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CrazyAZ 06-21-2013 07:07 AM

Longtime DANDR girl looking for a solution
In November 2007 I ate so many carbs one day that I knew I was done being on the sugar roller coaster - it makes me bloated and moody, I would get too excited thinking about carb...not good. Mom had read DANDR and she and both my sisters had good results. I did induction until Christmas that year and felt great! Ever since i read the book, I used DANDR to maintain my weight. I'm a working mom with a more...ahem...traditional husband so I do most of the homemaking and social arrangements for our family plus I'm in college. It allowed me to maintain my weight even when I went 2 weeks or more without solid exercising!

Fast forward to now...have added another child to the family, he will be two next month. I have noticed since he weaned almost a year ago that small amounts of weight are creeping on even though I'm watching my menu and finding more time to exercise. So I went back to induction at the beginning of April for 30 days and lost only 3 pounds. I moved on to include a couple berries, macadamias or small amount of almond butter once or twice a week. Stalled. Now I actually weigh one pound more than I did on April 1...I know it's TOM for me and it was then too so I'm expecting a 2 pound loss of water weight but what the heck is going on?

I though I'd come to this group and see if a lower carb more pure induction would help. I only want to lose the 10 pounds that have crept on and mostly want to find a better way to maintain. maybe I've ruined my metabolism by lowcarbing for 6 years?? Is that possible?

lancer1977 06-24-2013 09:05 PM

The last few pounds always fall off the slowest. My experiences with DANDR have always been to find it often has stalls but you just have to push through it. Perhaps ignore the scale as long as you can stomach it. ;) My best successes have been when I was doing some anaerobic exercise with my diet to increase my metabolism. Helped keep it off longer.

Aomiel 07-05-2013 10:37 AM

Atkins '72 is the only form of Atkins that I ever lost weight on...or that controlled by blood glucose levels. I also find it a lot easier to follow because it's very straightforward and simple.

Looking at your stats, you might actually have to watch your calories as well since you're so close to goal.

CrazyAZ 07-10-2013 09:27 AM

Thanks Aomiel! I hate counting calories which is why I loved DANDR but you may be right. I love to eat so maybe I should learn to love to eat LESS :)

Aomiel 07-12-2013 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by CrazyAZ (Post 16508157)
Thanks Aomiel! I hate counting calories which is why I loved DANDR but you may be right. I love to eat so maybe I should learn to love to eat LESS :)

This is why I prefer Atkins '72 over other later versions. I love to eat...love to cook...collect cookbooks like some people collect shoes. :D

I've discovered that I have an addiction (much like an alcoholic) to certain carbs - the non vegie kind. One bite and I'm off and running. If I stick consistently and cleanly to Atkins '72 (protein and low carb vegies), I find that I have to remind myself to eat cuz I'm no longer obsessing about food. Many times I'll have my 2 eggs in cooked in butter and 1 oz cooked bacon for breakfast and my 2 cups salad greens with 4 oz of protein and a hard boiled egg along with 2 Tbs of full fat dressing...and skip dinner because I'm just not hungry or interested. Even cooking dinner for the family doesn't tempt me to eat. So maybe if you do the Atkins induction, you'll find that same appetite suppressant effect? :)

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