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Deenacann 03-02-2013 06:50 PM

Really Bad Taste in Mouth when eating sweets

I just completed induction and did really well. It didn't take much to lose 11 pounds and I was purple the whole way. The only negative is that by day 5 anytime I made a legal sweet treat with artificial sweetner it was totally REPULSIVE!!! Every diet drink (sweetened with Splenda or stevia) was totally repulsive.

I'm not talking about an aftertaste. No, this was a totally repulsive flavor within seconds turning me completely off from eating any form of anything remotely sweet.

As a test I made brownies for the rest of the family and I took just a small bite to see if this was sweetener related. Turns out even real sugar is completely repulsive!!!

While I think this is great for weight loss it leaves me in a really terrible position! I don't crave the sweets often now that I'm in lipolosis but it would be nice to have something sweet to drink a diet drink!

Is this normal? Anyone else like this? It happened about 5 days into induction.

bacon bit 03-10-2013 07:08 PM

I have an intense reaction now to artificially sweetened drinks, but as far as artificially sweetened treats I haven't made any lately. I do one carby treat a week and wake up the next day with a horrible taste in my mouth, though this isn't different than before low carb.

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