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arb34 07-04-2013 08:30 AM

Happy 4th!!!
I need some advice and hope to hear from someone with more experience with Atkins '72....I found the '73 version of the book on Ebay and waiting for it to arrive but didn't want to waste any time so I started 6/29 and so far have lost 2.3 lbs...had hoped it would move faster but had been on the newer Atkins Induction for months...using the shakes and bars and having little results so my body may be a bit resistant to the tremendous drops that others who have not been on Low Carb find. Love the lack of hunger on this version of the diet as it makes it so much easier to do. And love the variety of food choices. Thinking that going full force protein and fat would work faster, I have only had 1 cup of salad since starting this and I'm wondering if I should make that a daily part of my day? Any thoughts on that? Thanks in advance for any and all bits of advice and hope that this board will pick up as the information I have found on here has been so helpful. Always looking for more advice :hiya:

10Poppies 07-10-2013 07:36 AM

I think some people have trouble when using the shakes and bars. In the past I've done '72 successfully with no processed food. I just had meat/eggs, green veggies, and small amounts of cheese and cream. I found that mixing in some low carb veggies actually helped, while too much cheese or other things slowed me down. So, maybe try losing the shakes and bars and see how that goes.

arb34 07-10-2013 10:13 AM

Thanks Poppy!! Yes, I have passed all the products....frozen dinners....shakes...bars... on to my husband. He has a higher metabolism than I do so he can use them and actually lose weight...but for me it has been just meat, eggs, mayo and a little cheese now and then....throwing in a small salad every now and then. Have to remember to actually take the vitamin though, had a horrible night last night due to the leg cramps. Usually milk helps that but don't want to resort to that right now.

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