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ShauniO 02-11-2013 12:35 AM

Need help calculating and understanding ratios
Actually not sure if I need to worry about ratios but I noticed many people on the boards talking about them and I have no idea how to calculate and what ratio I should use for optimal weight loss. This is my second go round on atkins and the first time I never ate according to ratios and I lost 60lbs, however I would like to consider figuring this out now as I don't seem to be losing as fast as I did 10 years ago when I was 24 with no kids. I might be jumping the gun as this is only my 5th day and I'm down 3lbs, however this time losing this weight means so much more to me than it did before. There is only one option for me now and that is to win! Please anyone help me! I am trying not to obsess but I can't help it. I am also testing my ketones was moderate day 3 and 4 now I am trace, does this mean anything?

emel 02-11-2013 06:50 AM

Welcome, ShauniO.

In my opinion, it is fine to delve into ratios if you're interested, but I think trusting the plan and following it faithfully is the way to go, especially for the early stages.

I don't think we absolutely must track ratios. I don't need to look up my fat ratios to know that I'm hungry and must thus add some extra olive oil to my salad.

As for slower losses this time, be mindful of the effects of tricks and tweaks you may have learned in the past. Examine them to make sure that they aren't hampering your loss. And that goes for methods for adding fats as well.
I was increasing my fats by adding some cream cheese treats. That had worked for me on an earlier round. This round, they are stalling my losses, so I had to let them go.

I guess my point is, I suggest that you follow the plan as written, and then dig a little deeper into the science of it, including ratios, if you feel like you want to do that, and be mindful, so that your ratio changes don't end up stalling you instead of helping you.

ShauniO 02-11-2013 04:57 PM

Thanks, maybe I just need to cut back on the cheese and onions and splenda

Big Stevie 02-12-2013 06:24 PM

There are lots of on line tracking programs. If you use one, you can put in your menus and it will tell you the percentages of fat, protein and carbs you eat each day along with the calories. I try to stay between 60-65% fat, 30-5-35% protein and 5% fat. Some others, keep their fats around 70%.

Dr. Atkins says keep your carbs at 20 grams or less and don't worry about anything else during induction. If you stay at 20 grams or less, the percentages will work out within the range above. It is helpful to know your percentage so you can adjust your menus if you need to. I tracked everything for a week until I understood what I was doing. From then on, I track things only when I am eating something different or if I haven't lost weight in awhile. Many people start out and they aren't eating enough fats because we are trained to be low fat. Looking at the percentages helps one to avoid that problem and make adjustments early.

manders 02-12-2013 10:08 PM

It's weird eating fat, but I lose really well on days when I keep my fat higher.

I focus on keeping my carbs under 20g, chugging water and I also don't have ANY dairy products, which is a personal decision. No cheese, no cream.

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