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kcort 02-08-2013 11:11 AM

starting week 6 of induction- loss decrease
Hello everyone, I started induction Jan 4, the first month I lost 12 pounds...(none in the last week, though) ....I've just completed week 5, and lost .8 pounds.
I have not been hungry at all...and just figured up my average calories for the past week... around 900. (probably 10-15 carbs a day)
I also added walking a mile 4x, and light weights 3x this week.

Does it seem like maybe my slower weight loss is due to restricted calories?
(although I'm not restricting on purpose)

I went to a website that says my BMR is 1700
I thought about adding in almonds and 1/2 avocado to add the dense calories.

Any suggestions would be great!

Stats: 231/218/130

emel 02-08-2013 01:52 PM

I think you are eating too few calories. YOu might get different opinions, but 900 is awfully low.
Butter. Cream. Fatty meats like chicken thighs and higher-fat beef/ground beef. Coconut oil.

I recently started using good fats to make a homemade ranch salad dressing to use liberally. I use olive oil and coconut oil to make a mayo, and then I add sour cream, a little almond milk, and seasonings (dill, chives, worchestershire, parsley, and onion and garlic powders). Or you could just use a good olive oil with vinegar or lemon. You can use it on salads or as a dip for bites of chicken or for veggie strips.
Or toss your cooked veggies in olive oil or butter.

Definitely add the avocado.
The almonds are a good source of fat, but they are for OWL. If you're ready to move up the ladder, add them, but if you prefer to stay in induction, you might want to wait on them.

ETA... almond milk isn't induction, either. So maybe you should use a little cream if you make that dressing.

Big Stevie 02-08-2013 04:18 PM

Welcome to the boards. First, 12 pounds in a month is great. During my 65 pounds of weightloss over the last 6 months, I had several weeks that I didn't loose anything followed by a large scale drop the following week. I think sometimes are body needs to catch up. So be patient and continue to eat foods from the list and keep your carbs to less than 20 grams per day.

At 218 pounds, 900 calories seems way to low. Please share some menus with us and and we can help sort out if you are having any menu issues. I always recommend using an online tracking site to check your menus. It will give you the proportions of fat, protein and carbs you are eating. I try to stay between 60-65% fat, 30-35% protein and 5% fat. I am a man and I end up eating about 1,900 calories a day naturally, as long as I stick to induction approved foods. I think most of the women are around 1,500 calories a day. But again, we don't focus on calories, just carbs.

avid 02-09-2013 07:08 AM

I agree that one week with minimal or no weight loss is nothing to be alarmed about.
I also agree that 900 calories is too low. At this stage of the game, counting carbs not calories should cause weight/fat loss.
Good luck.

kcort 02-15-2013 01:25 PM

Thanks for the replies...I'm going to try adding more fat. After I started tracking, I've increased calories to around 1200-1400 a day.
My protein and fat are close to the same number (97 fats, 94 proteins) so I'll work on adding the calories in FAT form.
Who would ever think of "adding FAT". haha!

Thanks again for your input!

kcort 02-15-2013 01:27 PM

have you tried doing dry ranch with oil and sour cream? I've been contemplating so I can cut the few carbs in the ranch dressing to 1 instead of 2.
I'm a terrible scientist in the kitchen.

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