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renedlb 07-06-2012 08:42 AM

Ketosis.... can someone explain
I keep hearing about ketosis,,, what is it? what does it do? where can I get it? Do I need it?



Medic2038 07-06-2012 11:59 AM

Ketosis is the metabolic state you're looking to get into by eating a low carb diet. In the absence of glucose (sugar derived from carbs) your body switches over to using fat for energy.

Additionally whenever your blood glucose level is lower, insulin levels are also lower. Glucagon and Insulin work opposite of each other.

Besides being a glucose mediator, Insulin is also a fat storage hormone.
Glucagon is a fat mobilization hormone.
So if there's a lot of insulin, there's not a lot of glucagon.

renedlb 07-06-2012 12:34 PM

Ok so it is good to get into ketosis to burn fat which in turns makes you lose more weight?

Medic2038 07-06-2012 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by renedlb (Post 15780241)
Ok so it is good to get into ketosis to burn fat which in turns makes you lose more weight?

Well it's not magic, but generally protein and fat are more calorie dense then carbs.

Think about it this way (and this is the analogy I used for my dad, and it's very simplified):

Look at the label for a normal sized bag of potato chips, probably has somewhere around 2100 calories.

Now is it pretty easy to eat a bag of chips in a night? I'd say so. I've done it before, most of us probably have.

Now look at a package of hotdogs. Each dog has around 100 calories, the packages I buy have 7 hotdogs.

So for the same amount of calories I could eat 1 bag of chips, OR I could eat 3 packages of hotdogs (which I'd be hard pressed to eat in a night).

The feelings of satiety (feeling full) is effected by both volume, and density.

So now picture this:
You take your bag of chips, put it in a blender and add some water. This is basically what happens in your stomach.

The chips are going to be much smaller (volume wise), and might lighter (lower density) then the hotdogs. Which is why people tend to overeat on carb heavy diets.

So essentially when you're eating real food (meats, cheese,veggies) instead of some chemically refined monstrosity, you get fuller by eating less.

metqa 07-06-2012 02:28 PM

Okay so Ketosis, is a state of being where lypolysis, fat burning, provides the majority of energy for the body instead of glycolysis, sugar burning.

You do not have to be in ketosis to burn fat. fat will burn when energy is needed and sugar energy has been expended. But only when sugar energy has been expended will fat be used as energy.

The reason why ketosis is a desired state is that you have reduced sugar input to negligible so that the body must immediately and for sustained periods go to fat to burn. This prolonged period of fat burning, as opposed to burning fat for just a few hours then turning it off at the next carb/sugar intake, is what accounts for improved results with body fat loss.

Ketosis is to fat burning as Unemployment is to your bank account.
When you are employed you put money into your wallet for spending cash(carbs) and into your account ( fat). You use spending cash easily/first ( carb burning) and write checks for bills and expenses( fat burning), but then you get paid and you add money back to the bank and your wallet. Eating carbs everyday builds back your fat stores so you have savings and don't dive into your 401K.

Ketosis is multistaged also. At first, when carbs are first cut, the spending cash and the money under the mattress are used first, cause you might get a new job soon and you don't want to spend the bill money. This is the first stage, you still crave carbs, your body is burning only as much fat as normal cause it expects to be refilled. You are losing water weight, but it will come right back if you eat carbs.

Later, when the spending cash is gone, you have to use the bank accounts, fat burning, but it's not efficient, cause you still use have cable, and run the A/C all night. You are wasting some of the bill money using it for your spending cash, You aren't keeping track of your loose change (ketones) and so it seems like you are spending a lot of money even though youve cut back. You are flushing ketones down the toilet.

After a few more weeks, you realize you can be more efficient. You can network and spend less gas driving around, you realize you can water the house plants with the water you boiled your pasta in, save on water bill, You realize that your younger daughter can play outside in your older son's outgrown jeans, recycle those ketones. You realize that change adds up to dollars, and so you use it. This is when your body starts using those ketones and sends them to your brain and heart and frees up the little bit of glucose for muscles and tissue that need it more. You stop seeing ketones (change) in the toilet cause you are using them up. Your Unemployment check seems to go farther than it did a few weeks ago. *( you have lost weight and need less calories, so you reduce your calories to keep it going)

Happy Ending would be that after some lean months you finally find a new job, unfortunately it pays less but you and your family have become more frugal and need less money overall, and find a balance between spending less money( calories), spending more time together( exercise and fun) and saving ( enough fat to be healthy), and while you are no longer wealthy, you are happy *(awkward yes, but the analogy only works one way with a happy ending for weight loss :hyst:)

kiwistars 03-26-2013 01:48 PM

^ cute analogy :)

Ntombi 03-26-2013 05:08 PM

What food plan are you following? Have you read the basics of that plan? Some low carb plans recommend ketosis, some require it, and some don't take a stance one way or the other.

You're posting in the Atkins Induction sub-forum, so I'm wondering if you've read anything about the Atkins plan? It very strongly recommends that one stay in ketosis long-term, at least for the weight loss portion of the plan.

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