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CommaKozzee 03-01-2013 06:12 AM

New lowcarber
Hello all, back again with another question
I have never done lowcarb in my life, I pretty much ate nothing but carbs,sugar and all since the day i was born. well i decided to get healthy and i think i started this lowcarb lifestyle around a week ago on wednesday. and yes i know im supposed to be having withdraws,and feeling like crap basically. But I was wanting to know is Fainting and blacking out for even just a second when i stand up normal? Also TOM arrived yesterday morning, so that could be another reason. But im very weak, Dont want to stand up AT ALL, I went to bed around 8 yesterday which is Wayyyy early for me and slept for a long time, and yet when i woke up IM STILL SLEEPY!?!?! is something wrong with me? i just feel like i can barely function, im just so weak and tired and dont know what to do. maybe im exaggerating...But i still feel like zzzzzzzzz :faint:I just had a rather big piece of sausage along with some greentea around 30 minutes ago. should i eat something else to get more energy? i just honestly dont know what to do. if anyone else has read my last post, im not doing lowcarb for weightloss but more so for helping with my depression and other mental illness since i heard lowcarb diet can help. but again sorry if this is so long, i just really honestly dont know what to do.

dachshundlover 03-01-2013 12:02 PM

Yikes! I'm certainly no expert but that can't be normal. Hopefully some of the more experienced low carbers here will chime in but it sounds like you are not eating enough. Also, make sure you are drinking enough water. If you can list your menu for the days you have blacked out, that will help solve the mystery. Be careful and hope you feel better!

kellysue24 03-01-2013 12:28 PM

I know that I have heard of withdrawls symptons that bad. I'ver heard sugar withdrawl can easily be compared to coming off of heavy drugs.

That being said you may have some hypoglycemia or something that caused your blood sugar to drop quickly and blackout. I would definitely talk to a dr.

kitcub 03-01-2013 12:59 PM

While flu-like symptoms and a foggy head are typical of the first week of induction, your symptoms do seem severe, and at 6 days in, most people are starting to feel better.

I do wonder what your menu is like - whether or not you are getting in enough of the good carbs, enough fat, protein, water, etc. Or maybe there are hidden carbs in some of the things you are eating. Also, are you taking a multi-vitamin?

If you post a day or two of your food and water intake, the great people here on the forum can help you figure out if that is what is causing your illness.

Good luck!

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