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blondosaurusrex 02-25-2013 03:43 PM

Extended Induction
Okay, so I first started Atkins in the Fall of 2011 and I lost 87 pounds. I had even gotten below 200 lbs, and I hadn't been there since 7th grade. However, when spring break came, I decided I was going to take a week off. That week turned into two. And three. And then I just quit. I don't know why I did it, but I ended up gaining 40 lbs back. When I eat, I'm either dieting hardcore, or I'm eating everything I touch. I honestly identify as a food addict.
Anyway...that's just a little background on me. Now, I have 90 lbs to lose, and I know I can do it, I just want to know I can do better this time. This brings me to my main question: how does one do extended induction? I know the two week standard doesn't exactly apply to the obese, because most of us need to stay in induction for a long time, but what is the proper way to do that? Am I supposed to eat induction acceptable foods ONLY for the next several months, or is it more like an OWL-Induction hybrid where I need to keep my carbs below 20g, but can add in some OWL food?

kempmuhlbauer 02-25-2013 04:53 PM

Well you will get a lot of different answers. You will hear this is a lifestyle not a diet etc. etc. etc. And it is a lifestyle change to have successs. But here is my answer. I do the induction only. I eat 2-5 carbs a day for months at a time and exercise like crazy and lose weight fast. I have stalls and slight gains sometimes but I always have a down trend. However I have rarely been able to switch to OWL or maintainence with any success. I get one taste of delicous donuts or candy and it is just like you said a cheat day turns into months before I can get back on. I try hard everytime I do this WOE with the hopes of great long term success, just have not got it down yet. Does not mean I am going to quit trying. There is a lot of support hear and it helps me keep going sometimes when I want to quit. So doing induction for extended period of time is done by many people. I have stayed on induction for 60 days straight and loss 63 pounds in that time. But keeping it off is a different story. I also am a food addict big time but I just refuse to quit trying.
Hope this helps.

manders 02-25-2013 05:06 PM

For me, staying in Induction means only induction foods. I found that I went up when I added in nuts, mostly because I CANNOT control myself with them.

emel 02-26-2013 04:58 AM

For me, induction means induction list foods, honoring the limits of the limited foods (cheese, cream, flax), and staying under 20 carbs.

My problem with it is that I get bored after a few weeks.
So for my plan, I stay with induction for a while and then I keep carbs under 20 while adding in some foods to use in recipes. For example, I won't eat a bowl of cottage cheese, but I'll use a few tablespoons in a zucchini lasagna. Or I'll make a muffin with flax and almond meal and eat half of it at a time.

Another thing I'm experimenting with is induction-only foods some days and then allowing a few OWL foods a 2 to 4 days a week. Yesterday I had some almond butter and a few walnuts in a snack recipe, so today I'll stick with induction foods.

princessmommy 02-26-2013 05:40 AM

I'm not technically still in "induction" as in what's on that induction list But I do still try to stay within 20 carbs. I think i'm one of those people that can't do the OWL. Everytime I raise my carb levels I gain! So while i'm adding newer lc foods I still try to stay around 20 carbs a day.

LiterateGriffin 02-26-2013 01:26 PM

Induction means <20 carbs, AND the specific list of foods.

Once you add in a food that's not on the list, technically, you are in OWL. Even if your carbs are still at 10-15/day.

I think most of us doing "extended induction" are actually doing very low carb OWL. There's no doubt that incorporating small, measured amounts of the OWL foods gives a LOT more variety to the plan.

"OWL", "Pre-maint", and "Maintenance" don't necessarily mean being able to eat a doughnut! They mean finding the carb-level where you are comfortable, can stay with it, and don't gain (or continue to lose, as the case may be).

ETA: I've gone into "maintenance" twice, so far. Once, when I was moving cross-country, and gave myself permission to "go off Atkins" until we were settled (and I had, say, dishes and pans). Despite "officially" being off-plan, I still ate very LC, because that's what's satisfying (and doesn't make me feel sick). I lost 2 lbs. in 2 months.

More recently, I was stalled, and facing a lot of stress. I decided to "go into maintenance for a while". Again - I didn't stray very far, though I had one cheat-dinner near the end (a beer, and some desert), and again, I pretty much held steady. (My before/after numbers are less solid this time.)

Big Stevie 02-26-2013 07:02 PM

I have been on "Induction" carb levels for over 6 months now and have lost 75 pounds. I plan on always staying at 20 grams or less for my daily routine. I am happy with the foods I am eating and feel great.

I have however started to add things like nuts from time to time. I occasionally eat more carbs in the form of added vegetables and things like that. Still no breads or other high sugar food. I have added back thing like BBQ sauce on occasion (I have a 6 gram one that I like). I guess what I am saying is my target is still induction foods and gram levels, but I also don't obsess over it like I used to, I am a little more relaxed. I had a 50 carb day last week.

blondosaurusrex 02-26-2013 09:35 PM

Thanks for all the replies everyone! I've never personally met anyone who has done Atkins or another low carb WOE, so I never really know who to ask. I definitely like the idea of staying below 20 carbs, but then adding in a few OWL foods. I believe that would work best for me. When I'm not in induction, I have to have my 1 oz of habanero almonds to snack on :)

manders 02-26-2013 10:04 PM

Nuts take me right out of ketosis. :(

LiterateGriffin 02-27-2013 05:18 AM

And I can't seem to get INTO ketosis without nuts. ;)


One of the "tricks" is finding out what works for YOU. Regardless of what works for everyone else. :up:

kempmuhlbauer 02-27-2013 05:58 AM

Nuts are a huge no no for me also if I want to continue to lose weight at my current pace.

Big Stevie 02-27-2013 08:49 AM

Nut make me stop losing as well. I have to really watch them. I love them and still eat them sparingly. As others have said, you just have to learn your own body. We are each unique.

emel 02-27-2013 12:24 PM

I think the reason I add foods back in is so I can lower protein counts.
When I use only induction foods, I eat a lot of meat, like 4 oz for breakfast, 5 oz for lunch, and 7 oz for dinner. I eat just one veg choice at a time.

When I add in a few carbs worth of OWL things to make recipe things, my choices open up, so I eat about 2 oz meat for breakfast, 4 oz for lunch, and 5 oz for dinner. I eat a very LC veg or salad and then a slightly goopier one as well sometimes, such as pureed cauliflower or a pumpkin bake or some green beans.

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