't want to add sweetners because I fear I may overindulge. I am going to try your PB recipe. I am assuming it would work with other nut butters as well. I will go with the low salt. I love the nut butters, but looking for a way not to go overboard with them. I can buy very small quanties at my coop, and that is what I'll do. What quanties do you use of each ingredient?

LiterateGriffin 04-15-2013 12:36 PM

My fat-bombs are:

1/4 cup (1 stick) butter
1/4 cup CO
1/4 cup PB (my grocery store sells the fresh-ground kind, which is what I use. Feel free to use some other nut-butter... or even grind your own in the food-processor. I strongly suggest roasted nuts for this.)
1 tps salt.

I melt everything together, stirring until it's all blended. Then I pour into silicone cupcake molds. Mine have a "fill-line" on them which (I've measured) is 2 TBS. This recipe will make a dozen, that way. 2 bombs is a satisfying breakfast. One will make me happy if I'm just hungry for some reason (usually a lack of FAT earlier in the day).

I don't sweeten mine, either. I don't want them like candy -- I want them more like to fill the role of a peanut butter sandwich. (Before LC, PB was the fastest way to stabilize my blood sugar when I was going hypoglycemic.) That is: to make me feel satisfied and not hungry.

Speaking of which, I really need to make some fat bombs, now! (We're out.) :)

Patience 04-15-2013 12:55 PM

This is my next try.

I really appreciate the instructions. thanks very much.

Patience 04-15-2013 03:10 PM

Woops another question.
Although I am going to follow your recipe except for subbing roasted almond butter, would it also work to use almond flour for the nut butter or coconut for the coconut oil? I am not planning on doing that right now but just curious if these might work for substitions and if the quantities would be different? I am guessing probably would vary in the case of coconut v CO.

LiterateGriffin 04-15-2013 06:21 PM

No, subbing coconut for CO will NOT work, since the oil is a main ingredient. It's what you're "going for" here. Substituting coconut/coconut flour would have the effect of removing the oil (which is the POINT of the fat-bomb!) So I wouldn't do that. :)

As for the nut-flour instead of nut-butter....

Well, first off, nut-butters are ususally made from ROASTED nuts, whereas nut-flours are generally made from raw. This has a HUGE effect on flavor. (Therefore, if you want to experiment, my suggestion would be to try toasting the nut-flour, to get that "roasted nut" flavor. Otherwise you risk bland bombs that don't satisfy very well... See my original post on this thread!) But since the nut-butter is BASICALLY "flavoring", it seems to me the flour would be fine if you prefer it. Again -- I'd recommend toasting and maybe salting the flour a bit.

Remember -- this way of eating makes your body flush salt. Aside from potential medical issues that you haven't mentioned, you're in far more danger of not getting ENOUGH salt than of getting too much while you're eating LC. This is why the broth for "Induction Flu": Because most of the time, the person's body has just flushed too many electrolytes and needs the sodium!

Besides making your body flush it out, you're probably ingesting less than you used to, simply because you're eating fewer processed foods. Bear this in mind, too.

I'm not telling you that you have to salt stuff. :) Just letting you know that this is one more thing that's been drummed into us ("Reduce fat and sodium intake") that doesn't necessarily apply, on LC.

It's one of my secret "gloats". I can enjoy eating something full of fat and salt, and not feel any guilt, because I know how much better it makes my body function than all the stuff "conventional wisdom" says I "should" be eating. ;)

Experiment a little bit, and you'll find a recipe (or group of them) that works for you.

Patience 04-15-2013 06:32 PM

Thanks, I appreciate your considered comments.
I'll stick to your recipe. It sounds wonderful.
I'll definitely use some salt.
Thanks, I am looking forward to trying this.

A&F 04-16-2013 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by tinamanni (Post 16332973)
I agree - fat, meat and eggs. Combined is best (just kidding - kind of !) I think fat is really the key -it keeps me full.

I just realized that my deviled eggs have all three. Egg (duh), sausage, mayo and fat from the sausage. That's why they are so filling! :)

kempmuhlbauer 04-19-2013 01:44 PM

Griffin: I sweeten my with stevia, it is the only sweetener I use. I avoid sugar and its substitutes like the plague. How is the taste with the sweetener, I guess I could just make my next batch without and see. Oh I also add the Hershey unsweetened chocolate powder to mine also.

LiterateGriffin 04-20-2013 05:41 AM


Stevia is the only sweetener I use, also, but I try to use even that in extreme moderation.

I've been on Atkins over a year, now. After just six months, I could no longer be trusted to make frosting for my kids' birthday cakes, because I wouldn't make it sweet enough: I had to have my husband taste it for me.

My tastes have changed, and while I still enjoy sweetness, it's not something I crave... and I try to satisfy it without ACTUAL sweeteners as much as possible.

For me, fat-bombs aren't about sweet. I initially put in enough stevia to equal one tsp sugar... but found I didn't need it, so I left it out.

I much prefer them as a SALTY snack. Salt is something I DO crave.

If you're adding chocolate, I'd keep using the stevia. (I'd also go out of my way to get my hands on Ghirradelli, instead of Hershy. Makes a HUGE difference, I swear.) Chocolate needs to be sweetened at least a little bit. I probably SHOULD make some chocolate ones soon, as I've been craving chocolate. (In a migraine-headache sort of way. I always want dark chocolate when I've got migraines.)

LiterateGriffin 04-20-2013 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by A&F (Post 16377826)
I just realized that my deviled eggs have all three. Egg (duh), sausage, mayo and fat from the sausage. That's why they are so filling! :)

"Never eat a hard boiled egg when you could devil it instead!" :up:

All that mayo, combined with the (fatty) egg yolk and whatever other stuff you add...


Patience 04-20-2013 06:13 AM

I loved deviled eggs, but in the interest of time sometimes I just cut a boiled eggs in half and slather on a bit of sour cream or spredable cheese or mash up in butter . . . yum. By far though, my preference is just to pan fry in butter.

Patience 04-21-2013 08:59 AM

LitGrif, another question about your recipe. It is great, btw.
I melt the CO to get the quarter cup. But when I melt the stick of butter I am getting a lot more than a quarter cup. I am just using a pyrex measuring cup so nothing exact, but I am wondering about amounts. They are yummy but I am wondering if I might want to decrease the butter and up the CO. The bit of salt is a good addition.

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